SCOOP: Hahila claims tough victory in Event #37-High ($2,100 NLHE 6-max)

SCOOP logo.gifThe old saying goes that the best are saved for last. That certainly seemed to be the case with the 2011 SCOOP tournaments. While the entire series boasted of amazing guarantees and very solid fields of players from around the globe, it was the last of the events that drew in the biggest crowds. It wasn't particularly surprising, though, as SCOOP comes around only once each year, and players were anxious to go for the titles left for the last events.

Event 37 was the second-last tournament of the series, starting just hours before the Main Event. But players seeking their SCOOP fame and fortune turned out in solid numbers for this second-last event and the very last of the six-max tournaments.

The high buy-in level of Event 37 offered a $500K guarantee for a $2,000 + $100 buy-in, though satellites offered cheaper seats for many of the players. And they came out strong, more than doubling the prize pool from its original guarantee and making for one exciting tournament.

Players: 558
Guarantee: $500,000
Actual prize pool: $1,116,000
Paid players: 66

Day 1

As the hours passed on the first day of action, many players exited without extra cash to show for their efforts. One of them was Team PokerStars Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who was eliminated in 85th place, several spots shy of the money bubble.

The bubble finally burst just past the nine-hour mark of the tournament, leaving the rest of the field guaranteed a minimum of $3,906.00 payout. One of the players who took that amount was Team Online's Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg, who ended his run in 63rd place.

But as players were relegated to five tables, the last PokerStars player was in jeopardy and ultimately eliminated. Team Online's Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli departed the field in 27th place with $7,254.00 in prize money.

SCOOP - Diego Brunelli.jpg

At the end of Level 21, there were 21 players left on four tables, but another 30 minutes remained before action paused for the night. Only 18 players at three tables were left 15 minutes later, but allinstevie exited in 18th place and Mexitexi in 17th, both receiving $10,602.00 for their play. That left 16 players to end the day.

The break of more than 11 hours ensued, and the final chip counts for the night were:

1ncorrigible (837,994)
IAmSoSo (719,982)
vic_xcite (710,013)
danceofddead (492,040)
hahila (466,980)
lb6121 (352,272)
nikov (317,391)
4rebmun (299,607)
padjes (269,421)
Face333X (255,488)
Hagbart55 (246,859)
Traumatize (183,793)
wolfeman99 (179,251)
Improved (99,219)
Frrrrrr (81,522)
AlexanderT (68,138)

Day 2

Level 23 was the first of the second day of play, with blinds at 2,500/5,000 and a 625 ante. The first to take a risk and lose was Face333X, who accepted 15th place, and nikov exited in 14th. Short-stacked AlexanderT followed in 13th to set the final two tables.

The first to depart at that stage of the game was Frrrrrr in 12th place, and 4rebmun followed in 11th. The final ten played on for some time before Traumatize left in tenth place. After the first break of the day, more than a half hour passed before former chip leader 1ncorrigible was ousted in ninth place. Two hours into the day, danceofddead eliminated wolfeman99 in eighth place.

Two hands later, Hagbart made a big preflop reraise, and padjes called all-in for nearly 310K with A♦T♣. Hagbart55 showed J♦J♠, a hand that only improved on the J♥3♣8♣5♠T♦. Padges was gone in seventh place with $23,436.00.

Danceofddead waltzes into chip lead

It was just into Level 27, with blinds at 5,000/10,000 and a 1,250 ante, that the final table was set. The players' beginning chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: danceofddead (1,606,920 in chips)
Seat 2: vic_xcite (602,527 in chips)
Seat 3: hahila (788,943 in chips)
Seat 4: lb6121 (608,481 in chips)
Seat 5: Hagbart55 (1,463,201 in chips)
Seat 6: IAmSoSo (509,928 in chips

2011 SCOOP - Event 37 High FT.JPG

While danceofddead maintained the lead going into the final table, Hagbart55 was close behind. Lb6121 took a pot worth 244,500 from vic_xcite to leave the latter as the new short stack.

A short time later, vic_xcite looked down at A♦J♦ and pushed all-in. Original raiser danceofddead called with 8♣8♠, and the race was on. The board only provided T♣3♦5♠5♥K♦, giving danceofddead two pair. Vic_xcite was the first to leave the table, taking $35,712.00 for the sixth place finish.

Lb6121 took a pot worth nearly 750K from IAmSoSo, leaving IAmSoSo with less than 150K chips behind. A few hands later, IAmSoSo moved that stack all-in preflop with T♣8♥. Hahila reraised all-in from the small blind, which worked to isolate the two players. Hahila showed A♦J♠, and the board brought J♥6♣K♥6♠8♠ to give two pair to each, but hahila's were best. IAmSoSo left in fifth place with $55,800.00.

The comeback of hahila

Hahila was on the short stack but doubled not once, not twice, but three times through danceofddead, the last one putting hahila in very close chip position with lbe6121.

Hagbart55 soon jumped into the chip lead, knocking danceofddead out of that position for the first time during Day 2. But it didn't take long for those two players to battle, and the 605K pot that resulted from the preflop raises and reraises went to danceofddead, who regained the lead.

But danceofddead put hahila to the test once more, and the result gave hahila quite a bit of new life:

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Into the sixth hour of the day, the final four players changed position drastically, as hahila was in first with Hagbart55 in a close second. Lb6121 and danceofddead were both under the 1 million mark but hanging tough.

But danceoftheddead finally made a push with K♥T♦ from the big blind. Original raiser hahila called 528,399 more with A♦Q♦, a hand that dominated all the way through the 4♦8♣2♥7♦8♠ board. That left danceofddead out in fourth place with $78,120.00.

Lb6121 doubled through Hagbart55 more than once, but it was a battle with hahila that would make the difference. LB6121 pushed all-in with 7♣7♠, and hahilacalled with J♥J♣. The board brought 3♣5♣5♦6♦J♠ to give hahila the full house, and lb6121 was eliminated in third place with $114,390.00.

Hagbart55 and hahila haggle for the title

The final two began their match with the following counts:

Seat 3: hahila (3,706,030 in chips)
Seat 5: Hagbart55 (1,873,970 in chips)

More than an hour and a half into the match, hahila was still in charge with a substantial lead, but Hagbart55 found the following opportunity to double up:

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But Hagbart55 couldn't gain much more ground. After two hours of heads-up play, Hagbart55 moved all-in again, this time with A♦J♠. Hahila had A♣Q♦ with which to make the call, and the board of K♠T♣J♣5♠8♥ turned that already-winning hand into a straight. Hagbart55 conceded defeat and took home $156,240.00 for second place.

Hahila of Denmark collected $212,040.00 and a SCOOP watch for winning Event 37-H. Congrats!

SCOOP Event #37-H Results:

1st place: hahila ($212,040.00)
2nd place: Hagbart55 ($156,240.00)
3rd place: lb6121 ($114,390.00)
4th place: danceofddead ($78,120.00)
5th place: IAmSoSo ($55,800.00)
6th place: vic_xcite ($35,712.00)

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP