SCOOP: Irony strikes as ironyorick wins Event 26-L ($11 NLHE Turbo)

SCOOP logo.gifTurbos require a player to either get involved or get out of the way, if you choose the latter then you probably do not have what it takes to play in this fast tempo tournament. With a $20,538.91first place prize the 20,522 entrants looked to steam full speed ahead in Event #26-Low.

A turbo style tournament deserves all pomp and no cirmcustance, so lets get to it.

With only 3,150 of the starting field making the money only eight of them belonged to either Team PokerStars or Team Online. The best of that group was Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder finishing in 431st for $67.72. Busting out not too long before De Meulder was Javier "El_Cañonero" Dominguez in 469th place. The remaining team members to cash in the tournament are Marcin "Goral" Horecki (1141st), Pat Pezzin (1154th), Lex Veldhuis (1233rd), Liv Boeree (1274th), Tyler "Frosty012" Frost (1284th), and Jude "J.thaddeus" Ainsworth (2326th).

ept barcelona_day 3_matthias de meulder.jpgMatthias "mattidm" De Meulder was the top finishing team member.

By the time the players were nearing the end of the fifth hour of the tournament the final table came and the action picked up with the players looking to put this tournament in the books.


Final Nine by seat:

Seat 1: rus_spain (20622444 in chips)
Seat 2: ironyorick (35510247 in chips)
Seat 3: soulysoul (40229309 in chips)
Seat 4: Kakbal (7301640 in chips)
Seat 5: Malukunezz (33594321 in chips)
Seat 6: drafardig (3190544 in chips)
Seat 7: heki55 (20843450 in chips)
Seat 8: CROSA COLL (21075603 in chips)
Seat 9: ShinINgStARG (22852442 in chips)

dragardig exits first:

Starting the final table with just over one big blind meant that dragardig was going to need to get some cards or get lucky, finding K♦J♣ in early position was all he needed to stick his stack in the middle. Unlucky for him heki55 was dealt A♣A♥ and that was all she wrote for dragardig.

Another pair of aces, another elimination:

Two hands later soulysoul was dealt A♥A♣ in late position, on the button was Kakbal who was sitting on a short stack and got dealt A♠K♥. With under two big blinds and facing a min-raise before him meant that Kakbal would be calling off his short stack hoping to get a much needed double. When the A♦J♦8♣ flop came the tournament was over for Kakbal eliminating him in eighth place.

More aces:

The aces were flying high on this final table, so when ShinINgStARG was dealt A♦A♥ in the small blind and seeing two all in shoves after he raised an initial raiser had to make him smile a bit while calling off the rest of his stack. Rus_spain with Q♥Q♣ came into the hand with the short stack of the three, while soulysoul, with A♠K♠, had both player covered. The hand played out very well for ShinINgStARG giving him the 70,514,828 pot and the chip lead.


Elimination of soulysoul:

Finding himself as the shortest stack at the table in the small blind with 8♦8♣ after the button shoved all in before him was just the spot that soulysoul was looking for. When ironyorick flipped over J♦4♦ he had to be smiling a little bit, but when the J♣ came on the flop his tournament was left relying on the turn and river. Those final two cards brought no help resulting in his elimination.

heki55 sent packing:

One hand after losing a 40 million plus chip pot heki55 managed to get all in with the best hand even though he was only holding K♣3♦. His opponent, Malukunezz, was holding 9♣8♦. Malukunezz picked up some more outs on the A♣J♠7♦ flop, the turn brought one of those outs T♦ giving him the jack high straight leaving heki55 no chance at the double up to remain in the tourney.

ShinINgStARG sent to the rail:

The very next hand saw ShinINgStARG open shove under the gun with A♣J♥. Ironyorick made the call with 6♠6♦ to put ShinINgStARG at risk in a classic race. It was a short race due to the 8♠6♥4♦ flop giving ironyorick middle trips leaving ShinINgStARG with no chance to win.

Final three:

Once play reached the final three play did not slow down, the players had already came to the conclusion that a chop would not be happening so there were no unneeded delays. Malukunezz and ironyorick got the action started when they were both dealt a queen, Malukunezz was holding Q♥8♠ while ironyrick held Q♣T♣. Unable to find an eight meant that Maulkunezz became the third place finisher.



Seat 2: ironyorick (137615174 in chips)
Seat 8: CROSA COLL (67604826 in chips)

Much like the rest of the final table heads-up play was a quick event. Only three hands in all the chips went into the middle, ironyorick held A♥8♠ while CROSA COLL held K♥8♦. Neither player caught a pair meaning ironyorick's ace kicker would be the determining factor.


2011 SCOOP Event 26-Low $10+1 NLHE Turbo Results:
1st: ironyorick - $20,538.91
2nd: CROSA COLL - $15,249.89
3rd: Malukunezz - $10,261.00
4th: ShinINgStARG - $8,208.80
5th: heki55 - $6,156.60
6th: soulysoul - $4,104.40
7th: rus_spain - $2,883.34
8th: Kakbal - $1,846.98
9th: drafardig - $1,231.32

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