SCOOP: maxcon007 leaves foes shaken and stirred in Event 33: $215 buy in NL Omaha Hi-Lo

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Getting quartered takes Omaha Hi-Lo to an entirely different level when the format changes from Pot Limit to No Limit. Suddenly, that nut low-shaky high gets a whole lot shakier. Second best hands in both directions put you at risk in getting scooped for all of your chips.

Players in Friday's tournament hoped to get scooped in an entirely different way by winning Event 33: $215 No-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo and claiming the SCOOP champion's watch. A total of 449 players entered the Medium portion of Event 33, creating a prize pool of $89,800. This more than doubled the $40,000 guarantee from PokerStars.

A few pros from Team PokerStars earned some cash in the event. Noah "Exclusive" Boeken came in 47th ($422.06), while Vicky Coren finished 38th ($449) and J.P. Kelly exited in 36th ($493.90).

After pilnik007's pair of sevens and nut low knocked out Play914Fun in tenth place the final nine were in place.

The last table standing:

Seat 1 -- seastar333 (60,535)
Seat 2 -- kyu1301 (25,931)
Seat 3 -- pilnik007 (454,812)
Seat 4 -- maxcon007 (158,862)
Seat 5 -- titoandres (358,257)
Seat 6 -- MiEncantas (108,346)
Seat 7 -- quimmmy (671,117)
Seat 8 -- alex987 (118,561)
Seat 9 -- marek_heinz (292,330)


The short stacked kyu1301 was the first to depart. After tripling up early, kyu1301 pushed all in under the gun with 91,000, and alex987 re-raised all in for 98K on the button. The hands:

kyu1301 A♦ 5♠ 9♦ T♠
alex987 A♠ 2♦ 8♣ K♠

The flop, turn and river were unkind to kyu1301 when they came out 7♣ A♥ K♦ 2♥ K♥ to give alex987 a full house. Kyu1301 earned $1,490.68 for ninth.

Two hands later seastar333 was sunk by titoandres. After titoandres raised to 25K from under the gun, seastar333 re-raised all in for 162K on the button. Titoandres called with A♣ 2♣ 5♣ J♠ while seastar333 showed A♦ 2♥ 4♥ 8♣. The board ran out 9♥ T♣ K♣ T♠ J♦ to send seastar333 packing in eighth place with $2,020.50.

The aces of marek_heinz were cracked to knock him out next:

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The seventh-place finish earned the Czech $2,918.50.

A few hands later, titoandres raised enough preflop to put MiEncantas at risk in a battle of the blinds. MiEncantas called for his tournament life with K♥ T♠ 9♠ 9♥ while titoandres rooted for low cards holding 3♠ 4♣ 8♣ 9♦. The flop of 2♠ T♥ J♦ brought the straight draw, but titoandres won in unlikely fashion with running fours on the turn and river. MiEncantas got $3,816.50 for sixth.

Alex987 busted out on the next hand in another blind battle. Quimmmy raised enough to put alex987 all in, and the Russian made the call with A♠ 3♠ 6♦ 7♦. Quimmmy tabled A♣ J♣ 3♣ 3♥ and loved the board of J♥ K♠ 6♣ Q♣ K♥. Alex987 collected the fifth-place prize of $4,939.

That hand gave quimmmy a stack of nearly 1.4 million and control of the match. A deal suggestion was brought to the table, but titoandres said he wanted to play it out.

A battle of James Bonds crippled pilnik007. The Czech raised all in for 254K on the button, and maxcon007 called for 238K in the small blind.

The hands:
maxcon007 A♣ 2♣ 6♠ 9♥
pilnik007 Q♦ Q♥ 6♦ 3♥

The board ran out 9♣ 2♦ T♦ 8♠ 5♥ to give maxcon007 the victory and leave pilnik007 with only 15K in his stack. He was eliminated two hands later, and earned $7,004.40.

After rapid fire eliminations to begin the final table, play showed down. Titoandres reversed course and a deal was agreed upon that would give him $11,237.78, maxcon $11,625.92 and quimmmy $15,174.80. An additional $800 and the SCOOP watch would go to the winner.

The table played three-handed for about 15 minutes until this hand set up the heads-up battle:

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That third-place departure earned titoandres $11,237.78

Quimmmy's big chip lead flipped on him. Maxcon007 raised on the button to 60K with blinds at 10,000/20,000, and quimmmy called. After a flop of Q♥ 7♠ 4♦, quimmmy checked and maxcon007 bet 140K. Quimmmy check raised to 1.4 million and maxcon007 called all in. Quimmmy held Q♦ 2♦ 3♦ 5♣ against the A♣ 3♥ 4♠ 8♦ held by maxcon007. The turn 5♠ and river 2♣ gave maxcon007 the wheel and the chip lead.

Nine hands later, quimmmy raised to 75K on the button and maxcon007 called. After a flop of J♠ 6♦ 8♠, maxcon007 moved all in, easily covering quimmmy. The Spaniard made the call with Q♥ 7♣ 5♦ 3♦ and faced the J♥ T♥ 4♣ A♥ held by maxcon007. The turn T♦ [and river 8♥ missed quimmmy's straight draw and gave our champion two pair and a spiffy timepiece.

The final finishers:

1st -- maxcon007 ($12,425.92)
2nd -- quimmmy ($15,174.80)
3rd -- titoandres ($11,237.78)
4th -- pilnik007 ($7,004.40)
5th -- alex987 ($4,939)
6th -- MiEncantas ($3,816.50)
7th -- marek_heinz ($2,918.50)
8th -- seastar333 ($2,020.50)
9th -- kyu1301 ($1,490.68)

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