SCOOP: galia32 gobbles up victory in four-way chop of Event #30-L

scoop2009_thn.gifSome call Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, PLO with a safety net. It is true that despite your chips going forward and not having the best hand high hand at the end, half that pot can come your way from having the low hand (if three non-pairing cards below an eight appear on the board). Hands with wheel cards in them become premium as shooting for just the high hand can leave you grasping at the mist of your chips as they slide across to the savvy player across the table that chased a two-way draw and got there.

Tonight's SCOOP Event #30-L Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo had 6,257 players chasing scoops while avoiding being quartered. The tournament with a $30,000.00 guarantee and thanks to those masses who found $11 in their bankroll, the prize pool over doubled the guarantee to $62,570.00 and set out 900 places paid. $9,521.63 and a beautiful SCOOP champion's watch would be sitting at the final table but to get there we had to eliminate a few players and go through many, many chop talks.

Team PokerStars pros and Team Online showed up at the starting gun but would not reach the final table tonight as Juan Manuel Pastor (3,680th place), Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (3,183rd place), Henrique Pinho (1,682nd place and was still alive in the high buy-in version of this tournament with 20 players left, ultimately finishing 19th in the money), Rino Mathis (1,169th place), George Danzer (1,136th place), Marcin "goral" Horecki (1,054th place), Anders "Donald" Berg (945th place) got quartered one too many times and found their tournament chips gone before robbiebox busted to break the bubble.

Just two Team PokerStars pros were able to slip into the cash as Bryan Huang was able to notch a small cash tonight ($20.02, 610th place) along with Nuno Coelho (453rd place, $21.89) as the big cash was still several hours away.

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_JGP9023.jpg

Nuno Coelho: 453rd place

Ten hours and forty minutes away to be exact as the blinds stood at 50K/100K as diegokeep popped it to 350,000 from UTG, and galia32 in the cutoff made it 1.2 million to go. Stackfield wanted to take a gamble preflop and shoved for 2.27 million as diegokeep made the call for less and galia32 covering both players also made the call.

Stackfield: 6♥ 2♥ 2♦ A♦
galia32: K♠ J♥ 2♠ A♠
diegokeep: 7♣ A♣ K♣ 3♦

Three suited aces and only one of them would come out with chips. Stackfield took a big lead with the 8♦ 7♦ Q♥ having the best draw for a nut-nut hand, but the diamonds stopped there as the 8♥ turn and killer J♣ river laid out no low and just a pair of jacks for galia. Those jacks were good enough however for the double elimination as diegokeep took 11th place ($350.39) and bubble boy Stackfield got the same amount ($350.39) in tenth starting the final table below:

SCOOP 30-L 2011.jpg

Seat 1: begood9999 (2401161 in chips)
Seat 2: My 428 river (5122087 in chips)
Seat 3: freakz2 (2691784 in chips)
Seat 4: donut604 (3425053 in chips)
Seat 5: uebby1986 (4468483 in chips)
Seat 6: sirfluhsalot (3372366 in chips)
Seat 7: galia32 (5936438 in chips)
Seat 8: WoytAAstars (1764666 in chips)
Seat 9: Fanthomas07 (2102962 in chips)

Can't fathom the outcome

Despite several all-ins in the first twenty minutes of the final table, we would only say good bye to one player (remember the safety net analogy?). With the blinds at 80K/160K Fanthomas07 would raise UTG to 560K and only found WoytAAstars in the big blind calling. T♣ A♥ 9♥ high flop and WoytAAstars turned as the aggressor by pushing out 1.2 million that would set Fanthomas07 all-in. Holding just a lower pair of aces, a backdoor low draw and flush draw A♣ 2♣ 2♦ 4♣ Fanthomas07 made the call facing the flopped two pair of WoytAAstars 3♠ Q♣ 9♠ A♠. 6♣ gave Fanthomas07 the two-way draw, but the A♦ on the river completed a full house for WoytAAstars as Fanthomas07's run for the watch was done in ninth place ($484.91).

A wheel will get you everywhere

Watch below as WoytAAstars gets rolled over by My 428 river:

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With the blinds moved up to 100K/200K WoytAAstars pushed out 600,000 from UTG as My 428 river and galia32 out of the big blind made the call. A coordinated low flop 2♦ 6♣ 4♠ got galia32 to check as WoytAAstars bet 1.9 million. Holding the nut low and a pair 3♦ 6♦ A♣ T♣ My 428 river shoved for 443,442 more as galia32 quickly folded and WoytAAstars made the call with 5♠ Q♥ A♠ 7♦. T♠ gave My 428 river top two and the 5♦ on the river completed a wheel for My 428 river as WoytAAstars was left with just 183,927 chips. Those leftovers would be eaten by begood9999 on the next hand as WoytAAstars sat out in eighth place ($750.84).

Sir needs-a-flush

Ten hands later with the blinds still at 100K/200K sirfluhsalot fell on hard times after losing a 5.2 million chip pot to begood9999 while shoving an interesting 8♠7♠J♠9h] into the middle preflop. Left with 421,561 chips, sirfluhsalot would ship it preflop again finding callers in My 428 river and dount604. Check-check on the 4♣ T♣ 3♠ flop. 5♦ turn and donut604 woke up with a 600,000 chip bet that was called. 9♣ on the river and donut604 pushed out 2,564,683 chips which My 428 river wanted no part of as expected donut604 showed not only a wheel but a deuce to six straight A♥ 9♦ 2♣ 6♦ as sirfluhsalot could only muster two pair 4♠ K♦ J♠ 9♠ while watching the last of his tournament chips swirl down the drain in seventh place ($1,376.54).

Just as the blinds moved up to 125K/250K Anders "Donald" Berg, an accomplished O8 player in his own right, was on hosting duties as the final six requested chop numbers. Unfortunately, the chip leader donut604 wanted a little more than everyone wanted to him and play was ordered on.

That will be $1,000.00 please

The difference between chopping and not chopping for uebby1986 as the very next hand after Anders started up the tournament again uebby1986 would be all-in preflop facing galia32's double suited aces A♠ 8♠ 7♥ A♥. Holding A♣ 3♠ 5♦ 6♥ uebby1986 was looking for a low board or two pair after the turned 5♣ J♦ Q♣ 7♦. But neither would hit the T♥ river as galia32's aces held and uebby1986 who would have received $3K in the chop agreement, settled for $2,002.24 in sixth place.

Changing of the guard

While donut604 may have ruled the last chop talks, someone else was sure to control the next chat after the three-way hand below:

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begood9999: 6♣ A♠ 5♣ Q♦
freakz2: 2♠ A♦ 3♣ 8♥
donut604: 7♠ 5♦ 4♥ A♣

After a raise to 555,555 from begood9999 both freakz2 and donut604 in the blinds called to see an all-low 8♦ 4♣ 3♠ flop. freakz2 checked as donut604 bet 1.66 million and begood9999 shoved for 3.3 million total. freakz2 followed suit and also shoved for 4.3 million total as donut604 covered both and made the call. Only freakz2 had the nut-low along with two pair and both would hold up on the T♠ turn and K♦ river to scoop the entire 13.6 million chip pot eliminating begood9999 in fifth place ($2,627.94) and shipping the chip lead to freakz2.

Again the players tried for a chip chop split, some wanted ICM, and others wanted rice krispies treats, but none took hold as the dealer pitched the cards once again till the 12th hour dinner break that had freakz2 still holding 50 percent of the chips in play. Leading for more disagreements, our final four could not even decide on shortening the 15 minute break, as the entire time was used to stretch out before getting back to the business of winning a SCOOP championship watch. Then just after the first hand was folded around to My 428 river, the players paused once again as freakz2 has a live outside of poker and needed to go to work.

freakz2: $8,500.00
galia32: $5,354.24
donut604: $5,327.44
My 428 river: 4,771.11

After another 10 minute round of who's on first, the chop agreement above was in place with $1,054.91 set aside for the champ.

Served for breakfast

With the money mostly out of the way, the all-ins started coming in quickly as once time massive chip leader donut604 lost over two thousand dollars after not taking the first deal, and with the blinds at 150K/300K he would not be getting anymore. galia32 made a raise from the cutoff to 1.5 million, called by My 428 river and donut604 in the big blind. A high coordinated 8♠ Q♣ T♣ got the attention of donut604 who shoved for 2.09 million as galia32 min-raised to get My 428 river out of the way. It did, as galia32 flipped up the nut flush draw 2♣ A♣ 6♥ 7♠ and donut604 was hurting with a lower flush draw and worse backdoor low draw 3♣ 5♣ 4♠ A♥. The low and flush never appeared but the 9♠ turn and T♠ river gave galia32 a straight, good enough for the 7.4 million chip pot sending donut604 out for coffee in fourth place ($5,327.44).

This job probably pays more

Watch below as galia32 and freakz2 get it all in post flop for a massive 23.5 million chip pot:

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freakz2: 9♦ Q♥ 5♦ A♣
galia32: 6♠ 4♦ A♠ T♠

freakz2 would be clinging to top pair on the 4♠ Q♠ J♣ flop as galia32 had flush, straight, trips, and two pair outs. The clincher wasted no time hitting as the K♦ fell on the turn giving galia32 a broadway straight and the 23.5 million chip pot. The very next hand freakz2 got his wish and was off to work in third place after making $680.00 an hour for 12 and half hours of "work" ($8,500.00) in third place.

Not giving up

Despite starting off with a 24.9 million to 6.3 million deficit, My 428 river would briefly take the chip lead over the course of their half hour heads-up battle. But, with the blinds moved up to 250K/500K My 428 river's chances to grab the extra $1,054.91 up for grabs ran into a straight. After galia32 raised to 1.5 million from the button, My 428 river made the call to see a 5♣ 4♣ 7♦ flop. My 428 river liked his top two pair 5♠ Q♦ 7♠ K♥ enough to bet three million as galia32 bumped it up enough to put the short stack all-in. My 428 river made the call and would be looking for four outs as galia32 hit a straight Q♥ 6♥ 9♣ 3♠. With no chance for a low, only a boat would bail My 428 river out. 9♥ turn and 4♦ river did not look like a five or a seven and the board locked up the extra $1,054.91 and Event #30-L SCOOP champion's watch for galia32!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as Event #30-H will be starting up at 1400 ET for day two action along with Event #33 NLO8 turbo which may actually finish first!

SCOOP 2011 Event #30-L Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo results (05-19-11)
(*denotes part of four way deal leaving $1,054.91 for the winner)
1. galia32 (Russia) *$6,409.15
2. My 428 river (Germany) *$4,771.11
3. freakz2 (Germany) *$8,500.00
4. donut604 (Canada) *$5,327.44
5. begood9999 (Brazil) $2,627.94
6. uebby1986 (Germany) $2,002.24
7. sirfluhsalot (Greece) $1,376.54
8. WoytAAstars (Poland) $750.84
9. Fanthomas07 (Hungary) $484.91

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP