SCOOP: skalexjung scoops all the chips in Event 25-High, $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo

scoop2009_thn.gifThere were lots of story lines in play at the final table of 2011 SCOOP Event 25-High, $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo. Which two people would walk away empty-handed? Would Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina claim his second title of the series? Or maybe Amke would take that honor? Would I get the Katy Perry "E.T." earworm out of my head? (Sadly, the answer there was no.)

In the end those stories all fell away in favor of the compelling rivalry between skalexjung and buzzard1881, two players with a long history and a grudging admiration for each other. skalexjung took this round, coming out on top of the tournament and claiming the winner's watch.

Stud Hi/Lo being what it is, only 54 players registered for the high version of this event. That was still in access of the guarantee, but it created the unique situation of a final table at which not every player would be paid prize money.

SCOOP 25-High final table.JPG

Seat 1: skalexjung (10851 in chips)
Seat 2: buzzard1881 (62931 in chips)
Seat 3: St3phenHendr (9181 in chips)
Seat 4: Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina (61182 in chips) [winner 4-medium]
Seat 5: BiatchPeople (12385 in chips) [4-high]
Seat 6: Amke (46857 in chips) [4-high winner]
Seat 7: BOZENA (13919 in chips)
Seat 8: EDWARDHOPPER (52694 in chips)

Two to lose

Despite making the final table, the eight survivors were not in the money. It would be two more eliminations before the bubble burst. The limits at the final table began at 1,000 and 2,000 with an ante of 200. Half the table had 6.5 or fewer big bets and was in danger of bubbling.

St3phenHendr was one of those short stacks. Stud Hi/Lo is a game that lets short stack survive longer than just about any other game, but when St3phenHendr picked up Q♠Q♦ / A♦ and drew into 2♣5♠4♠, the chips were in. It turned out that only St3phenHendr's low draw was live against buzzard1881's made full house, T♠T♣ / T♥A♣8♥8♠. That low draw bricked on the river to bounce St3phenHendr out of the tournament two spots from the money.

With St3phenHender's elimination, it was bubble time. "On the bubble. No hand for hand?" asked Ospina. Then he realized his error. "Oh wait." There was only one table in play.

The bubble took exactly 13 hands. BOZENA was down to just 4,213 before the ante, with limits up to 1,200 and 2,400. Dealt 4♦ 6♦ / 5♣, BOZENA had to put the chips into the middle and say a little prayer. BOZENA made a strong 6-5 low, A♠K♣Q♦3♦, but buzzard1881 swooped in for the kill with a wheel on the river, 2♥8♣ / A♣5♠6♥4♥3♥. That made BOZENA the unfortunate bubble player.

After the bubble burst, EDWARDHOPPER and buzzard1881 continued to dominate the final table, building out chip stacks of 85,000 and 95,000 respectively. Amke and Ospina, winners of 2011 SCOOP Event 4-Medium and 4-High, respectively, were rocking short stacks of less than 10,000. They had some work to do if they wanted to capture SCOOP title number two.

Amke scooped back-to-back all-in pots against EDWARDHOPPER to climb all the way to 35,000 and knock EDWARD HOPPER back to 55,000. Ospina was not as lucky. He was all in on 4th street with 3♠3♣ / 7♥Q♣ and called by BiatchPeople, who showed down four to a low, 6♥A♥ / 7♣2♦. BiatchPeople filled the low on 5thh street, then made a pair of aces on 6th street to take the lead in the hand. Ospina never improved on his pair of treys. He bowed out in 6th place.


Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina

Amke's early good fortune after the bubble burst only lasted to 5th place. Down to about 13,000 in chips, Amke completed 3rd street then called a raise from EDWARDHOPPER. A single bet on each of 4th and 5th streets was enough to put Amke all in with 2♣3♣ / 5♠5♣A♥, a pair fives and a wheel draws. EDWARDHOPPER showed down 7♥3♥ / 5♥T♣6♦, ten-high and a low draw, but binked a gin card on 6th street with the 4♦. Amke never improved and was eliminated in 5th place.

Halfway home

Seat 1: skalexjung (25894 in chips)
Seat 2: buzzard1881 (108615 in chips)
Seat 5: BiatchPeople (57510 in chips)
Seat 8: EDWARDHOPPER (77981 in chips)

Limits moved up to 2,000 and 4,000 with a 400 ante. EDWARDHOPPER took a few beats and was quickly down to 8,000 in chips. A♥7♥ / 9♠ was good enough at that point to get all the chips in. BiatchPeople started three to a wheel, 2♠5♦ / A♣, and dragged the whole pot by making queens and deuces, Q♠8♦2♥Q♥ against EDWARDHOPPER's nines and sevens, 9♥5♣7♣6♥. Neither player had a qualifying low; EDWARDHOPPER was gone in 4th place.

With only three players left and limits up to 2,500 and 5,000, BiatchPeople's stack began to drift south. It fell into the danger zone of 25,000 - five big bets. It was just enough chips to play one hand all the way to the river. That one hand soon materialized. Split fours looked good, 4♠2♦ / 4♣. skalexjung started three to a small straight flush, 5♦4♦ / 6♦, an extremely powerful starting hand in Stud Hi/Lo. Four more small cards came for skalexjung, A♥2♣4♥3♥, for a final hand of a 6-high straight and a wheel for low. BiatchPeople caught running aces on fourth and fifth streets to make aces up but never improved from there.

Immediately after BiatchPeople's elimination in 3rd place, skalexjung and buzzard1881 paused to talk deal. buzzard1881 had a slight chip lead, 151k to 118k for skalexjung.

"Cool things it's me against you buzz," said skalexjung.

"That's how it should end, right?" replied buzzard1881. "I wanted to bust you though for revenge. But whatever it's cool."

Chip-chop numbers were $33,376.96 and $31,983.04. buzzard1881 made one half-hearted push for $34,000 but immediately relented when skalexjung refused. They agreed to the chop as presented, leaving $1,600 and the watch to play for.

After the deal, the two players continued battling into the 3,000 and 6,000 limit level, but skalexjung started pulling away. The critical hand came when skalexjung started with buried 10s and caught trips on 4th street. buzzard1881 called down the whole way showing Q♥8♥7♠6♣ but mucked at showdown.

That hand dropped buzzard1881 to 46,565 in chips. Two hands later the action was three-bet on third street and raised on 6th street until buzzard1881 was all in with A♥Q♣ / Q♠ 2♣7♥8♠, a pair of queens and a low draw. skalexjung showed 5♣3♣ / 5♦J♣J♦6♣, two pair jacks and fives with a flush draw. On the river, skalexjung's flush draw filled; buzzard1881 bricked out, ending the tournament in 2nd place.

Tomorrow's another day for buzzard1881 to find a kill. Today belongs to skalexjung. And Katy Perry.

2011 SCOOP Event 25-High $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo results (reflects two-way deal):

1st: skalexjung ($33,583.04)
2nd: buzzard1881 ($33,376.96)
3rd: BiatchPeople ($16,200.00)
4th: EDWARDHOPPER ($10,800.00)
5th: Amke ($8,100.00)
6th: Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina ($5,940.00)

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Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP