SCOOP: Two final tables, one victory as Hood_Ace takes down Event #10-M ($320 Stud)

SCOOP logo.gifMost of us mere mortals would be satisfied with one SCOOP final table. When it comes to online poker, it's a helluva feat. Two would be incredible, but plenty of folks make two throughout the course of the SCOOP. Then, there is the rare bird who makes two final tables in one night, and to this lad or lassie we bestow the PokerStars Blog Overachievement Award (unfortunately it pays nothing more than our sincere admiration which doesn't yet have a pegged FPP value). Tonight, that winner is Hood_Ace, as he not only managed to top the field in Event #10-Medium ($320 Stud), but racked up a third-place finish in Event #10-High ($3,150 Stud). Now, if you think that's awesome, this is really going to freak you out. He wasn't the only one at this table who was simultaneously playing another SCOOP final. The man two to his right, UhhMee, also made the final table of Event #9-High, a $2,100 Mixed Hold'em event where he finished third for over $28,000. Stop showing off, you two.

Although the rocks in your local $1-$5 stud game may have one foot in the grave, seven-card stud is alive and well at PokerStars. 178 players ponied up $320 for the medium buy-in stud event, creating a $53,400 prize pool. 24 places were paid with first place set to collect $11,614.50. Four PokerStars pros joined the fray including Alex Kravchenko, George Danzer, Pat Pezzin, and Team Online's Anders "Donald" Berg, but unfortunately none of them made the money.

The final table bubble popped when TaoJ, showing 2♣5♦, set short stack playitsafe all-in on fourth street. Playitsafe called with an open pair of threes, revealing a pair of nines in the hole to go with them. TaoJ, however, started with rolled-up deuces and they held through the river to send playitsafe to the rail in ninth place, and the other seven to the final table.

SCOOP Event 10-M FT.jpg

Here's a look at how the final eight stacked up:

Seat 1: Hood_Ace (117,601 in chips)
Seat 2: Miegstroem (23,334 in chips)
Seat 3: lincolini (181,742 in chips)
Seat 4: Yes Rase (57,628 in chips)
Seat 5: TaoJ (193,729 in chips)
Seat 6: JohDi (74,496 in chips)
Seat 7: UhhMee (30,329 in chips)
Seat 8: enzostephani (211,141 in chips)

UhhMee claimed most of Yes Rase's chips, leaving him with the 9,700 he put in the middle on third street with the Q♣ up. Three opponents called and continued betting on the side. By sixth street, the pot was heads-up between Hood_Ace and Yes Rase, their boards looking like this.

Yes Rase (X)(X) Q♣3♥3♠7♠
Hood_Ace (X)(X) K♠Q♦5♦7♣

After the river cards were dealt, Yes Rase revealed nothing more than the pair of threes already showing on board, Hood_Ace scoring the KO with two pair kings and queens. For his eighth-place finish, Yes Rase earned $1,468.50.

Yes Rase's elimination left Miegstroem as the table short stack. With the betting limits up to 4,000/8,000, Miegstroem put the rest of his chips in on fifth street showing 4♥8♠7♥ against UhhMee and enzostephani. UhhMee extracted two more bets out of enzostephani before the cards were turned up, UhhMee's buried kings improving to kings and nines. Enzostephani mucked and Miegstroem couldn't beat it either, his run ending in seventh place fir $1,869.

JohDi had scored a couple of fortuitous double-ups to stay alive, but lincolini claimed the majority of his stack on this hand. Here's a look at the boards:

lincolini (X)(X) A♣7♦7♣8♠ (X)
JohDi (X)(X) 9♥2♥2♣7♥ (X)

After enzostephani brought it in with the 3♠, lincolini raised, JohDi called and enzostephani got out of the way. Lindolini check-called JohDi's fourth street bet, then led out when he paired sevens on fifth. JohDi, who picked up another deuce, raised and lincolini called. Lincolini check-called on sixth and seventh streets, and although his sevens never improved, neither did JohDi's deuces. Left with less than one big bet, JohDi committed the rest of his chips on third street and got three callers who checked the hand down until sixth street, when Hood_Ace led out with a pair of queens on board. Lincolini and enzostephani folded, and the cards went on their backs.

JohDi 8♠J♥K♦4♣T♠2♣5♠
Hood_Ace 4♥A♣Q♦J♠K♠Q♣7♣

JohDi's king-high never improved and he exited in sixth place, earning $2,403.

Enzostephani claimed half of UhhMee's stack in a hand where he started with split tens and caught three aces to improve to aces full by the river. UhhMee committed the rest of his stack a few minutes later, jamming the pot on fourth street against lincolini. UhhMee turned over buried nines and was in terrific shape against lincolin's buried eights, but lincolini caught running kings on fifth and sixth streets to outdraw UhhMee and send him to the rail in fifth place.

A pair of pots, one against TaoJ and the other Hood_Ace gave lincolini a comfortable chip lead four-handed. However, it was TaoJ who took out fourth-place finisher enzostephani when he rivered queens up against enzostephani's tens and threes:

Once play turned three-handed, Hood_Ace began his surge. He took back-to-back pots off TaoJ, who folded on the river in both instances. Left with only 50,000, he made a swift comeback, winning four out of five pots to get back over the 200,000 mark, but Hood_Ace put a quick stop to that with this 300,000-chip pot.

Hood_Ace (X)(X) 4♦3♥5♦J♠ (X)
TaoJ (X)(X) 9♦7♣Q♠A♣ (X)

With the betting limits up to 12,000/24,000, Hood_Ace brought it in on third, TaoJ raised and Hood_Ace called. TaoJ led out on fourth street and got a call, but when he fired again on fifth, Hood_Ace raised. TaoJ called, then led out again on sixth. Again, Hood_Ace raised and TaoJ called. TaoJ check-called a final 24,000 on the river, Hood_Ace turning over 5♣5♠4♣ for fives full of fours. Left with 80,000 in chips, lincolini finished the job a few hands later, running down TaoJ's queens and jacks with an ace-high flush. For third place, TaoJ took home $6,408.

The stacks were nearly even when heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: Hood_Ace (460,900 in chips)
Seat 3: lincolini (429,100 in chips)

Hood_Ace quickly leapt out to a 2 to 1 chip lead after rivering aces full in a 293,000 pot. However, lincolini was able to make up the lost ground, taking the stacks back to even. It was only when the limits went up to a sky-high 20,000/40,000 that Hood_Ace was able to pull ahead and stay there. Two pots where lincolini folded on sixth street propelled Hood_Ace's stack over the 700,000 mark. Then, this crucial hand, where Hood_Ace's split sixes held to the river to cripple lincolini:

Although lincolini was able to grind his way back over 100,000 in chips, he couldn't find any more traction. The last of his chips went in on fifth street showing 8♥9♣4♠ against Hood_Ace's K♠J♦8♦.

lincolini 5♥6♥8♥9♣4♠2♦3♥
Hood_Ace 8♣9♦K♠J♦8♦7♦Q♦

Lincolini rivered a six-high straight but Hood_Ace caught his flush to take down the pot and lock up the SCOOP title. Hood_Ace took home $11,614.50 for the win while runner-up lincolini earned $8,277. Counting in his third-place winnings from Event #10-H, Hood_Ace's total Wednesday haul totaled $25,414.50. Not too shabby, even for an overachiever.

SCOOP Event #10-Medium ($320 Stud) results

1. Hood_Ace ($11,614.50)
2. lincolini ($8,277.00)
3. TaoJ ($6,408.00)
4. enzostephani ($4,539.00)
5. UhhMee ($2,937.00)
6. JohDi ($2,403.00)
7. Miegstroem ($1,869.00)
8. Yes Rase ($1,468.50)

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP