SCOOP: Lance84 likes lowball, grabs #24-High title ($1,050 TD 2-7)

SCOOP logo.gifCould this be the biggest day of the year for online limit triple draw deuce-to-seven players? Three tournaments, with more than $145,000 up for grabs between them, and nearly 3,000 entrants spread out on each!

Didn't seem like it would be such a big day early on over at the "High" version of Event #24, the one sporting a hefty $1,050 buy-in, as only a dozen or so players had bought in when the first hands were dealt. But by the time the registration period had ended two hours later a total of 81 players had signed up. That made the total prize pool $81,000 (beating the $50K guarantee). Only the top nine finishers would get paid, with $24,300 due the winner.

joiso = human

Shortly after that two-hour break came the event's first elimination -- Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, who as it happens, is currently first on the overall leaderboard for SCOOP Player of the Series. A short while later another strong player whom we usually see at the top of the counts rather than the bottom, Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko of Russia, followed his countryman to the rail as another early exit.

By the three-hour mark only three others had fallen, leaving 76 still alive. capach, ZeDudinho, and moggiii were the only ones with more than 10,000 chips at that point, with Team PokerStars Pros Pat Pezzin, Jose "Nacho" Barbero, Ivan Demidov, and Team Online member Anders "Donald" Berg all in the top 20.

A couple of hours later Noah "Exclusive" Boeken of the Netherlands was the only Team PokerStars Pro to be eliminated (in 65th). At the five-hour mark 52 remained, ZeDudinho had moved out in front followed by moggiii and Team PokerStars Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth in third. Team Pros George Danzer and Pezzin were in the top 25, Barbero, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, and Berg all sat with below average stacks, and Demidov was down to less than one big bet in dead last.

Demidov would soon fall (in 51st), followed by Barbero (48th) and Berg (41st). But their four remaining teammates -- Ainsworth, Danzer, Horecki, Pezzin -- would all carry on through to the eight-hour break to take seats at the final three six-handed tables.

18 left, four Team PokerStars Pros among them

With 18 left, Zedudinho was still the leader as he and Lance84 were the only players with more than 40,000 chips. Jackal69 was their nearest challenger with a little over 25,000. And of those remaining pros, Danzer was in eighth, Ainsworth 11th, Horecki 14th, and Pezzin 15th.

SCOOP24-H-leaderboard.jpgOver the next hour there were two more eliminations -- Lou Fu (18th) and pbychkov (17th) -- and the remaining 16 went to the nine-hour break with ZeDudinho still in front, followed closely by Jackal69. To the left is the leaderboard as it appeared during that nine-hour break, with the four remaining Team PokerStars Pros highlighted by Stars logos. The bubble was approaching, and only "j.thaddeus" (Ainsworth) looked at all comfortable among those four perhaps to make the money.

Unfortunately for Marcin "Goral" Horecki of Team PokerStars Poland, his run to the cash would be short-lived. With the stakes 800/1,600, Jackal69 raised from UTG, Horecki three-bet from the button, then pbxed capped from the small blind. Both Jackal69 and Horecki called.

On the first draw, pbxed drew two while the others each drew one, then checked to Jackal69 who bet. Both Horecki and pbxed called, with both left with less than one big bet to go. On the second draw, pbxed drew two again while again both Jackal69 and Horecki took one. pbxed then pushed his last 1,125 in, Jackal69 raised, and Horecki called with the 320 he had left. On the last draw, pbxed stood pat while both Jackal69 and Horecki took one.

At showdown Jackal69 revealed he'd drawn a seven with [7][6][5][4][2] (a "number four"), beating both pbxed's [9][7][4][3][2] and Horecki's [J][8][6][4][2]. Horecki was out in 16th and pbxed in 15th.

Immediately after, George Danzer of Team PokerStars Germany followed those two to the rail. Down to just 2,610, Danzer and James "Andy McLEOD" Obst raised back and forth enough to get Danzer all in before the first draw. Both drew one, then Obst stood pat while Danzer continued to draw one card two more times. In the end Obst had stuck with [8][5][4][3][2], while Danzer couldn't fill out his draw to a seven, his [7][6][5][5][3] showing he'd paired on the end.

A little while later, lib6121 was eliminated in 13th, and they were down to two tables. Jackal69 led with more than 80,000, with ZeDudinho in second with a little over 64,000.

ProCasanova was the next to go in 12th, knocked out by Jude Ainsworth after the latter stood pat on the third draw with [J][T][6][5][2] while ProCasanova drew one, picking up an ace to end with [A][7][5][4][2]. capoch exited soon thereafter, unable to outdraw Jackal69 or sturutter23 and mucking his losing hand before exiting in 11th.

Bubble go pop

Hand-for-hand play commenced at the two remaining five-handed tables, and before long Pat Pezzin found himself in the extreme danger zone. He'd called down in a three-way pot versus Lance84 and Jackal69, preserving just 540 chips after failing to outdraw Lance84. On the next hand Pezzin was all in versus Lance84 before the first draw. Lance84 drew one before standing pat, while Pezzin drew three, then one, then stood pat. Pezzin showed [9][6][5][3][2], not enough against Lance84's [8][7][4][3][2], making Pezzin the 10th-place finisher, the last to exit before the money.

From 9 to 6

Not long after, with the stakes now 1,000/2,000, Pezzin's teammate Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth was down to just 4,816 and would be all in by the second draw in a hand versus ZeDudinho. Both took two cards the on first draw, after which Ainsworth stood pat while ZuDudinho drew one twice more. Ainsworth showed [9][5][4][3][2], but ZeDudinho had caught up to make [8][7][6][5][2], sending "j.thaddeus" out in 9th for $3,240.


Team PokerStars Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth

The next two eliminations came quickly. ZeDudinho scored another knockout when his [10]-low was enough to beat JeroenKoster's [Q], sending the latter out in eighth. Then Mike "SirWatts" Watson went out in seventh when Jackal69's [J][6][4][3][2] bested Watson's [J][T][7][5][3]. Like Ainsworth, both JeroenKoster and SirWatts earned a $3,240 payday.

The final six-handed table was set:


Seat 1: ZeDudinho -- 97,111
Seat 2: Ldchan18 -- 21,075
Seat 3: Jackal69 -- 124,619
Seat 4: Lance84 -- 71,610
Seat 5: sturutter23 -- 28,345
Seat 6: Andy McLEOD -- 62,240

From 6 to 2

It would take a half-hour for the first elimination at the final table to occur. During that stretch Ldchan18 suffered through a few beats to find himself down to just 12,175. Then, with the stakes 1,200/2,400, ZeDudinho opened with a raise from the small blind, Ldchan18 three-bet from the BB, and ZeDudinho called.

On the first draw, ZeDudinho took two and Ldchan18 one, then ZeDudinho check-called Ldchan18's bet. Both took one the second time, and this time ZeDudinho check-raised Ldchan18 who then called. Both then stood pat, ZeDudinho bet, and Ldchan18 called, leaving himself just 175 chips. ZeDudinho showed [8][7][6][4][3], and Ldchan18 mucked.

ZeDudinho would finish off Ldchan18 in the following hand -- nipping him with a [J][7][5] to Ldchan18's [J][7][6] -- and they were down to five.

It would be more than an hour before the next elimination, during which time ZeDudinho continued to increase his stack to more than 215,000. James "Andy McLEOD" Obst became the short stack for a while during that period, but chipped back to about 77,000 and into a virtual tie for second with Lance84. Meanwhile Jackal69 slid back to 30,000 and sturutter23 even further below 5,000.

The stakes were 3,200/6,400 when ZeDudinho opened with a raise from UTG and it folded to sturutter23 who reraised all in for his last 4,345. The others got out and ZeDudinho called. Zedudinho would draw three on the first round, then stand pat. Meanwhile sturutter23 drew two, one, then one again, ending with a [9][7][5][4][2], not quite enough versus ZeDudinho's [9][6][4][3][2], knocking sturutter23 out in fifth.

Just a few hands later Jackal69 had fallen to 6,719, most of which would go in before the draw when the betting was capped in a three-way hand versus Lance84 and Andy McLEOD. On the first round Andy McCLEOD discarded one, Jackal three, and Lance84 two. Obst bet, Jackal69 committed his last 319, and Lance84 called. The remaining two would check down the last two rounds, with all three players drawing a card each both times. Obst then showed [T][8][6][4][2], good enough as both the others mucked. Jackal69 was out in fourth.

The remaining three pushed pots back and forth a little while longer until they reached the 12-hour break. At that point ZeDudinho was still well ahead with 218,131, Lance84 next with 116,670, and Andy McLEOD third with 70,199.

Obst kept battling, but couldn't stop his stack from sliding back again. He was down to 13,199 when he opened for a raise (to 4,000) from the button, got three-bet by ZeDudinho from the small blind, and watched as Lance84 called as well. Andy McLEOD called, and all three players took two cards each. ZeDudinho led with a bet and the other two called. On the second draw, ZeDudinho and Obst each took one and Lance84 two. ZeDudinho bet (4,000 this time), Lance84 raised, Andy McLEOD called with his remaining 5,199, and ZeDudinho called.

The third draw saw Lance84 standing pat while both ZeDudinho and Andy McLEOD took one. Both remaining players checked, ZeDudinho showed he'd picked up a brick on the end with his [K][7][6][5][3], Lance84 turned over [9][8][6][5][2], and Obst mucked, out in third.

No losing hand to show you for Obst, but here's a picture of the scene just before the former WCOOP and SCOOP winner's departure, with his Larry David avatar looking appropriately bamboozled.


Lance84 leaps up

Heads-up play began with ZeDudinho enjoying a little better than 2-to-1 chip advantage with 275,131 to Lance84's 129,869. However, after 20 minutes of play Lance84 had drawn even, then gradually pushed out to a 3-to-1 chip lead of his own as the stakes rose to 3,000/6,000.

ZeDudinho fought back, though soon slid back and finally, after surviving with the super-short stack for a while, the end came.

With the stakes 4,000/8,000, Lance84 opened with a raise and ZeDudinho called. Both drew three, then ZeDudinho pushed his last 2,262 in and Lance84 called. Both drew one, then stood pat on the third round.

Lance showed [9][8][6][5][4], better than ZeDudinho's [T][8][7][5][2], and almost 13-and-a-half hours after it had begun, Event #24-High had a champion.


Congratulations to Lance84 for being the latest to claim a SCOOP watch! Not to mention that first-place prize money.

SCOOP Event #24-H, Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball, Results:

1st: Lance84 ($24,300)
2nd: ZeDudinho ($16,200)
3rd: Andy McLEOD ($12,500)
4th: Jackal69 ($8,100)
5th: sturutter23 ($6,075)
6th: Ldchan18 ($4,455)

See the SCOOP page for highlights of all the action thus far, plus the scheduling information for all of the remaining events and satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP