SCOOP Event 9-L ($22 6-Max Mixed Holdem): Christian129 Cruises in Victory

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Day 4 of the PokerStars SCOOP featured Event #9-L - $22 6-Max Mixed Holdem, consisting of alternative 8-minute levels of limit and no-limit hold'em. A field of 4,392 players created a prize pool of $87,840 distributed to the final 660 players, with the winner earning a five-figure score worth $13,398.45.

Members of Team PokerStars who picked up a piece of the winnings: Henrique Pinho (below, 361st), Greg DeBora (409th), Nuno Coelho (511th) and George Danzer (656th)


Nearly 12 hours into the tournament, the field was down to 7 players, as hand-for-hand play was held to determine the final table. Level 76 (!) featured no-limit hold'em with 40,000/80,000 blinds and an ante of 10,000. The three-handed table would lose the final player needed to get a full table of six players as V.K.(fmfan) shoved from the button for K♣9♣ as SSp@rt@KK called from the big blind with A♥J♣. The flop was 5♠3♥6♥ as SSp@rt@KK maintained the lead. That changed with the K♠ on the turn left the Belgian drawing to three outs hoping for another version of "Ace on the River" to appear. Unfortunately, it was the 5♥ as SSp@rt@KK earned $922.32 in 7th place to set up the final table, which was seated as follows:

SCOOP 9-L Mixed Holdem Final Table.JPG

Seat 1: flouschen (5,989,824 in chips)
Seat 2: christian129 (5,933,207 in chips)
Seat 3: sat100 (2,157,814 in chips)
Seat 4: thorgon88 (3,669,248 in chips)
Seat 5: V.K.(fmfan) (2,378,468 in chips)
Seat 6: eezymuny (1,831,439 in chips)

Shortly after play started at the final table, there was brief discussion of a deal but christian129 would only agree if he was awarded first place money. That was quickly denied as play continued at a breakneck pace.

Thorgon88 makes eezymuny begone

Level 79 featured limit hold'em with 150,000/300,000 blinds as eezymuny was down to just over 670,000 in chips. From UTG +1, eezymuny raised to 300,000 with A♣6♦ as action folded around to thorgon88 as they called in the big blind with 7♦4♥. The 7♥3♠5♦ flop had eezymuny bet all-in as thorgon88 called with their top pair. The 2♥ turn and J♠ river gave thorgon88 the checkmark as eezymuny's 6th place finish was good for $1,405.44.

V.K victorious as christian129 roars back

Moving forward to level 81, limit hold'em with 150,000/300,000 blinds,
V.K.(fmfan) won a 5,500,000 chip pot against christian129 to take the lead. Here's how that hand played out:

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Five hands later christian129 would hold the lead once again and hit a rush of cards to hold a dominant chip lead. The first to feel christian129's power was thorgon88, earning $2,635.20 in 5th place. Thorgon88 opened the action with a raise to 600,000 with K♥T♦ as christian129 called from the big blind with 6♣6♦. The T♣6♥2♠ flop led to christian129 flopping a set, check-calling thorgon88's bet. The 8♦ on the turn kicked the betting into high gear as the action was capped at four bets, leaving thorgon88 down to just 22,158 in chips, not knowing he was drawing dead. Christian129 bet out on the 9♦ river as thorgon88 called off their remaining chips as thorgon88 was left without chips as the chip leader had over half the chips.

V.K. K.O.'d

The brief chip lead for V.K.(fmfan) had been quickly forgotten as christian129 continued to take heaps of chips against his opponents. Play moved back to no-limit hold'em as the blinds were up to 75,000/150,000 with an ante of 18,750 as V.K.(fmfan) open-shoved from the button with their remaining 1,240,747 chips, holding A♠T♣. Christian129 looked down at 3♦3♠ in the big blind and called. The board ran out 6♦ K♠ 8♦ 4♥ Q♥ as V.K.(fmfan) departed with $4,449.09 for the 4th place finish and like the Genesis album of the late 70's, and then there were three.

Flouschen floored

Flouschen started the final table holding a slight chip lead, but was now facing off against sat100 to see who would take 2nd place. Flouschen raised all-in for 1,372,949 with A♣T♠ but sat100 instacalled with a dominating A♦K♦. The better ace-high held up as the board ran out 5♥ 2♦ 4♥ 6♥ 2♥ as flouschen earns $7,027.20 for their 3rd place finish as sat100 faced a daunting 6-1 chip disadvantage against christian129.

Sat100 quickly squashed

The heads-up battle lasted just three hands as christian129 won all the hands to complete his domination of the final table. Christian129 min-raised from the small blind to 300,000 holding T♥7♦ as sat100 smooth-called with K♠K♣. The flop was T♠ 3♥ 7♣ giving christian129 top two pair while sat100 had an overpair. Sat100 checked, christian129 bet out 150,000, sat100 min-raised to 300,000, christian129 clicked it back to 450,000, then sat100 had enough with this min-betting nonsense and shipped it for 2,743,580 total as christian129 snap-called. Christian129's hand improved when the 7♥ turn gave him a full house, while the T♦ on the river made a bigger full house to lock up the SCOOP title good for $13,398.45 and the SCOOP winner's watch. Sat100 would have to be satisfied with the runner-up finish and $9,662.40.

SCOOP Event 9-L ($22 6-Max Mixed Holdem) Final Table Results:

1st: christian129 - $13,398.45
2nd: sat100 - $9,662.40
3rd: flouschen - $7,027.20
4th: V.K.(fmfan) - $4,449.09
5th: thorgon88 - $2,635.20
6th: eezymuny - $1,405.44

The EPT Grand Final final table is now set for Thursday. Coverage will be available at, with hole card coverage of the final four taking place Thursday evening. To find out who's playing and how they got there, check out the PokerStars Blog report.