SCOOP Event #24-L: Third Deal the Charm for Moondog711

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Day 9 of the PokerStars SCOOP series started with a game full of capped betting, snowing, drawing slim and other agonizing moments -- triple-draw lowball. The attractive $11 buy-in drew a field of 2,440 entries, creating a prize pool of $24,400 divided among the final 360 players.

A pair of players from Team PokerStars picked up some cash: Team Poland Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki (45th), and Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang (178th).

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The field was whittled down to just seven players with the stakes at 60,000/120,000 when copach was jettisoned from the table in 7th place for $292.80. Down to just 109,836 in chips with 60,000 committed in the big blind, Masyainlove raised from the small blind as copach called. Masyainlove drew 2 cards on the first draw, standing pat on the second and third draws. Copach drew three cards on all three draws and was left with 8♠8♦3♠3♣4♦ for two pair, crushed by 8♣7♣5♣4♣3♦ for an 8-low to set up the final table, which looked like this:

SCOOP 24-L Final Table.JPG

Seat 1: Mefistah (2,655,908 in chips)
Seat 2: SWBuelse (2,235,424 in chips)
Seat 3: Moondog711 (2,384,409 in chips)
Seat 4: Masyainlove (3,628,923 in chips)
Seat 5: 2T!lt4Fold (702,799 in chips)
Seat 6: wesco23 (592,537 in chips)

Let's try to make a deal, part 1

Shortly after the final table began, all six players wanted to look at the numbers of a chip-count deal. The deal figures looked as follows ($300 set aside to go to the winner):

Mefistah - 1,845,908 $1,712.91
SWBuelse - 2,235,424 $1,982.35
Moondog711 - 2,834,409 $2,396.69
Masyainlove - 3,388,923 $2,780.26
2T!lt4Fold - 702,799 $922.17
wesco23 - 1,192,537 $1,260.94

The negotiating didn't take long when 2T!lt4Fold wanted $1,400, a suggestion scoffed at by the rest of the table as play resumed.

2T!lt4Fold has 0Ch!ps4FT

Several times when one player decides to pass on a deal, they become the first player to get knocked out. This would also be the case for 2T!lt4Fold, sent packing in 6th for $436.02. The stakes were now up to 80,000/160,000 as 2T!lt4Fold raised, Mefistah made it three bets as 2T!lt4Fold called. Each player took one card on the first draw as 2T!lt4Fold bet, Mefistah raised and 2T!lt4Fold called for their remaining 22,799 chips. 2T!lt4Fold stood pat on the second and third draws as Mefistah drew one card twice. 2T!lt4Fold showed 9♥7♦6♦3♥2♠ for a 9-low, but Mefistah did one better with an 8-low, 8♦5♥4♦3♦2♥ as five remained.

Let's try to make a deal, part 2

Once again the players halted play to talk deal and a second round of deal figures were given (once again $300 set aside for the eventual winner):

Mefistah - 948,707 $1,347.74
SWBuelse - 2,435,424 - $2,121.48
Moondog711 - 4,314,409 $3,099.37
Masyainlove -3,868,923 $2,867.53
wesco23 - 632,537 $1,183.20

After a heated discussion that lasted nearly 10 minutes, they couldn't come to an agreement and the tournament resumed.

Wesco's chips go 23-Skidoo

In a battle of the micro-stacks, wesco23 was eliminated in 5th place for $854.00 as Mefistah finished off the Canadian. The limits were now at 100,000/200,000 as wesco23 raised from the small blind to put their 167,611 chips at risk as Mefistah called from the big blind. Wesco23 drew two, two and one cards on their draws as Mefistah drew two cards on the first draw and stood pat on draws two and three. Wesco23 turned over 3♥ 3♣ 9♥4♣2♠ for a pair of threes while Mefistah turned over 9♦8♦6♥4♥3♠ for a 9-low with a quartet of players battling for the title.

Mefistah miffed in 4th

Shortly after the elimination of wesco23, Mefistah succumbed in 4th for $1,342.00. Here's how that hand played out:

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Let's REALLY make a deal this time, part 3

Right after Mefistah was eliminated the call went up once again to make deal. This time, the players would quickly agree to a deal with these figures ($300 set aside to the winner):

SWBuelse 4,462,986 - $2,879.28
Masyainlove 4,158,923 - $2,824.42
moondog711 3,578,091 - $2,719.62

Masyainlove says no-mas

The trio of survivors locked up most of the money as the battle was on for a SCOOP title and Movado watch to the deserving winner. The chips were a flying as each player held the lead. Eventually it would be Masyainlove falling in 3rd for $2,824.42. The stakes jumped to 120,000/240,000 as Masyainlove and SWBuelse went into a raising war, capping the action at four bets before the draw. On the first draw, SWBuelse took one card as Masyainlove drew two. SWBuelse bet out for 120,000 as Masyainlove called. Both players drew one on the second draw as SWBuelse bet, Masyainlove raised and SWBuelse called. On the final draw, SWBuelse drew one while Masyainlove stood pat. SWBuelse bet out once again, Masyainlove re-raised for their last 88,923 chips as SWBuelse called. Masyainlove turned over 9♣7♦6♥3♥2♠ for a 9-low, but SWBuelse drew one better with an 8-low: 8♣7♥6♦3♣2♥ to leave two players standing.

Moondog711 gives SWBuelse the blues, wins title

SWBuelse held a slight chip lead over Moondog711 when heads-up play started and widened his lead over the first few hands. Moondog711 roared into the lead in a pot good for over 5,700,000 chips. Before the draw, the betting was capped. The same held true after the first, second and third draws. Both players stood pat after the second draw and when Moondog711 turned over a wheel: 7♣ 5♥4♥3♣2♥ to hold over 8 million in chips.

Moondog711 continued to grind down SWBuelse's stack until they held about 800,000 in chips with stakes at 140,000/280,000. SWBuelse raised from the small blind as Moondog711 called. Both players drew two cards which appeared to be to both players liking as they capped the betting at four bets with SWBuelse making the final raise for their remaining chips. Moondog711 drew a single card as SWBuelse stood pat. On the final draw, it was Moondog711 standing pat as SWBuelse broke their rough 9-low and drew one. Moondog711 turns over 9♥6♣4♠3♣2♦ for a 9-6 low. SWBuelse shows J♣9♠8♠7♠4♦ for a measly jack-low and that would conclude the action.

Just 12 events remain in the 3rd annual PokerStars SCOOP, see who's leading the Player of the Year races and other cool stats on the official SCOOP website.

5/17/2011 SCOOP Event #24-L ($11 Triple Draw Lowball) Final Table Results:

*1st: Moondog711 - $3,019.62
*2nd: SWBuelse - $2,879.28
*3rd: Masyainlove - $2,824.42
4th: Mefistah - $1,342.00
5th: wesco23 - $854.00
6th: 2T!lt4Fold - $436.02