SCOOP: patinho77 wins one for John Wayne; Victorious in Event 31-M $215 NL 1R1A

SCOOP logo.gif"It's lonely out in space, on such a timeless flight," explained Sir Elton John in his rock anthem Rocket Man.

If you've played enough tournament poker, you can envy the dangerous, yet bold adventures of astronauts because they perform under those most intense situations in which one misstep would be perilous.

The "cubed" events (single re-buy events with one add-on) sometimes play less like a re-buy and more like a deep stack tournament. You really don't have as many bullets as you think compared to events with unlimited re-buys. Hence, you have to be more careful in these events compared to the run of the mill re-buy. It might seem glamorous and heroic, like being an astronaut, but annihilation is only one bad beat away.

That's why players like Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg thrive on the pressure in cubed events. I once compared him to the "the most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis beer commercials, because you don't come across too many people with as many diverse talents as Donald. After all, he's one the fastest man (over 40 years-old) in all of Norway. He's so awesome at so many things that in it would take him less than 24 hours to master any task from boxing kangaroos, to snowboarding off cliffs by jumping out of helicopters, to winning the 25th Annual Sertoma Chili Cookoff, to performing open heart surgery on Siamese kittens.

Event #31-M attracted 1,128 runners. Those brave souls also contributed 829 re-buys and 579 add-ons to boost the prize pool to a whopping $507,200. The top 144 places paid out prize money with $88,658.56 set aside to the eventual champion.

This field was ripe with talent from both Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online including Johnny Lodden, Alex Gomes, Arnaud Mattern,ElkY, Jan Heitman, Bryan Huang, Lex Veldhuis, Marcin Horecki, JP Kelly, Vicky Coren, Jonathan Duhamel, Max Lykov, Pierre "Zoutechamp" Neuville, George "gkap13" Kapalas, Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli, Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder, Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder, Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby, Vadim Markushevski, Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz, Joep "Papper_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart, and Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad

It took almost seven hours into the tournament before 1,000 were wiped out and v1taminka busted in 145th place and the money bubble burst.

Only a pair of affiliated players cashed -- Team PokerStars Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth and Team Online Pro Anders "Donald" Berg -- both went deep despite both treading water on the bubble.

Jude Ainsworth was knocked out in 47th place in brutal fashion -- Aces snapped off by 8♠7♠. It wasn't pretty and you can view the carnage in the replayer...

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Macho Macho Duck

Donald dodged a bullet when he doubled up with set of sevens against a pair of Jacks. He flopped a seven and avoided an elimination. He quickly moved from the back of the pack into the Top 10 in chips. Donald didn't last up front too long. His slide began when he ran into Aces and got crippled. He found himself on the brink of extinction and avoided any peril when he doubled up with K♣T♣ against K♦9♠. He doubled up a second time after rivering a Broadway straight with Big Slick (and getting outflopped by A♠Q♥).

Team PokerStars Online Anders "Donald" Berg

Donald's rush continued when he picked off a short stack to bolster his arsenal. Donald's pocket eights held up in a flip. He suddenly found himself in the top 5 in chips.

With three tables to go, Donald's rollercoaster of a tournament continued when he slipped to the back of the pack. He didn't remain in the basement for too long before he quickly sprang back to life and doubled up A♠K♥ against Tulkaz's A♦T♠.

Donald's run ended when he lost a coin flip against Flush_Entity. His A♦T♥ could not run down Flush_Entity's 8♥8♠. Team PokerStars Pro Anders "Donald" Berg finished in 12th place, collecting a $4,818.40 pay check.


Final Table chip counts:
Seat 1: patinho77 (1,489,450)
Seat 2: Cairns1987 (428,908)
Seat 3: Flush_Entity (1,404,504)
Seat 4: Mr.Ingenious (324,436)
Seat 5: torkolort1 (1,894,453)
Seat 6: TsubasaOO (346,043)
Seat 7: tuk-tuk17 (754,935)
Seat 8: sviestas (329,625)
Seat 9: unluckybs (635,646)

The final table was set. Torkolort1 led the final nine with almost 1.9 million, patinho77 (1.5 million) in second, and Flush_Entity (1.4 million) the only other player over 1 million.

Nines no good; TsubasaOO eliminated in 9th place

It took a couple of levels before we had the first elimination from the final table. During that time, patinho77 seized the lead with over 2.1 million.

Short-stacked TsubasaOO open-shoved for 265,143 and sviestas called. TsubasaOO was racing with pocket nines against A♣Q♠. The flop was A♦Q♥4♣ and sviestas improved to two pair. The turn and river did not help TsubasaOO and sviestas won the pot. Germany's TsubasaOO busted in 9th place and took home $5,832.80.

Nines are good; Flush_Entity eliminated in 8th place

Sviestas opened with a min-raise to 50,000. Flush_Entity shoved 545,868 from the small blind. Sviestas called with 9♣9♦ and Flush_Entity trailed with 8♣8♠. The board ran out K♦J♥3♣7♠T♦. Sviestas' nines held up and Flush_Entity was knocked out in 8th place, winning $10,144.

Patinho77 retained the lead with over 2.3 million, meanwhile, sviestas chipped up to second with almost 1.6 million.

