SCOOP: NhFy nails a win in Event #21-Medium ($162 NLHE/PLO)

SCOOP logo.gifIt would be safe to say that every online poker player knows how to play no-limit hold'em. But players looking for new challenges and more action have taken to pot-limit Omaha over the past few years. PLO has accumulated a tremendous fan club, and many players clamor to get in on PLO tournaments.

So, SCOOP has the best of both worlds in this tournament: a mixture of NLHE and PLO. Players must combine their skill sets for the two games, be prepared to alter every 20 minutes when the game changes, and perform optimally in both poker variations. With mixed games becoming all the range with pro players of late, a combination of two games should be a breeze, right? (Says the writer who watches everyone else play.)

Event 21 provided that mix of NLHE and PLO, and this particular level was the medium one, offering a $150 + $12 buy-in and a $100K guarantee. And after a two-hour late registration period, the tournament finally closed and provided these numbers:

Players: 1,142
Guarantee: $100,000
Actual prize pool: $171,300
Paid players: 144

With only 144 players paid out of the original field, it took quite a few hours to hit the money bubble. It happened when LUFCBas was eliminated in 145th place, making way for the rest of the players to be assured of at least $274.08 in their accounts when the tournament was over.

Only two PokerStars players made it into that money portion of the tournament. The first to exit after the bubble was Team Online's Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli in 138th place. Moving forward, it looked like Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel was poised to make a run, though he lost ground and accepted elimination in 66th place.

SCOOP - Jonathan Duhamel.jpg

Action moved closer to the final table after the ten-hour break, but the caution at play caused a good bit of time to elapse before the bubble approached. It was 30 minutes later that Balog23 exited in 11th place to instigate hand-for-hand, which led to lee xxx working a short stack. Finally, lee xxx made the all-in move with T♠J♥ during the NLHW round, and BrazilianDog called with A♦A♥. The board of Q♦6♥5♣Q♥6♦ eliminated lee xxx in tenth place with $1,627.35.

Papartis88 leads final table

During the NLHE round of Level 29, with blinds of 8,000/16,000 and a 2,000 ante, the final table was set at about the 10:45 mark of the tournament. The players' starting stacks were:

Seat 1: Papartis88 (1,232,835 in chips)
Seat 2: HowDoWeDo (717,006 in chips)
Seat 3: NhFy (1,022,671 in chips)
Seat 4: DYSHANBE (466,316 in chips)
Seat 5: SickMagiC (316,671 in chips)
Seat 6: K_The_Nuts_K (763,722 in chips)
Seat 7: BrazilianDog (519,553 in chips)
Seat 8: WolfCSKA (272,364 in chips)
Seat 9: Cihy (398,862 in chips)

2011 SCOOP - Event 21 Medium FT.JPG

The second hand of the table brought change, as NhFy took a pot worth 842K from chip leader Papartis88 and jumped right into the top spot on the board. And WolfCSKA then doubled through NhFy to leap into second place.

In the PLO level, SickMagiC started with 8♦J♣T♣8♣ and raised. When BrazilianDog reraised with J♠K♠4♦K♦, SickMagiC called all-in for his last 34,671 chips. The board of 3♠5♦4♣Q♦2♦ filled out BrazilianDog's flush and left SickMagiC out in ninth place with $1,969.95.

Play slowed a bit in the NLHE round, though DYSHANBE was able to double through WolfCSKA twice, and Cihy doubled through Papartis88. BrazilianDog also doubled through WolfCSKA, but the latter doubled back through BrazilianDog.

HowDoWeDo decided to take a chance and push all-in from the big blind with A♦J♣ for 339,581 in the hopes of a double-up, but original raiser K_The_Nuts_K called with K♣K♦. The board of 5♠J♦7♣2♦5♣ gave each player two pair, but the kings and fives won it. HowDoWeDo finished in eighth place with $3,426.00)

NhFy nabs the lead going into 12th hour

The players then went on their 15-minute break at the 12-hour mark of the tournament. After that rest period, they returned to PLO with NhFy in the lead, BrazilianDog in second, and WolfCSKA on the short stack.

Just after that break, WolfCSKA started a hand with a raise, and when DYSHANBE reraised, WolfCSKA called all-in with A♠8♥2♣K♠. DYSHANBE showed A♦A♥8♣2♦ and the aces, which paired with the jacks on the J♣9♣4♥J♦4♠ board for two pair. WolfCSKA departed in seventh place with $5,139.00.

K_The_Nuts doubled through Cihy, which left the latter on a short stack. Cihy moved all-in on the next hand with 7♠A♣J♠Q♦, and NhFy called with K♣T♥A♥7♣. The board came 4♣9♣8♠T♣K♠ to make a straight for Cihy but a flush for NhFy. Cihy had to bow out in sixth place with $6,852.00.

BrazilianDog on the prowl

BrazilianDog took a pot worth more than 1 million chips from NhFy to cut into NhFy's lead by a margin.

But when it came time for K_The_Nuts_K to move all-in, NhFy was there to make the call from the small blind with A♣A♥. K_The_Nuts_K showed A♦9♥ but couldn't come up with much on the J♥T♥3♥3♠8♣ board. That left NhFy with more chips and K_The_Nuts_K with $8,565.00 for the fifth place finish.

BrazilianDog stepped up to the plate next by starting a hand with an all-in from the small blind. Papartis88 called all-in from the big blind for the 508,688 short stack with A♦J♣, which did dominate the A♥4♠ of BrazilianDog preflop. But the first card out was the 4♥, and it was followed by 5♦T♠8♣T♣, and BrazilianDog had the two pair. Papartis88 left in fourth place with $12,162.30.

On the first hand after the 13-hour break, DYSHANBE was ready to risk it all. The all-in move came preflop with T♠K♥Q♠2♠, and NhFy called with 7♥4♥7♠J♠. The cards on the table came 3♣J♣6♥5♦2♦ to give NhFy the straight and eliminate DYSHANBE in third place with $16,273.50.

Sweden vs. Brazil in heads-up war

The final two players were about to do battle, starting with PLO and the following counts:

Seat 3: NhFy (4,157,850 in chips)
Seat 7: BrazilianDog (1,552,150 in chips)

NhFy wielded that chip stack to increase the initial lead, but BrazilianDog managed to win some pots and climb back. And then BrazilianDog doubled through NhFy with T♥A♥7♥K♦ over A♠T♠J♥6♦ when he flopped a ten and seven. That put BrazilianDog in the lead.

The two battled for that lead but BrazilianDog wasn't letting go easily. However, everything changed in the NLHE round. On a 3♠T♣J♦8♣ board, BrazilianDog challenged with an all-in raise, and NhFy called with A♦Q♦. BrazilianDog might have ended the match there with J♥9♥, but the K♣ hit on the river to give NhFy the dramatic double-up.

BrazilianDog clawed back bit by bit, but he finally made a move for his last 603,650 chips with A♣5♠ against the 6♠6♣ of NhFy. The board of 7♣7♥T♥9♦6♥ gave NhFy a full house, which left BrazilianDog out in second place. According to a previous deal between the two to split the remaining money evenly with extra leftover for the winner, BrazilianDog was awarded $24,849.17.

NhFy won the SCOOP tournament, the winner's watch, and $26,849.17 in prize money. Congratulations!

SCOOP Event #21-M Results (reflecting two-way deal):

1st place: NhFy ($26,849.17)*
2nd place: BrazilianDog ($24,849.17)*
3rd place: DYSHANBE ($16,273.50)
4th place: Papartis88 ($12,162.30)
5th place: K_The_Nuts_K ($8,565.00)
6th place: Cihy ($6,952.00)
7th place: WolfCSKA ($5,139.00)
8th place: HowDoWeDo ($3,426.00)
9th place: SickMagiC ($1,969.95)

*players involved in two-way deal agreement

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP