SCOOP Event #7-L ($16.50 NL HU) - 1Cyka Last Player Standing

SCOOP logo.gif Day three of SCOOP tournament action features some mano y mano confrontations with Event #7 - $16.50 No-Limit Hold'em Heads-Up. A field of 10,695 players created a prize pool of $160,425 as the final 1,024 players make the money. Today's winner will have defeated either 13 or 14 rivals to earn the $21,262.17 first place prize and SCOOP watch.

Players start each round with 5,000 in chips and 25/50 blinds, rising every 5 minutes. The turbo format was necessary to complete thousands of matches in a few hours.
Just two members of Team PokerStars Pro made the money: Sebastian Ruthenberg (94th, below) and Lex Veldhuis (522nd).

ept berlin_day 2_sebastian ruthenberg.jpg

Since the final table of two would make a really short report, coverage starts with eight players remaining.


khudz defeats ICANHAZCHIP

The first match to conclude from the quarterfinals lasted just 15 hands as khudz dispatched of ICANHAZCHIP. The final hand started with khudz holding a 7-3 chip lead as ICANHAZCHIP opened with a bet to 112 as khudz three-bet to 336 as ICANHAZCHIP called. The flop of 8♠ T♣ 3♥ brought the fireworks as khudz bet 480, ICANHAZCHIP raised to 1,300 as Khudz three-bet all-in as ICANHAZCHIP calls. Khudz held the lead with 9♦8♠ for top pair while ICANHAZCHIP reveals 9♥7♣ for an up and down straight draw. The turn and river came the 3♠3♦ to give Khudz a full house as ICANHAZCHIP collects $3,208.50.

Flo-sch99 defeats kirdface

Flo-sch99 defeated kirdface in just 21 hands to become the second player to reach the semifinals. This match was able to get to the 30/60 level, but kirdface was down to just 770 chips, open-shoving with 8♦7♦ as Flo-sch99 snap-called with A♦K♥. Five cards later, Flo-sch99 makes a full house on the river after kirdface turned a flush: A♥ 3♦ 9♦ K♦ A♣ as kirdface was kicked from the table, also earning $3,208.50.

skaand defeats eugenking

A back and forth battle, both players held control of the chip lead before skaand had eugenking down to less than 2,000 in chips. The final hand featured skaand cracking eugenking's K♥K♠ with 8♣4♠. The money went in on the 4♣ 9♣ 8♦ flop, as eugenking couldn't catch up when the turn and river came A♠3♦, earning $3,208.50.

1Cyka defeats danoby

The final match in the quarterfinal round featured danoby taking an 8-1 chip lead after making a full house on the turn and getting paid off. 1Cyka grinded his stack, taking the lead before danoby regained control. Danoby attempted to close the door in this hand, but 1Cyka's hand held up, as illustrated below:

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Two hands later, danoby four-bet shoved with K♦T♦ as 1Cyka called with 4♠4♦. The board ran out Q♣ 8♥ 2♠ 5♣ 6♠ to close out the quarterfinal round as danoby cashes in for $3,208.50


semifinal 1.JPG

1Cyka defeats flo-sch99

Like the quarterfinal round, 1Cyka fell behind in the first few hands before grinding their way back into the lead. Here's how the final hand played out as flo-sch99 earns $7,154.95.

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Khudz defeats skaand

The second semifinal finished a lot sooner, only getting to the second level as Khudz moved out in front. Khudz opened with a raise to 150 with A♠8♣. Skaand re-raised to 420 with J♠J♣ as Khudz four-bet to 1,280 as skaand moved in for 3,160 total as Khudz called. The flop came down Q♥A♦3♦ to give Khudz the lead as skaand was drawing to two outs. The turn and river were the 7♣4♣ as skaand skedaddled with $7,154.95 as Khudz and 1Cyka reaching the finals.


SCOOP Event 7-L Final Table.JPG

1Cyka defeats Khudz

After the first hand, the players agreed to chop first and second place money and play for $1,500 and the SCOOP watch. Play was tentative in the early going as both players traded the lead, but neither player could get a real advantage. By the third level, Khudz won a few key hands to hold a 3-1 chip lead and appeared ready to win a prestigious SCOOP title. Like the previous two rounds, 1Cyka came from behind to get back to even and eventually retake the lead, but Khudz regained control. In the space of two hands, Khudz went from chip leader to runner-up finisher. Here's how the first hand played out with blinds at 80/160:

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The final hand of SCOOP Event #7-L started innocently enough as 1Cyka limped from the small blind as Khudz decided to see the flop, which was 4♥ 7♣ 7♦. Khudz bet 160 as 1Cyka made the call. The turn was the 8♣ as Khudz check-raised all-in for 1,474 after 1Cyka bet 320. When the cards were revealed, 1Cyka moved into the lead with 9♥8♥ as Khudz held 6♥4♠. The river was the J♦ giving 1Cyka a hard-earned victory, the SCOOP watch and $17,597.50. Khudz finishes with $16,097.50 in second.

More SCOOP coverage on Wednesday with the six-max Mixed Hold'em event and seven-card stud events, for more coverage check out the SCOOP website for more information. The EPT Grand Final in Madrid is down to just 24 players as they play down to the final 8. Live updates can be found here, with streaming coverage on Thursday.

SCOOP Event #7 - $16.50 No-Limit Hold'em Heads-Up Final Eight Results:

*1st: 1Cyka - $17,597.50
*2nd:Khudz - $16,097.50
3rd: flo-sch99 - $7,154.95
4th: skaand - $7,154.95
5th: danoby - $3,208.50
6th: eugenking - $3,208.50
7th: kirdface - $3,208.50
8th: ICANHAZCHIP - $3,208.50

* Reflects deal made heads-up