The Daily SCOOP (5-17-11): -DrawingDad- does it again

SCOOP logo.gifWin one SCOOP tournament. I dare you. Go do it today, and then we'll talk. Of course, when you come back, I'm going to go tell you to do it again before the 2011 Spring Championship of Online Poker ends. Impossible? Maybe if you're me. But if you're the guy known as -DrawingDad-, it's not only possible. It's done and done. Last night, -DrawingDad- became the first person of this year's series to pick up two SCOOP championship watches. That man knows what time it is. In spades.

It's only been a few days since -DrawingDad- beat out nearly 700 players in the $215 SCOOP Mixed Hold'em event. Then, last night, the man from Germany beat out more than 850 people in the NLHE/PLO mix. So, you go right ahead and go win yourself a SCOOP watch. Once you have one for both wrists, you'll have something about which you can talk to -DrawingDad-.


-DrawingDad- on his way to a second SCOOP watch

Before moving on to the 15 different final tables that ended last night, we have to mention this: Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe pairs WCOOP bracelet with SCOOP watch in Event #23-Medium ($109 PLO Turbo 1R1A). It's not two SCOOP wins in one series, but's another huge accomplishment, eh?

Now, on with the other big stories from overnight.

Event #19: NLHE

  • Pash123 prevails in Event #19-Low ($22 NLHE)
  • imaska victorious in Event 19 NLHE $215 buy-in
  • Good day for the UK - Paolo69 wins Event #19-High ($2,100 NLHE)
  • Event #20: NLHE

  • Dejwiz Casts Spell Over Final Table
  • Vonbaranow blazes Event 20-M final table ($215 NLHE)
  • $253K score for Event #20-H champion CuCbKu (NLHE $2,100)
  • Event #21: NLHE/PLO

  • -DrawingDad- draws the win in Event 21-Low ($16.50 NLHE/PLO)
  • NhFy nails a win in Event #21-Medium ($162 NLHE/PLO)
  • xXprivXx prevails in Event #21-High ($1,575 NLHE/PLO)
  • Event #22: NLHE (4-max)

  • Dippidude defeats elhasi to win Event #22-Low ($33 NLHE 4-max)
  • danskemann denies DazzleO double, wins Event #22-M ($320 NLHE, 4-max.)
  • doncarignano grabs ultimate salvation in Event 22-High morality play
  • Event #23: PLO (Turbo)

  • "I has it" runs over the field in Event 23: PLO Turbo $11 buy in
  • Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe pairs WCOOP bracelet with SCOOP watch in Event #23-Medium ($109 PLO Turbo 1R1A)
  • alexandrapau speeds away with event 23-H for Canada ($1,050 PL Omaha 1r+1a Turbo)

  • Finally, here's what is on tap for today:

    Sunday May 15 SCOOP schedule

  • Event #24: Triple Draw 2-7 ($11, $109,, $1,050) 11:00 ET
  • Event #25: 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo ($22, $215, $2,100) 14:00 ET
  • Event #26: NL Hold'em Turbo ($11, $109, $1,050)
  • Now, y'all get out there and see if you can win a second watch before this time next week.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP