SCOOP: Treezer topped all to win Event #35-Medium ($2,600 NLHE HU)

SCOOP logo.gifHeads-up poker is the epitome of the game. The essentials are all rolled into one match that results in only one victor. Some say it is the purest form of poker, as every hand matters, every bet is important, and every fold is costly. Players have little time to analyze their opponents and have to play from instinct and the skills they brought with them to the match. There is never a dull moment in a heads-up battle.

Event 35 presented another chance for players to compete in this heads-up format. With no-limit hold'em as the game, players were paired randomly with other players, each of whom could be a novice who won a satellite or a professional with extensive heads-up experience. Players had to be prepared for anything that came their way for each round.

The medium buy-in version of Event 35 offered a $200K guarantee for a $2,500 + $100 buy-in. While that may sound a bit pricey for the medium level, consider that the high version of this event cost players $25,500. So, medium this was. And as soon as the tournament began, registration was closed and offered these numbers:

Players: 152
Guarantee: $200,000
Actual prize pool: $380,000
Paid players: 32

Round 1 launched Day 1 of the two-day action, as every player started in Level 1 with 25/50 blinds and 10,000 chips. A number of players received byes for the first round, as the number of players exceeded 128 but wasn't enough for 256 (powers of 2).

It took seven levels for most of the matches to finish, but one table took it well into the eighth level before it ended. And it stopped when UhhMee was defeated and left in 129th place. Meanwhile, one of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field ended his run as well, as Britain's JP Kelly was ousted in the first round.

Round 2 got underway into the tournament's second hour with every single player partnered with a competitor. The 128 players on 64 tables wasted little time thinning the field further, with all eliminated players unable to recoup their cash.

This was the time that most of the PokerStars players also departed. The first to go was Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, and Team Pros Lex Veldhuis and Dag Palovic followed. Team Online's Jorge "Baalim" Limon was next, and Team Pros Vicky Coren and Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart also accepted elimination.

Round 3 was set up to reduce the field from 64 players to only 32, and this was considered the bubble round, as only those winning their matches and going to Round 4 would make the money. Play began with the necessary caution that was to be expected.

One of the two remaining Team PokerStars Pros was eliminated along the way, as Ruben "rubenrtv" Visser of the Netherlands tangled with XTheDecanoX on a board of K♣3♦K♠8♣7♣. Visser moved in with K♥9♦, but the trip kings were no good against the A♣3♣ flush of XTheDecanoX. Visser exited in 63rd place.

The round finally came to its conclusion when bmwmcoupe defeated MONSTER_DONG.

Round 4 took a little pressure off the players, as they were all guaranteed a minimum $3,800.00 payout. The final 32 players were back at the tables to move on, though only 16 of them would do so.

The last Team PokerStars Pro in the tournament was Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, and he was involved in a very back-and-forth battle with SyrahJenNe. It wasn't until Level 4 that the final hand began with a series of raises that resulted in Grospellier calling all-in with Q♠Q♣, but SyrahJenNe showed A♦A♠. The board of 4♠A♣5♥2♥T♠ only improved those aces and eliminated Grospellier in 21st place.

SCOOP - Bertrand Grospellier.JPG

A few more players, like toweliestar and Moorman1, exited as well, and PanamaRespec left in 18th place. When Lrslzk was eliminated in 17th, it ended the round and Day 1 of the tournament.

Day 2

Round 5 kicked off the second day of play at 12:30 ET with 16 players left in the field. Everyone was guaranteed at least $5,700.00 for their finishes, but the eight winners would move onward and upward. With a little rest under their belts, they proceeded and their matches were decided as follows, in the order they were completed:

yadio defeated VbV1990
supfoolio defeated StigR
Greenstone25 defeated GotURead
Rens02 defeated PrtyPsux
treezer defeated p0cket00
L0ve2playU defeated SyrahJenNe
ChrisFun123 defeated JIZOINT
deadfizh defeated XTheDecanoX

Round 6 - Quarterfinals

Play for the final four tables started just over two hours into Day 2, and the final eight players were guaranteed a payout of $13,300 for making it to the quarterfinals. But with money jumps significant for those who moved on, the matches were contentious.

Table 1 was the first to find a winner. Supfoolio had only a slight lead over Rens02, but the two got into a heated betting war over the course of the A♦K♥4♦2♠A♠ deal. A bet from Rens02 led to a check-raise all-in from supfoolio, and Rens02 called all-in with A♥T♥. But those trip aces were beat by the A♣4♠ of supfoolio who made a full house. Rens02 was gone in eighth place with $13,300.00.

A few levels later, Table 2 finished. It happened when short-stacked deadfizh got involved with ChrisFun123 to see a Q♥3♦2♠ flop, after which a bet, raise, and call led to the A♦ turn. ChrisFun123 bet all-in, and deadfizh check-called all-in for 3,920 more with A♠5♦. But ChrisFun123 had A♥T♣, and deadfizh was out in seventh place with $13,300.00.

Soon after, Greenstone25 risked his last 1,300 chips with Q♣8♠ on a 6♦5♥Q♠ flop, but treezer called with Q♦T♣. No help came on the K♠ turn or 2♦ river, leaving Greenstone25 out in sixth place with $13,300.00.

And moments later, yadio put his last chips on the line with J♦J♣, and L0ve2playU had only 8♣8♥. But the flop not only brought 8♠2♦Q♣ for the set of eights, but the J♥ turn and 8♦ river completed the board with quads, which beat the full house of yadio. That painful elimination left yadio out in fifth place with $13,300.00.

Round 7 - Semifinals

The two tables in the semifinal round guaranteed each player at least $30,400.00 for finishing this deep in the tournament. The action got underway at the following two tables, with each player starting with 10,000 chips:

Table 1: ChrisFun123 v. supfoolio
Table 2: L0ve2playU v. treezer

On Table 2, treezer ran into trouble early in the match but managed the following double-up to completely take control of the table:

RSS readers click through to see replay

L0ve2playU did come back with a solid double-up with A-3 over A-Q when two threes came on the flop, but treezer maintained more than a 4-to-1 lead. L0ve2playU later doubled again when J-8 of spades beat K-J by making a flush on the board. But L0ve2playU tried it again on the very next hand, though the all-in didn't come until the 3♠Q♦9♦2♠6♥ board was complete. L0ve2playU made the push with 8♥8♣, but treezer showed Q♥J♦ for top pair. L0ve2playU was gone in fourth place with $30,400.00.

Meanwhile, Table 1 saw ChrisFun123 take almost immediate control over the action, and supfoolio had to fight from a short stack for most of the match. But it lasted well into Level 5, supfoolio was all-in with Q♠T♠ against the A♣Q♣ on a 4♥T♣Q♥ flop, and the two pair held up to the 7♠2♦ that finished the board. Supfoolio doubled to even the stacks.

But ChrisFun123 quickly regained the lead. Awhile later, supfoolio was relegated to a 3,350 stack and moved it all-in with A♥8♠ preflop, but ChrisFun123 called with A♦T♦. There was no eight on the 4♣6♦2♣3♠Q♥ board to save supfoolio, who finally finished in third place with $30,400.00 for the effort.

Round 8 - Finals

The final two players began their battle with 10,000 chips per player and blinds in Level 1 at 25/50:

ChrisFun123 (Germany) v. treezer (Sweden)

2011 SCOOP - Event 35 Medium FT.JPG

Treezer took a small lead in the first few hands, and action was paused so the two could discuss a potential deal. They came to a fairly quick agreement, and with $4,600 set aside for the winner, they would take the following payouts:

Seat 1: ChrisFun123 (9,475 in chips) = $77,000.00
Seat 2: treezer (10,525 in chips) = $78,000.00

Treezer contined to dominate and increase the lead over ChrisFun123, but the following hand was the closest that ChrisFun123 came to any kind of double-up:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A short time later, ChrisFun123 pushed all-in with A♣3♦, and treezer was able to call with Q♣Q♠. The board of 3♥J♠J♥8♣2♥ only gave treezer the queens and jacks, leaving ChrisFun123 out in second place with $77,000.00.

Treezer collected $82,600.00, along with a watch and prestigious tournament title, for the SCOOP victory. Congrats!

SCOOP Event #35-M Results (per two-way chop):

1st place: treezer ($82,600.00)*
2nd place: ChrisFun123 ($77,000.00)*
3rd place: supfoolio ($30,400.00)
4th place: L0ve2playU ($30,400.00)
5th place: yadio ($13,300.00)
6th place: Greenstone25 ($13,300.00)
7th place: deadfizh ($13,300.00)
8th place: Rens02 ($13,300.00)

*players involved in two-way deal

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Jen Newell
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