Cairns1987 can't do it; eliminated in 7th place

Unluckybs opened for 61,987. Short-stacked Cairns1987 shoved for 430,483. The other shorty, Mr.Ingenious, also shoved for 475,84. Unluckybs bailed and let the to short-stacks battle it out. Cairns1987's A♠6♥ trailed Mr.Ingenious' A♦Q♠. Although Cairns1987 picked up a flush draw on the turn, he couldn't get there as the board ran out A♥J♦2♥5♥9♠. Cairns1987 from Canada won $15,216 for 7th place.

With six to go, patinho77 (2.6 million) and sviestas (1.5 million) were the chip leaders.

torkolort1 ambushed in the blinds; eliminated in 6th place

Action folded around to the blinds. Mr.Ingenious raised to 930,000. Short-stacked torkolort1 called all-in for 388,250. Mr.Ingenious showed A♥7♦, which led torkolort1's A♦3♠. The board ran out K♣J♠T♣7♥K♥. Mr.Ingenious improved to two pair and won the pot. Norway's torkolort1 got the worst of it. He hit the road in 6th place, but with a $20,288 consolation prize.

With five to go, patinho77 stayed out in front with over 3 million, but Mr.Ingenious surged to second with almost 2 million.

tuk-tuk17 runs out of gas; eliminated in 5th place

Unluckybs opened 71,897. tuk-tuk17 re-raised all-in for 482,647. Unluckybs called with A♣Q♣ and tuk-tuk17's 9♠7♠ needed help. Unluckybs flopped an Ace to solidify his lead. By the turn, tuk-tuk17 picked up a glimmer of hope with an open-ended straight draw, but he whiffed on the river as the board ran out A♠K♦6♥8s]9♥. Israel's tuk-tuk17 won $25,360 for a 5th place performance.

With four to go, the chip counts were as follows: patinho77 (3.18 million), Mr.Ingenious (2.14 million), unluckybs (1.28 million), and sviestas (994,000).

The rich just got richer; sviestas eliminated in 4th place

The rich just got richer when patinho77 took out another player. Patinho7 opened to 73,500 and sviestas shoved all-in for 877,950. Patinho77 called with A♥T♥. Holding Q♠J♠, Sviestas took the lead on the flop of K♣K♠J♣. Patinho77 regained the lead when the A♣ fell on the turn. The river was the 2♠ and that's all she wrote. Patinho77 won the hand and improved to over 5.4 million. Meanwhile, sviestas won $36,011.20 for a 4th place performance.

Rocket man burning out his fuse; unluckybs eliminated in 3rd place

Mr.Ingenious opened to 76,854 and unluckybs shoved all-in for 789,909. Mr.Ingenious had him covered and called. Mr.Ingenious's 8♥8♣ were ahead of unluckybs' A♣4♥. The pocket "ochos" held up when the board ran out Q♦7♥3♥Q♣T♣. Romania's unluckybs got knocked out in third place and won $48,184.00.

Heads-up: patinho77 (Spain) vs. Mr.Ingenious (Germany)

When it reached the final two, patinho77 held well over a 2-1 advantage. The Spaniard was certainly on a mission as he claimed, "I'll win for siglos, kanoute, john wayne, maceiras, jose torres."

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 1: patinho77 (5,380,904)
Seat 4: Mr.Ingenious (2,227,096)

The heads-up battle only lasted 55 hands and from the get-go, patinho77 seized control as the aggressor. He won a 778,000 pot on the fifth hand to improve his lead to almost 4 million. At that point, it was a matter of time before he finished off Mr.Ingenious.

Mr.Ingenious' demise occurred during an inopportune moment to bluff with air. The board read K♣8♥2♥8♣5♥. Patinho77 check-called the flop, turn, and river with K♥5♦. Mr.Ingenious held 7♣6♠ and the unsuccessful triple-barreled bluff crippled him. Mr.Ingenious slipped to under 1 million in chips as patinho77 increased his margin to 6-1.

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Mr.Ingenious eliminated in 2nd place; The Duke is proud of patinho77

On the final hand, both players got it all-in on a flop of A♣9♣4♠. Mr.Ingenious check-raised all-in with Q♣8♣ and a flush draw. Patinho77 showed 8♦8♥ and was ahead. The 8♠ on the turn improved patinho77's hand to a set. The 4♣ spiked on the river, giving Mr.Ingenious an Ac-high flush. However, the river paired the board, which meant patinho77 won the pot with a full house.

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Germany's Mr.Ingenious collected $64,414.40 for second place. Congrats to Spain's patinho77. He won $88,658.56 for first place, a SCOOP title, and a cool new watch. Not bad for 14 hours of work, eh? Before heads-up began, patinho77 declared he was going to win this for "siglos, kanoute, john wayne, maceiras, jose torres." They'll all be proud of his efforts, even John Wayne.

Event #31-M $215 NL (1R1A) Final Table payouts:
1st - patinho77 (Spain) - $88,658.56
2nd - Mr.Ingenious (Germany) - $64,414.40
3rd - unluckybs (Romania) - $48,184
4th - sviestas (Poland) - $36,011.20
5th - tuk-tuk17 (Boston) - $25,360
6th - torkolort1 (Norway) - $20,288
7th - Cairns1987 (Canada) - $15,216
8th - Flush_Entity (Canada) - $10,144
9th - TsubasaOO (Germany) - $5,832.80

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