SCOOP: Event 5-Low, $11 NLHE turbo sprint is no problem for vlimpers

scoop2009_thn.gifEverything's compressed in a turbo tournament. The stacks, the blinds, the level lengths, the whole tournament. Play it out, start to finish, in just a few hours. That's the turbo appeal.

Even the recap's compressed.

Take 2011 SCOOP Event 5-Low, $11 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo with Rebuys. Play started at 17:00. Play ended 5 hours and 27 minutes later, when vlimpers knocked out degetzel to turn $11 (plus rebuys and add-ons) into $51,312.68. The final table took just 38 minutes.

38 minutes? I don't think I can even write this turbo recap in 38 minutes.

PokerStars guaranteed $125,000 in Event 5-Low. 11,071 entries almost covered that guarantee on their own. Add in 20,014 rebuys and 6,501 add-ons for a prize pool of $375,860, three times the guarantee.

1,620 players zoomed, jammed and flipped their way to the money. 3 of the 20 Team PokerStars Pro and PokerStars Team Online players that entered the event earned cash. Team Online players Kristian "CharismA3" Martin (942nd), Anders Hoyer "Donald" Berg (280th) and Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (107th) got the PokerStars bragging rights for Event 5-Low.

All three were long gone by the time the ridiculous Level 51 (500k / 1.0 million / 125k) was reached and only nine players remained.

SCOOP 5-Low final table.JPG

Seat 1: degetzel (10363585 in chips)
Seat 2: FellipeNunes (15033521 in chips)
Seat 3: wintyara (20162547 in chips)
Seat 4: giotspata (12700342 in chips)
Seat 5: anger118 (6579928 in chips)
Seat 6: Mordonio (4790973 in chips)
Seat 7: vlimpers (29991368 in chips)
Seat 8: SebbyGl (20816584 in chips)
Seat 9: pancareto (5321152 in chips)

"Can we make a deal?" anger118 asked as soon as the final table was reached.

Only SebbyGl responded. "We need 1 hour to make a deal between 9 players. Lets play a bit."

Despite just 128 big blinds total split among the 9 finalists, it was two full levels before the first elimiation. The short stacks all survived, then survived again. The short stacks held fast as limits climbed to a prohibitive 800k / 1.6 million / 200k.

When there are only 80 blinds total on the table, and the chip leader has only 16, there's almost no post-flop play. It becomes a game of short-stack management, timing, aggression and luck. Lots of luck.

The first piece of luck: vlimpers' A♦6♦ flushed giotspata's A♥9♥, 8♦ A♠ 5♥ J♦ T♦ and made giotspata the first final-table casualty. All in pre-flop, of course.

The next hand, the next piece of luck: wintyara's 8♠8♣ flopped a set and held to send pancareto to the rail in 8th holding T♣9♣.

1.25 million / 2.5 million / 325k. Then 1.5 million / 3.0 million / 375k. Relentless, those blinds. Mordonio, in the big blind with only 4.7 million, had to go with 9♠4♣ against degetzel's Q♦J♦. It didn't get there. Mordonio was out in 7th.

That started the degetzel show. Three more hands led to four more knockouts by degetzel and made degetzel the bona fide chip leader. First, a hand worthy of replay:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The next hand SebbyGl shoved 7.1 million with 8♥T♥ and ran right into degetzel's A♦K♦. "King me," degetzel might have thought as a king hit the flop. " Auf Weidersehn," the German SebbyGl might have sighed in reply.

Why not 3-for-3? One hand later FellipeNunes shoved 10.9 million. degetzel took a flyer in the big blind with T♦9♠ - and was ahead! 7♥3♣ didn't do it for FellipeNunes. degetzel's 10-high was boss on a J♥2♣5♦K♣4♠ board.

From six-handed to heads-up in three hands. Down to degetzel (97.7 million) and vlimpers (28.0 million).

vlimpers upped the aggression. Then, a big blow for degetzel. vlimpers value-bet all three streets, 5♠A♠8♦K♣8♠ with A♦6♦. degetzel called all three streets and surrendered 36 million in chips.

From there, it was three hands to the end. On the last hand, degetzel picked up pocket kings; vlimpers had a suited ace. The chips were in, the ace spiked on the turn, and that was that. 28 minutes of final table play ended with vlimpers at the top of the heap, the last player standing in a madcap, whirlwind game of musical chairs.

It also ended a turbo recap.

2011 SCOOP Event 5-Low $11 No-Limit Hold'em [Turbo, Rebuys] results:

1st: vlimpers ($51,312.68)
2nd: degetzel ($36,270.49)
3rd: FellipeNunes ($26,310.20)
4th: SebbyGl ($18,793.00)
5th: wintyara ($15,034.40)
6th: anger118 ($11,275.80)
7th: Mordonio ($7,517.20)
8th: pancareto ($3,758.60)
9th: giotspata ($2,349.12)

2011 SCOOP is underway with 114 tournaments total to be played. The early results, and the later schedule, can be found on the SCOOP homepage.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP