SCOOP: kay3000 dodges maelstrom of bullets to win Triple Shootout Event 16-M

SCOOP logo.gifTriple shootout. The concept sounds easy. Win three sit-n-gos in a row. One. Two. Three. Or if Dr. Seuss might poetically wax...

One fish. Two fish. Three fish. Cool watch.

Winning the first table of a shootout is simple. Two shootout tables? That takes talent with a pinch of luck. Three shootout tables? That recipe includes talent, a sprinkling of luck, perseverance, mental fortitude, and a blessing from the poker gods. Oh, and something called "run good." If we played poker in a scene from a 1970s blaxploitation film, a funky cat named Superfly would refer to it as "mojo."

Whether it's called mojo, run good, chi, or chakras -- whatever it is, you better have a little stashed away to use during action at the final table in the third round of the shootout.

SCOOP Event #16-M $215 Triple Shootout attracted 800 players and featured a prize pool of $160,000 with $29,200 to first place. The top 100 places paid, or everyone who won their first table was guaranteed $616.

Shootout round 1: 800 to 100

The first round played out 8-handed with an even 800 runners on 100 tables.

BakinC00kies became the first person to advance to Round 2 and secure a cash. It took in less than 100 minutes.

Although this event attracted a slew of PokerStars Team Pros like Richard Toth, Gaulter Salles, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Bryan Huang, Noah Boeken,and Nacho Barbero, Jonathan Duhamel -- none of them made it out of the opening round. Duhamel suffered a disheartening elimination near the bubble in 103rd place.

On a positive note, a trio of PokerStars Pros won their first table and cashed -- George Danzer, Harcin Horecki, and Christophe De Meulder from Belgium.

Young Russian, Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, had been on a tear in this year's SCOOP with four final table appearances and three runner-up finishes. He's been running good and when he got to heads-up action in the first round, he made what can only be described as a "sick call" holding 5♠4♥.

See for yourself here...

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ICM Yklee blew up and even launched a conspiratorial rant.

ICM Yklee: "wtf"
joiso: "unexplainable"
joiso: "its that case with "just money"."
ICM Yklee: "what u calling flop turn ???"
ICM Yklee: "omfg"
ICM Yklee: "and river on a 4"
joiso: "i have a question for u too but guess i know the answer"
joiso: "same as u do"
ICM Yklee: "did u took drugs ?"
ICM Yklee: "well just disgusted"
joiso:"too many questions during your time bank"

Joiso knocked out ICM Yklee on the next hand to advance.

Shootout round 2: Hold me closer, George Danzer

PokerStars Team Pro George Danzer busted out in 82nd place and made his stand with Q♦9♦. Alas, Valse_Triste's A♠K♠ thwarted another German advance on the final table. Danzer cashed once again.

PokerStars Team Pro Marcin "CORAL" Horceki was knocked out in 53rd place. Horceki was crippled when he lost a race with A♣K♣ against Mastercard1's pocket sixes. Horceki busted out shortly after when Mastercard1 finished him off.

Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder from Belgium was the only PokerStars Team Pro to advance to win his second table and advance the third and final round of the shootout.

Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn's tournament ended when he busted in 20th place. Kostritsyn's Q♠Q♥ ran into GotURead's K♠K♦. GotURead flopped a set and Kostritsyn's bid for another final table came up short.

BIack88 bubbled off the final table in 11th place. He lost a race with pocket sixes against carmarkozg's Big Slick. A King on the flop and as the cliche goes, that's all she wrote. The final table was set.


Event #16-M Triple Shootout - Final Table:
Seat 1: caprioli (5000)
Seat 2: chrisdm (5000)
Seat 3: GotURead (5000)
Seat 4: delysid (5000)
Seat 5: Mastercard1 (5000)
Seat 6: carmarkozg (5000)
Seat 7: kay3000 (5000)
Seat 8: jimychoo (5000)
Seat 9: fifithecat (5000)
Seat 10: Chipfreak_85 (5000)

Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder eliminated in 10th place

An hour of play passed before the first elimination occurred. PokerStars Team Pro Christophe De Meulder found his fate at the hands of a cooler -- Kings vs. Aces. Delysid led with A♣A♥, while De Meulder trailed with K♥K♦. The board ran out Q♦8♠7♠Q♣4♥ and delysid won the pot. De Meulder collected $2,240 for a 10th place finish.


PokerStars Team Pro Christophe de Meulder - 10th place

Chipfreak_85 eliminated in 9th place

Chipfreak_85 open-shoved for 2,505. Jimychoo called from the big blind. Classic race -- Chipfreak_85 was flipping with T♦T♣ against jimychoo's A♥K♠. The board ran out Q♠5♣7♥K♦9♠, and a King on the turn sunk Chipfreaks_85 dreams of a SCOOP championship. Jimychoo won the pot and knocked out Chipfreak_85 in 9th place. Chipfreak_85 won $3,040.

caprioli eliminated in 8th place

On a flop of Q♠J♠2♥, kay3000 fired out 1,368, and caprioli shoved 3,999. Kay3000 called with A♥Q♣, holding TPTK. Caprioli was behind with A♠6♠, but had outs with a nut-flush draw. He failed to improve when with the 4♥ on the turn and the T♦ on the river. Caprioli busted in 8th place and collected $4,000.

fifithecat eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked fifithecat open-shoved for 3,150. Mastercard1 re-raised all-in for 6,964 to isolate. Mastercard1 was ahead with A♠K♥ against fifithecat's K♠J♦. Poor, poor Fifi. The board ran out J♣6♠3♠2♠9♠, and although Fifi made a King-high flush, Mastercard1 won the pot with an Ace-high flush. Fifithecat won $5,040 for 7th place.

carmarkozg eliminated in 6th place

Carmarkozg open-shoved all-in for last 1,985 with A♠8♣. Jimychoo called from the big blind with A♥Q♥. He was ahead and it held up after the board ran out T♥7♦5♣T♠9♠. Carmarkozg won $6,400 for a 6th place.

Mastercard1 eliminated in 5th place

On flop of 8♣7♥5♥, jimychoo bett 1,290. Mastercard1 raised all-in for 4,909. Jimychoo him him covered and called with A♦A♥. He was up against Mastercard1's gutshot straight draw with 9♠8♠. The turn 6♥ and Mastercard1 turned the gutter. But jimychoo enacted a bit of swift river justice when the T♥ spiked. jimychoo four-flushed Mastercard1 to win the pot. Mastercard1 collected $7,920 for 5th place.

With four to go, kay3000 held the lead with 16,389, followed by delysid (13821), jimychoo (13024), and GotURead (6766) as the shorty.

GotUHead eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked GotURead shoved for his last 3,666. Kay3000 called from the big blind with A♦J♥. GotURead trailed with T♠8♠ and failed to improve when the board ran out Q♣7♦7♠K♥J♣. GotURead won $11,280 for 4th place.

With three to go and blinds at 100/200 with a 25 ante, kay3000 led the way with 21,355. Delysid held onto second (19,171) and jimychoo (9474) brought up the rear.

jimychoo eliminated in 3rd place

Jimychoo had quite the run at the final table despite being crippled early on. And as a wise man once said, whatever you do, take care of your shoes! He miraculously survived with the thinnest of stacks and avoided an early elimination. After a couple of timely double ups, he put himself in the position to be among the final three players.

On his final hand, he was all-in on a flop of K♠9♦3♣ with just 5♠5♥. He trailed kay3000's T♠T♦. The pair of tens held up and Greece's jimychoo finished in third place for a $15,120 score .

Heads-Up: kay3000 (Russia) vs. delysid (Switzerland)

Heads-Up chip counts:
Seat 4: delysid (14,855)
Seat 7: kay3000 (35,145)

Kay300 held almost a 2.5-1 advantage, but delysid won the first big pot of heads-up about thirty minutes in. Delysid won the pot with A♦K♦ for a pair of Aces to almost pull even in chips. By the end of the level, he seized the lead.

But kay3000 was not about to give up so easily and mounted a counterattack. He flopped a set of nines to win a 19,400 pot. He regained the top spot and opened up approximately a 30,000 to 20,000 margin. That set him up to deliver a decisive knock-out blow.

On the final hand, the two engaged in a raising war. Both players got it all-in preflop and faced off with coinflip -- kay3000's J♦J♥ were slightly ahead of delysid's A♥K♦. Kay3000 solidified the lead with a Jack on the flop. The board ran out J♠7♠3♥5♣A♣ and delysid busted in second place, winning $20,320 for a runner-up performance.

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Congrats to Kay3000 from Russia, who shipped the tournament and won $29,200 and a cool champion's watch.

Event #16-M $25 Triple Shootout - Final Table results:
1st - kay3000 - $29,200
2nd - delysid - $20,320
3rd - jimychoo - $15,120
4th - GotUHead - $11,280
5th - Mastercard1- $7,920
6th - carmarkozg - $6,400
7th - fifithecat - $5,040
8th - caprioli - $4,000
9th - Chipfreak_85 - $3,040
10th - ChrisDM - $2,240

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