SCOOP: Kecinpulach chops one for the Czech Republic in Event 14-L ($55 Limit Omaha H/L)

SCOOP logo.gifWhile some choose to watch a horror flick on Friday the 13th some poker players opted for another type of nightmare, the $55 Limit Omaha H/L SCOOP Event. This tournament turned A Nightmare on Elm Street into A Nightmare on Fifth Street for many as bad beats that involved nasty river cards became the norm for the night.

Armed with a $40,000 guarantee the 2011 SCOOP Event 14-Low pulled in 1,849 players to generate a $92,450 prize pool with $14,793.01 scheduled to go to first place.

Only two Team PokerStars or Team Online players managed to break into the money of this event. Both Kristian "CharismA3" Martin and Marcin "Goral" Horecki secured a $87.82 payday for their 219th and 223rd place finishes, respectively.

ept san remo_day 1b_marcin horecki .jpg

Once the players got down to the final 18 the nightmarish rivers started to come, but the river card Kecinpulach was delivered to help build his lead with 17 players was one of dreams rather than nightmares. With the board reading Q♣5♦J♣3♣K♣ and him holding K♥A♣Q♦T♣ for the Royal Flush Kecinpulach had to pinch himself to ensure it was not a dream.

Royal Flush with 17 left.jpg

The players wasted very little time getting down to the final 10, though once hand for hand play started play slowed down thanks to Xboss1988x. Riding the short stack it seemed that Xboss1988x was stalling to observe what happened on the other table before he decided if he wanted to put it on the line or not. Eventually he did just that and when his 4♦A♣T♠T♣ failed to improve against the 2♠6♥A♦A♠ of radiotrout he was eliminated in 10th leaving these final nine players left to battle it out:


Seat 1: x2ben (669866 in chips)
Seat 2: JensWR (682041 in chips)
Seat 3: Mammola (692691 in chips)
Seat 4: Allanon85 (333490 in chips)
Seat 5: DenStar1 (328200 in chips)
Seat 6: NoNaLoKa (473795 in chips)
Seat 7: alpina43 (461045 in chips)
Seat 8: Kecinpulach (742085 in chips)
Seat 9: Ern1s_rules (648194 in chips)

River cards will haunt some:

With the final nine left to battle it out the river cards became the determining factor for many as they fought for their tournament life. Fortunately for x2ben the river card was nice to him when he found himself looking for some help after getting all in on the J♣9♥9♠ flop with 6♥3♠2♥A♥ against the A♠7♦5♦A♦ of JensWR. The K♥ on the turn was not his saving grace but the 5♥ delivered the flush he needed to beat JenWR's aces and nines.

It would be another two pair that could not dodge a flush draw on the river that would this time eliminate Allanon85 in 9th place for $924.50.

Another river card resulted in a nightmare end for Mammola eliminating him in 8th place when Kecinpulach caught a straight.

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Back to back hands result in eliminations:

Kecinpulach needed to avoid a bad river card to eliminate x2ben when all the chips went in the middle after the turn. Holding K♥5♠9♣K♣ x2ben was looking for that river card to pair the 9♦K♦5♦T♦ board to stave off elimination, but when the Q♠ fell on the river x2ben was sent to the rail.

The next elimination would come in the next hand with BOOMFF holding 8♦7♥A♥A♦ against the 6♣5♠J♥A♠ of JensWR. By the time the river card was dealt BOOMFF already knew his fate being unable to improve enough to beat the JensWR's turned flush.


Lets make a deal:

Once the dust settled from BOOMFF's elimination the players took a moment to discuss a deal with the chips stacks as follows:

Seat 2: JensWR (2453997 in chips)
Seat 5: nickdcfc (2415480 in chips)
Seat 7: radiotrout (1310312 in chips)
Seat 8: Kecinpulach (2110303 in chips)
Seat 9: DASBAG (954908 in chips)

After the numbers were posted nickdcfc immediately asked for $12,000, just under $2,000 more than he would receive with a straight chip chop. The other four players balked at that proposal while agreeing to the straight chip chop. After a brief discussion nickdcfc also agreed and the following deal was finalized:

nickdcfc - $10,213.20
JensWR - $10,062.24
Kecinpulach - $9,341.20
radiotrout - $7,377.16
DASBAG - $6,504.62
*$800 and the watch left to play for

Time to play for the watch:

Four hand after the deal was reached the first elimination came when radiotrout got all in holding 3♥A♠8♠7♣ against the Q♥A♥A♣2♣ of nickdcfc. Scooping both the high and low hands on the A♦Q♠5♠7♥4♦ board, nickdcfc sent radiotrout to the rail.

After a skipped break DASBAG would follow radiotrout to the rail in fourth place when his two pair were no match for the turned straight of nickdcfc.

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After trying to get a better deal for himself nickdcfc could not carry his chip lead at the time into anything better than a third place finish. He was eliminated when his 9♠Q♥A♥K♣ failed to improve like Kecinpulach's 2♦K♦8♦3♦ did on the 3♠8♠J♣4♥4♦ board.

Heads-up begins:

Heads-up play was a little back and forth, though Kecinpulach never relinquished his lead to JensWR. Here is a look at how they started heads-up play:

Seat 2: JensWR (4147294 in chips)
Seat 8: Kecinpulach (5097706 in chips)

Kecinpulach looked to be finish the match off quickly after he quartered JensWR to take an 8.7 to 1 chip lead.


JenWR managed to get back into the match with a few scooped pots but Kecinpulach put the final nail in the coffin when he turned a full house that had the flush draw of JenWR drawing dead.


2011 SCOOP Event 14-Low $55 Limit Omaha H/L results:

1st: Kecinpauch - $10,141.20*
2nd: JensWR - $10,062.24*
3rd: nickdcfc - $10,213.20*
4th: DASBAG - $6,504.62*
5th: radiotrout - $7,377.16*
6th: BOOMFF - $3,235.75
7th: x2ben - $2,311.25
8th: Mammola - $1,617.87
9th: Allanon85 - $924.50

*Indicates a 5-way deal

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