SCOOP: Vonbaranow blazes Event 20-M final table ($215 NLHE)

SCOOP logo.gifBattling through just under 6,500 players and two days was just what all the entrants had to look forward to when they entered Event #20-Medium on Sunday. Generating a $1,289,800 prize pool those players were battling for the $201,727.15 first place money to make their two days of play worth it.

The battle for the first place money was not the only battle that was happening during this tournament, the battle of the best finishing Team PokerStars and Team Online Pro was also a highly contested one. That battle came down between Leo Fernandez and Sandra "Naujoks" Naujoks with Naujoks edging out Fernandez to finish 173rd just ahead the 179th place finish of Fernandez. Both players collected $748.08 for their efforts. Other team members cashing were Kristian "CharismA3" Martin (504th), Matthias "Mattidm" De Meulder (560th), and Lex Veldhuis (639th).

ept madrid_coc_sandra naujoks.jpgSandra Naujoks was the last Team PokerStars member

With 33 levels completed Day One came to a conclusion with just under 50 players left in the tournament. Here is how the top 9 looked at the end of Day One:

1st: samirua (4,030,240 in chips)
2nd: LeoXIX (3,916,380 in chips)
3rd: jasssou (3,042,271 in chips)
4th: vonBaranow (2,498,640 in chips)
5th: tolstiykry (2,427,572 in chips)
6th: hanibal9 (2,382,783 in chips)
7th: MastaP89 (2,234,948 in chips)
8th: Bubbleboy547 (2,136,323 in chips)
9th: King_geoden (2,101,535 in chips)

The players took just over two and a half hours to get down to the final nine players. The honors of bubble boy go to 14alonso14 who ran his T♥T♠ into the K♥K♣ of King_geoden. The 7,257,832 pot propelled King_geoden into third in chips going into the final table.


Final 9 by seat:

Seat 1: tioalberto (4,218,653 in chips)
Seat 2: spielverderb (3,615,905 in chips)
Seat 3: ricestud (6,987,990 in chips)
Seat 4: King_geoden (8,991,292 in chips)
Seat 5: alejandra36 (7,542,725 in chips)
Seat 6: jusc (6,719,536 in chips)
Seat 7: samirua (6,845,617 in chips)
Seat 8: joaobarb (4,621,528 in chips)
Seat 9: vonBaranow (14,946,754 in chips)

Who will be the first to go?

After reaching the final table the final nine were in no hurry to leave, when one of the players moved all in it usually resulted in folds. The first major hand of the final table came when tioalberto moved all in with A♦A♣ looking for a double against the 9♣9♦ of jusc. Things took a turn for tioalberto's aces when the Q♠9♠Q♥ flop fell but when the turn brought the Q♦ he was once again back in the drivers seat. A blank on the river delivered the 6,467,640 pot to tioalberto.

Three hands later jusc would find himself all in against pocket nines, this time King_geodon was holding 9♣9♦. The A♠K♥ that jusc was holding would not improve resulting in him being the first player out on this final table.


Two more go quickly:

Not to long after jusc was the first to exit the final table samirua would make an exit. Getting all the chips in the middle before seeing a flop with A♦Q♦ against vonBaranow T♣T♥ for a classic race. Samirua pulled ahead on the Q♥9♥5♥ flop but that lead was short lived as once again the turn card brought the final nail in the coffin. The T♦ gave vonBaranow the lead and eventually delivered him the 9,188,224 pot.

Unlike the first two bustouts of this final table the third one actually saw the players getting to a flop before the chips went in. After a K♣7♦4♦ flop alejandra36 moved all in with T♣7♦ only to find himself against the A♣A♠ of vonBaranow. Unable to catch one of the remaining sevens or tens meant that alejandra36 was eliminated in seventh place.


Another bink re-bink:

In the same fashion as the vonBaranow/alejandra36 hand went vonBaranow once again managed to catch one of his much needed outs to eliminate another player. This time it was tioalberto who was on the receiving end of his luck. When all the chips got into the middle vonBaranow held Q♣Q♠ against tioalberto's A♥K♦. VonBaranow looked to have the hand wrapped up after the Q♥T♠3♣ flop, but when the J♦ came on the turn he was looking for the board to pair up which is just what happened when the 3♥ came.

The best hand holds:

After a string of the best hands getting out flopped only to come back when fifth place finisher ricestud got in with A♠K♦ against the the 2♠2♥ he did not catch at a single point.


VonBaranow strikes again:

After eliminating the last four players vonBaranow was sitting on top of the leader board looking down. He did not slow down one bit getting all in with A♥Q♣ against the T♠T♣ of spielverderb. With a 6♥6♠4♥6♠ board vonBaranow was looking for the river to bring one of his remaining outs, when the A♦ came the 19,216,034 pot was delivered his way.

A deal was made:

The final three played for 25 hands before they decided to pause the game to look at the chop numbers. When the following numbers were posted everyone but joaobarb, who wanted $141,000 agreed.

vonBaranow $163,165.31
King_geoden $140,931.02
joaobarb $134,107.55
---$20,000 left to play for

That is when vonBaranow decided to give in to the request and give up $6,892.45 of his deal money to help make the deal happen. So even though joaobarb was currently in third place he was award more than the current second place player was in the deal.

vonBaranow $156,272.86
King_geoden $140,931.02
joaobarb $141,000.00

Final two bust:

Once the deal was finalized the bustouts came fast, with vonBaranow eliminating joaobarb in third place when his A♦J♣ out flopped joaobarb's K♠K♣.


Having eliminated all but one up to this point vonBaranow held a four to one chip lead going into heads-up play.

Seat 4: King_geoden (12863300 in chips)
Seat 9: vonBaranow (51626700 in chips)

It only took vonBaranow 11 hands to eliminate his seventh opponent of the final table holding A♠9♠ against the Q♦6♠ of King_geoden. When the board ran out 4♦3♣2♥T♥J♦ the tournament was over and vonBaranow added $20,000 and the watch to the money he already received from the earlier deal.

SCOOP20Mfinal hand.jpg

2011 SCOOP Event 20-Medium $215 NLHE Results:

1st: vonBaranow - $176,272.86*
2nd: King_geoden - $140,931.02*
3rd: joaobarb $141,000.00*
4th: spielverderb$72,872.70
5th: ricestud - $54,816.50
6th: tioalberta36 - $41,918.50
7th: alejandra - $29,020.50
8th: samirua - $16,122.50
9th: jusc - $10,318.40
*Indicates a three-way deal

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