The Daily SCOOP (5-14-11): Kostritsyn continues to (almost) amaze

SCOOP logo.gifAlexander "joiso" Kostritsyn is having one of the best Spring Championship of Online Pokers in history. He's also probably never been more frustrated. In the past three days, Kostritsyn has gotten heads-up for SCOOP watches three times. Each time, he's finished second. As if second place was starting to make his stomach turn, Kostritsyn also posted a third place in Event #12-H.

It's not as if Kostritsyn has no experience in winning. Just last year he won $269,284 in a two-day WCOOP contest. That's not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars he's won in live events around the world. Still, the Russian powerhouse has had trouble closing the deal this year. Our David Aydt has been on the Kostritsyn case the last few days, including in this report from last night, Kroko-dill collects SCOOP watch to go with WCOOP bracelet in $63K win, in which Kostritsyn ended up losing out to his fellow Russian and WCOOP winner.


Alexander Kostritsyn

While Kostritsyn may have been taking up most of the spotlight operators' time in the last few days, we've had tons of big stories popping up. Here are the tales from the last 24 hours.

Event #12: NLHE Knockout

  • woooooza wiiiiins it--German takes down Event #12: NLHE Knockout $27 buy-in
  • SCOOP-12-M $265 NL Knockout: Tupacmn Denies Deal, Wins $81,356
  • flashdisastr scores final knockout in Event #12-H ($2,600 NLHE KO)

  • Event #14: FL Omaha Hi/Lo

  • Kecinpulach chops one for the Czech Republic in Event 14-L ($55 Limit Omaha H/L)
  • crazy169 holds off blitzkrieg to win Event 14-M $530 Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Kroko-dill collects SCOOP watch to go with WCOOP bracelet in $63K win

  • Event #15: NL Hold'em -- 2X Chance, Turbo

  • No deal! Raziel2689 wins Event #15-Low ($16.50 2x Chance Turbo NLHE)
  • Pokerwille wills a win in Event #15-Medium ($162 NLHE Turbo 2x Chance)
  • Eifffel climbs to the top of Event 15-High

  • That should be enough to keep you busy until today's events start, but if you are looking for more action, check out the new Inside SCOOP webcast below. And below that? A replay of the $2,100 Heads-Up PLO contest.

    Coming up today in the Spring Championship of Online Poker:

  • Event #16: NL Hold'em Shootouts ($22, $215, $2,100) 11:00 ET
  • Event #17: PL Omaha - 6-Max Reby ($16.50, $162, $1,575) 14:00ET
  • Evemt #18: Triple Stud -- Turbo ($22, $215, $2,100) 17:00ET
  • Any bets on which of those Kostritsyn ends up crushing in frustration?

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP