SCOOP: O Canada! StatusUp holds off Russian charge in Event 9-High

scoop2009_thn.gifThere's something in the water in Canada. How else to explain the Canadians' early dominance in 2011 SCOOP six-handed hold'em events? After placing three players at the six-handed final table in Event 3-Medium, Canada put four at the final table of Event 9-High, $2,100 Mixed Hold'em [6-max]. And this time StatusUp made sure to bring home the gold for Team Canada.

After Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier's 3rd-place finish in Event 6-High yesterday, Team PokerStars had some extra motivation today. 10 Team Pros and members of Team Online opted in for this mixed hold'em (round of each, fixed-limit and no-limit) tournament. All but Team Pros Ruben Visser (15th, $2,834) and George Danzer (12th, $4,687) busted short of the final 18 money-playing places in the event.

Play started at 11am with 109 players and a prize pool of $218,000. Almost ten hours later, only six players remained in contention for the top prize of $56,680.

SCOOP 9-High final table.JPG

Seat 1: StatusUp (103525 in chips) (Canada)
Seat 2: as1025 (91792 in chips) (Russia)
Seat 3: kirbynator (27091 in chips) (Canada)
Seat 4: UhhMee (69208 in chips) (Canada)
Seat 5: ferocious666 (145481 in chips) (Russia)
Seat 6: d0r1t0s (107903 in chips) (Canada)

Canada 3, Russia 2

The six finalists were an accomplished group. StatusUp made a deep run in 2010 SCOOP Event 35-Low, busting out in 22nd place, while kirbynator won 2010 SCOOP Event 34-Medium outright. UhhMee already has one SCOOP final table in 2011, finishing 2nd in Event 3-Medium earlier this week.

They also noticed the lopsided national representation at the final table. 4 Canadians. 2 Russians.

StatusUp said, "Canada eh?"

Kirbynator replied, "Canada v. Russia," then asked if everyone would agree to an even chop (tongue firmly in cheek, we assume, as kirbynator was the shortest stack by far).

The final table began in the limit hold'em round with limits of 1,600 and 3,200. The players played for almost an hour without anyone going broke. They were chatty with each other, chatty with Moderator117 (who was summoned to the table at least four times and finally asked the players not to abuse the Call Moderator feature), and chatty with the host. It was mainly the Canadians doing the chatting. After kirbynator took a pot off ferocious666, StatusUp couldn't resist a dig.

"Canada 1, Russia 0. It's like 1972 all over again." (It was a funny zing, but it went over our heads. Canada didn't field an ice hockey squad at the 1972 Winter Olympics. We checked.)

Other topics of conversation included the "playground", "coke", "carrots", getting a sponsorship for drinking, and a rather spirited rendition of Rebecca Black's Friday.

Finally, after about an hour, one of the four Canadians went broke. During the NLHE round the short-stack, kirbynator, was dealt pocket queens. d0r1t0s was dealt pocket aces. kirbynator won a SCOOP event in 2010, but a 2011 win wasn't in the cards here. The chips all went in pre-flop and aces held to send kirbynator out in 6th place.

Canada 3, Russia 1

After the 10pm break, ferocious66 went on quite a run, at one point winning 11 of 16 pots during the limit hold'em round to build a table-leading stack of about 285,000. d0r1t0s, the 2nd-place player, had 110,000. Nobody else had more than 50,000.

The game switched to no-limit hold'em and UhhMee was quickly in trouble, getting all in for about 50,000 with A♦J♦ against ferocious666's pocket queens. An ace spiked on the river, 9♠ 2♠ J♥ T♣ A♣, to save UhhMee and bring ferocious666 back to the field slightly.

as1025 was not so lucky. After d0r1t0s opened under the gun with a minimum raise to 2,500, as1025 three-bet to 6,025. Action passed back to d0r1t0s, who shipped in 110,760. as1025 called all in for 38,449, but Q♣A♠ couldn't overtake d0r1t0s' pocket sixes, 5♠3♦4♣J♠9♦. as1025 was gone in 5th place and Team Canada inched ever closer to the Team Russia leader.

Two orbits later StatusUp picked up pocket kings against ferocious666's pocket queens. Kings held and suddenly the field was snapping back into an even race.


The problem for Team Canada was that the limit hold'em round was due to roll back around. It had been all ferocious666 the last time the game switched to LHE. Once again ferocious666 was the most active player, although d0r1t0s got full value out of a nut flush and a flopped set of 8s to keep pace at the start. Yet it seemed none of the other players had the resolve to match ferocious666's near-maniacal aggression.

The NLHE round passed without much change in the stacks, but when LHE popped up again StatusUp picked up a few big pots without showdown to climb out of the hole. d0r1t0s was a little put out to see the result of this hand against ferocious666, typing "wtf" into the chat afterwards:

RSS readers click through to see replay

It didn't matter. With limits at 4,000 and 8,000, swings were becoming much larger. The stacks all leveled off. ferocious666's aggression backfired as seemingly everyone was able to make a hand in pots against ferocious666. By the time the LHE round was over, ferocious666 was the new short stack with just 40,000 chips, to roughly 165,000 for each of the other three players. That changed quickly in NLHE, as ferocious666 doubled with A♥J♣ against StatusUp's pocket 9s, all in on an A♠7♠2♦ flop.

Rinse and repeat for two hours. Stacks increased. Stacks decreased. The field leveled out. It was bound to happen - ferocious666 finally suggested a deal.

"You mad?" said StatusUp. "Just play. I want all the cheeseburgers."

"It's ridiculous. Push-fold,"replied ferocious666.

"You can't push in limit. I like bingo."

ferocious666 was unwilling to give up. "Well, when you have 9-15BB it's push-fold in fixed-limit."

"I like lamps. I like cake too," said StatusUp, completely ignoring ferocious666.

UhhMee chimed in. "Stop using all this poker lingo."

"What will you do if he keeps doing so?" StatusUp asked. "Will you cut him?" It was the last comment anyone made about a proposed deal.

Canada 1, Russia 1

When the game switched to 6k / 12k limit hold'em, StatusUp had a big lead:

Seat 1: StatusUp (279851 in chips)
Seat 4: UhhMee (90116 in chips)
Seat 5: ferocious666 (85149 in chips)
Seat 6: d0r1t0s (89884 in chips)

The short stacks, with about 7.5 big bets each, had little margin for error or bad beats. d0r1t0s played two raised pots to the turn with ferocious666 and was suddenly short-stacked at 26,864. ferocious666 continued the good fortune with a turned pair of kings in a three-way pot to pull level with StatusUp.

Two and a half hours after as1025's elimination in 5th place, the 4th-place finisher finally hit the rail. d0r1t0s capped the action pre-flop and was all in on a king-high flop, 4♦5♠K♦, holding top pair, K♣Q♥. StatusUp was one pip better with A♥K♠. The board bricked out.

The end for UhhMee came in back-to-back pots with ferocious666, who three-bet pre-flop in the first pot, then led all three streets on a K♠9♠Q♥5♥A♣ board. UhhMee called to all the way to the river but folded rather than go to showdown. Down to 20,819, UhhMee threw the chips into the pot the next hand with 3♠7♣. ferocious666 flopped top pair with Q♦9♠ on a flop of Q♥2♣4♣ and held on to drag the pot and send UhhMee packing 3rd place.

Game: Canada!

Seat 1: StatusUp (315735 in chips)
Seat 5: ferocious666 (229265 in chips)

The two heads-up combatants made it through a fairly quiet round of NLHE before the game switched back to 8k / 16k LHE - limits that were designed to break somebody. They wound up breaking ferocious666, who couldn't make a hand in any of the pots that went to showdown. The critical pot was three-bet pre-flop by StatusUp, who else bet the flop and the turn. At the river, 5♥J♥8♣Q♠5♠, StatusUp checked to ferocious666, who had less than 16,000 behind. ferocious666 tanked for a bit before checking. StatusUp showed a pair of 6s in the hole to drag the pot.

After that, ferocious666 doubled up once but the limits were simply too high. On the final hand ferociuos666 was all in from the blinds with 6♣3♣. StatusUp won the pot, the tournament, $56,680, a SCOOP watch and bragging rights - with unimproved K♦T♥.

"In Mother Russia you don't play the flop," said StatusUp. "The flop plays you." Indeed.

2011 SCOOP Event 9-High $2,100 Mixed Hold'em [6-max] results:

1st: StatusUp ($56,680.00)
2nd: ferocious666 ($38,150.00)
3rd: UhhMee ($28,340.00)
4th: d0r1t0s ($18,530.00)
5th: as1025 ($14,170.00)
6th: kirbynator ($9,810.00)

We're not even a third of the way into the 2011 SCOOP series. There's still plenty of time to get in on the action. Stay up on all the SCOOP news, results and schedule at the SCOOP homepage.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP