The Daily SCOOP (5-10-11): Cody putting it in our face, Amke nabs second watch

SCOOP logo.gifIt's a lot easier to give one's self a nickname like "donkey-fish-guts" or "dainty&fainty." There's not a lot to live up to. Jake Cody went the other direction and he's had to live up to it.

Cody seems bent on putting it all right in our face. First there's that whole screen name thing. There had to have been a point when he was picking out his PokerStars ID that he thought, "Well, I'm going to put it right in somebody's face eventually." Hence, Jake "in Y0UR F4CE" Cody.

So, what has Cody done? Well, he's won European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour main events. And, as of last night, he's put a SCOOP bracelet on his wrist. Cody won the $2,100 buy-in of Event #2. Dave Behr has the whole story in in Y0UR F4CE walks the walk, takes down Event 2-High.


Jake "in Y0UR F4CE" Cody, winner of 2011 SCOOP Event #2-High

Meanwhile, SCOOP picked up its first double watch-winner of the year. Two years ago, Amke won a 2-7 SCOOP watch. This year he took down a star-studded Badugi final table. Kristin Bihr has that story in Amke earns second SCOOP title in Event #4-High ($1,575 Badugi).

On a day that saw millions flying all over the Spring Championship of Online Poker tables, Cody took the biggest prize and got it in our face one more time. Though he may have been the biggest name to take down an early SCOOP event, there are stories all over the place. Here's what we've published in the past 24 hours.

Event #1: NLHE, 6-max

  • First watch to willrobrobu, winner of Event #1-Low ($22 NLHE, 6-max)
  • Joemac17 breezes to victory in Event #1-Medium ($215 NLHE, 6-max)
  • B4d3m3!st3r brings home the watch in Event #1-High, ($2,100 NLHE 6-max)
  • Event #2: NLHE

  • Humlae79 overcomes eeriness to win Event #2-Low ($22 NLHE)

  • Aggression serves zethos1 well in Event #2-Medium ($215 NLHE)

  • in Y0UR F4CE walks the walk, takes down Event 2-High

  • Event #4: Badugi

  • DAMIROK bedazzles at Badugi with victory in Event #4 $16.50 buy-in
  • DazzleO Dazzling in Badugi Breakthrough
  • Amke earns second SCOOP title in Event #4-High ($1,575 Badugi)

    Event #5: NLHE Turbo Rebuy

  • Event 5-Low, $11 NLHE turbo sprint is no problem for vlimpers
  • Filfedra finds victory in Event #5-Medium ($109 NLHE Turbo w/Rebuys)
  • Super rush gives xSuPrA Event #5-High ($1,050+R NLHE Turbo)
  • We know, that's a lot to take in at once. To help boil it down, check out the brand new web show Inside SCOOP for in-depth analysis and interviews. Below you'll find a replay of last night's live show.

    At this hour, Event #3's Day 2 events are underway. We're also looking at three more events for the day:

  • Event #6, Pot-Limit Draw ($11, $109, $1,050) --11:00 ET
  • Event #7, NLHE Heads Up ($16,50, $162, $1,575) --14:00 ET
  • Event #8, NLHE Turbo ($11, !09, $1,050) -- 17:00 ET
  • Would you believe there's still two more weeks to go?


    In your face!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP