The Daily SCOOP (5-13-11): Prepare to be quartered

SCOOP logo.gifDon't be ashamed. We all have something with which we struggle. Some people eat too much. Some people are oblivious to risk. Some people misunderstand the term "semi-bluff." Some people suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia. If you're among the latter, we humbly suggest you take the day off from the Spring Championship of Online Poker.

Yup. It's Friday the 13th, a day when SCOOP organizers probably should've scheduled a Razz tourney or other lowball event. Instead, we're faced with a bunch of events that require making a high hand or face the possibility of getting quartered. Here's what's on tap starting right now.

  • Event #13: NL Hold'em -- Ante Up -- 2-Day Event ($16.50, $162 $1,575) 11:00 ET
  • Event #14: FL Omaha Hi/Lo ($55, $530, $5,200) 14:00 ET
  • Event #15: NL Hold'em -- 2X Chance, Turbo ($16.50, $162, $1,575) 17:00ET
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    Overnight saw just one event finish up. Dave Behr, Paul McGuire, and David Aydt have all three wrap-ups from last night's PLO Heads-Up contest. Included in the stories, a Babe Ruth-esque called shot, an homage to Lee Jones, and another bridesmaid's performance.

    Event #11: PLO Heads-Up

  • SCOOP: Called shot! YouPayMyF458 promises and delivers in Event 11-Low
  • uri1013 liquidates field in Event #11-Medium $215 PLO Heads-Up
  • Winning indeed Sir_winalot9 denies Kostritsyn SCOOP title and banks $76K

  • It figures if you've made it this far in SCOOP, you probably already know about the Inside SCOOP webcast going on each night. If you don't feel like staying up to watch it, we're replaying it here on the blog every morning. Today's edition features interviews with SCOOP winner Daniel Ospina and Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer.

    For less talking and more poker playing, here's a look at the high buy-in of the SCOOP 7-card Stud event.

    That's all we have for today. Feel free to go on at your own risk. If you see some kid named Jason popping up out of a lake or wearing a hockey mask, give up a whassup from me. We go back a ways.

    Photo credit: W.J.Pilsak

    Brad Willis
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