SCOOP: Rey_Pajote cheats death in Event #10-L ($33 Stud)

SCOOP logo.gifA stud tournament may not draw out the huge fields that a hold'em tournament does but in the end the winner still gets the watch and will forever be known as a SCOOP champion. In the first stud style tournament of the series a total of 1,520 players came together to more than double the guarantee. With a $45,600 prize pool the players battled for over 10 hours for the watch and $7,980.20 first place prize.

Once the dust settled from the money bubble busting only one of the remaining 224 players were a Team PokerStars member. Being the lone survivor for the team, Georgios "gkap13" Kapalas did his best but only managed to pull in a 75th place finish for $93.48.

The final table bubble was a short affair when DaveWS333, showing K♥8♣, got all in against Korotkov. When the under cards were revealed the A♥2♦K♥8♣ of DaveWS333 needed to catch against the A♣3♠A♦9♠ of Korotkov. The K♠ on fifth street would bring some hope for DaveWS333 but a 5♦ followed by the Q♦ to close out his hand would not bring him the help he needed sending him to the rail in ninth place.

SCOOP10L 2011 Final Table Start 1.jpg

Seat 1: PeaceDeath (675515 in chips)
Seat 2: KorotkoV (2403373 in chips)
Seat 3: TtmoneytT1 (113356 in chips)
Seat 4: shipwish (124038 in chips)
Seat 5: Rey_Pajote (1420766 in chips)
Seat 6: Trusiek (962210 in chips)
Seat 7: texaspl (756275 in chips)
Seat 8: DazzleO (1144467 in chips)

Let the action begin:

The players wasted little time getting the action going with shipwish getting a much needed double up at the hands of chip leader KorotkoV.

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Holding on to the short stack coming into the final table, TtmoneytT1 would be the next player to get all their chips into play. All the action happened before fourth street once again with TtmoneytT1 showing (Q♦J♦)6♦ against the (K♣K♥)8♦ of texaspl. Unable to catch his flush or a better pair over the next four cards sent TtmoneytT1 to the rail in eight place for $456.

Let the doubles begin:

With the first double and bust coming in the first eight hands the players were primed to continue the action and hopefully bust their opponents in quick order. That however was not to be as the short stacks started stage a comeback. The first double up belonged to PeaceDeath when his (A♣4♦)A♥ held against the (T♣T♦)4♣ of Trusiek.

Trusiek would once again be involved in a hand that resulted in one of the shorties doubling up. This time though it was texaspl who managed to triple up thanks to Trusiek and shipwish when his two pair, kings and twos, bettered shipwish's queens and nines.

PeaceDeath and texaspl would each pick up another double each before PeaceDeath would add the remaining stack of shipwish delivering him to the top of the leaderboard.

ShipWish Eliminated.jpg

Let the bust outs begin:

After having difficulty eliminating each other the bust outs started to come quickly as the next two to be shipped to the rail would do so in the next eight hands. KorotkoV was the first to be sent to the rail when Rey_Pajote caught a flush on seventh street to beat his two pair.


Texaspl would also suffer a bad beat when his (A♦K♠)A♠ could not hold or improve enough to keep him from being sent to the rail in fifth place.

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The Final Four:

Play slowed down once again with four remaining as the players traded the chip lead for a while before Rey_Pajote eventually eliminated Trusiek in fourth place when both players caught two pair on seventh.

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Seven hands later Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina, 2011 SCOOP #4-M ($162 Badugi) Champion, had his hopes of a second watch get eliminated at the hands of PeaceDeath.

DazzleO out in 3rd.jpg


Starting off with around a 2.5 to 1 lead Rey_Pajote looked to finally finish off PeaceDeath. The heads-up portion of the match only took 23 hands as Rey_Pajote finished the drill when his pair of threes caught a lucky three on seventh street to finally dispatch PeachDeath.

HU Final Hand SCOOP10L 2011.jpg

2011 SCOOP Event 10-Low $33.00 Stud results:

1st: Rey_Pajote - $7,980.20
2nd: PeaceDeath - $5,700.00
3rd: DazzleO - $4,332.00
4th: Trusiek - $3,192.00
5th: texaspl - $2,280.00
6th: KorotkoV - $1,368.00
7th: shipwish - $912.00
8th: TtmoneytT1 - $456.00
9th: DaveWS333 - $342.00