SCOOP: Eleint elevates, great at eight to win #29-M ($320 8-game)

SCOOP logo.gif Event #29 presented adventurous types an opportunity to try their hand at PokerStars' popular "8-game mix," a tourney rotating between the five fixed-limit H.O.R.S.E. games (hold'em, Omaha hi/lo, razz, stud, and stud hi/lo), a couple of "big-bet" games (no-limit hold'em, pot-limit Omaha), and 2-7 triple draw. And there were many seeking such adventures on Wednesday, with the "low," "medium," and "high" versions of Event #29 all attracting large, guarantee-smashing fields.

By the time late registration concluded for the "medium" version of Event #29 ($320 buy-in), 340 players were gathered around 57 six-handed tables, all vying to be one of the final 48 who would be dividing up the $102,000 prize pool (easily exceeding the event's $75K guarantee). All also had their eyes on the big prizes awaiting the first-place finisher, too -- a cool $20,910 plus a handsome SCOOP watch.

Team PokerStars Pros joining the fray included SCOOP #18-H winner Sebastian Ruthenberg, George Danzer, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero, Joe Hachem, Anders "Donald" Berg (Team Online), and Bryan Huang, all of whom would fail to last into the final 100. Other Team PokerStars Pros surviving a bit longer but also failing to make the cash were Henrique Pinho (76th), Marcin "Goral" Horecki (64th), and Nuno Coelho (57th).

After five-and-a-half hours of play the cash bubble burst, and with 48 players remaining Trusiek was out in front as the only player to have accumulated more than 100,000 chips. At the time, Trusiek's nearest competitors were Eleint, FatmanScoops, LUFCBas, and m8675309a.

One last representative of Team PokerStars remained in the field, a short-stacked Kristian "CharismA3" Martin of Team Online. Martin would hang on for a few more hands before finally being ousted in 43rd ($510).


Kristian "CharismA3" Martin, Team Online

By the seven-hour mark just 25 remained, with ROUNDERCY in first with more than 140,000, auuuuutsch!! just behind with 139408, and FatmanScoops in third with 128,996. Others with more than 100,000 included titko23, Aftret, TLD2008, and LUFCBas.

Forty minutes later they were down to two six-handed tables, with Eleint the leader among the final 12 (312,203), followed by auuuuutsch!! (201,327) and LUFCBas (192,035). The battle continued for another hour, during which time another half-dozen hit the rail. titko23 (12th), luk45zp (11th), and FatmanScoop (10th) all earned $1,428 for their efforts, while Aftret (9th), acehole60 (8th), and cyberkanguru (7th) each took $2,346.

The final six-handed table was set:


Seat 1: LUFCBas -- 64,410
Seat 2: Trusiek -- 509,191
Seat 3: ROUNDERCY -- 58,437
Seat 4: kuhns89 -- 356,745
Seat 5: auuuuutsch!! -- 296,827
Seat 6: Eleint -- 414,390

Left were a couple of shorties -- ROUNDERCY and LUFCBas -- looking to make a move quickly, and four others with comfortable stacks, all of whom had a legitimate chance at scoring themselves a SCOOP watch.

ROUNDERCY runs out of chips in 6th (no-limit hold'em)

The game rotated back to no-limit hold'em, and the blinds were 2,500/5,000 when ROUNDERCY found a hand worth pushing all in with for 39,312 from under the gun. Eleint called from the button, and the blinds got out.

ROUNDERCY showed K♥J♠ and would need some help versus Eleint's A♥9♠. The board came 8♠Q♣7♣Q♦T♦, however, and ROUNDERCY was out in sixth.

Lower set upends LUFCBas in 5th (pot-limit Omaha)

Next up was pot-limit Omaha, where the blinds were also 2,500/5,000. By that point LUFCBas had chipped all of the way up past the 200,000-mark, but soon all of those chips would be at risk in a hand versus kuhns89.

In that one, LUFCBas opened with a raise to 11,750 from the button, and kuhns89 called from the big blind. The flop came 8♦Q♠5♠. kunhs89 checked, and LUFCBas bet 12,245 into the pot of 26,000. kuhns89 check-raised to 37,955, LUFCBas made it 135,000, kuhns89 pushed all in, and LUFCBas called with the 53,813 he had left.

LUFCBas showed 6♦5♣7♥5♦ for a flopped set of fives plus an open-ender, while kuhns89 showed J♥8♣J♦8♥ for a better set of eights. The turn was the 2♣ and river the Q♦, and kuhns89's full house was best, sending LUFCBas out in fifth.

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auuuuutsch!! ouuuuut in 4th (limit hold'em)

They cycled through 2-7 Triple Draw back to limit hold'em, where the stakes were 12,000/24,000. Eleint opened with a UTG raise, Trusiek three-bet from the button, then auuuuutsch!! -- now the table's short stack -- called all in with his last 14,476.

Eleint called as well, and would keep calling Trusiek until the turn when the board showed K♣3♣5♣9♠. Trusiek had K♠K♥ for a flopped set, but auuuuutsch!! still had hope for a flush with 8♣7♠. The river was the 7♥, however, and they were down to three.

kuhns89 knocked out in 3rd (Omaha hi/lo)

By that point Eleint was well ahead with nearly 1.1 million chips, Trusiek next with about 550,000, and kuhns89 well behind with less than 50,000. kuhns89 took his time through the rest of the limit hold'em round, preferring to take his chances in Omaha hi/lo.

That's where kuhns89 would exchange bets with Eleint to be all in before the flop holding 9♣7♦5♣4♣ versus Eleint's J♣T♦7♣3♦. The five community cards came K♥9♠T♥A♦6♥, which meant there was no low and Eleint's pair of tens were best, sending kuhns89 out in third.

Trusiek tripped up in 2nd; Eleint emerges victorious (razz)

Heads-up play began with Eleint enjoying about a 2-to-1 chip advantage with 1,158,477 to Trusiek's 541,523. The rest of the Omaha hi/lo round would be good to Eleint, allowing him to chip away at Trusiek's stack and even put him all in on a couple of occasions, though Trusiek survived.

They pushed into the razz round, where Trusiek began to gather some momentum back. However, Eleint began to win once again, prompting a lot of chatbox commentary from Trusiek.

Trusiek: nice suckouts
Trusiek: really nice
Eleint: im tired of your complaining
Trusiek: and im tired of ur terrible playstyle

There was more, but you get the picture. Eleint was winning lots of hands, but couldn't win the respect of his opponent.

Finally, with Eleint up to 1,652,154 and Trusiek down to just 47,846, the final hand -- coming about nine hours and 45 minutes after the tourney had begun -- was dealt.

The game was still razz, with the stakes 16,000/32,000. Eleint brought in 4,800 with a [6] showing, and as Trusiek raised with a [4] up he suggested to his opponent "for sure u can thanks ur gods," ostensibly for the good fortune Eleint had experienced.

In any event, Eleint called the raise, and on fourth street Trusiek drew a [7] and Eleint a [T]. Trusiek bet again and Eleint called, then on fifth street -- after Trusiek paired his [4] and Eleint drew a [5] -- Eleint bet and Trusiek called all in with his last 12,646.

Trusiek ([J])([3])[4][7][4]
Eleint ([2])([K])[6][T][5]

Trusiek needed help, but none came -- from the gods or anywhere else. Trusiek would brick twice, picking up a [Q] and yet another [4], while Eleint drew two aces, giving him a [T]-low to beat Trusiek's [Q][J][7][4][3]. Eleint had won!

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SCOOP Event #29-Medium, $320 8-game mix:

1st: Eleint ($20,910)
2nd: Trusiek ($15,300)
3rd: kuhns89 ($11,475)
4th: auuuuutsch!! ($7,905)
5th: LUFCBas ($5,865)
6th: ROUNDERCY ($3,825)

Just a few days left in the 2011 Spring Championship of Online Poker, but still a large number of opportunities to join the fun. See the SCOOP page for information on remaining events and satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP