The Daily SCOOP (5-19-11): Two watches, one bracelet for cal42688

SCOOP logo.gifThis time yesterday I spent few words waxing on the talent it takes to win a Spring Championship of Online Poker watch after winning a WCOOP bracelet. With just a few days left to go in this year's SCOOP, the work of cal42688 seemed like it would be the story of the tournament. Apparently, he wasn't finished yet.

Just one day after winning his first SCOOP championship watch cal42688 won a second one. As Paul McGuire posted early this morning, cal42688 won his second SCOOP event in 24 hours after shipping Event 27-H $2,100 Razz. Add to that the SCOOP watch he won in 2010 and you have...well, you have reason to track down this guy and ask for some coaching. That's what you have.


24 hours, two SCOOP championships for cal42688

The Razz event was, in fact, the only one that finished up last night, so it's not like cal42688 had much of a chance to win a third watch. In any case, here's the rundown from overnight.

Event #27: Razz

  • polarop ices competition for Event #27-L Razz win
  • diehardmick douses slammedfire in Event #27-M ($215 Razz)
  • cal42688 wins second SCOOP event in 24 hours; ships Event 27-H $2,100 Razz

  • The guys over on the Inside SCOOP Web Show have been working pretty darned hard in the past two weeks. Go give'em some love by watching the latest show with Team PokerStars Pro's Marcin Horecki and Joe Hachem.

    We also have a replay of the big Stud Hi-Lo game from earlieri this week. The final table replay featured skalexjung, buzzard1881, St3phenHendr, Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina, BiatchPeople, Amke, BOZENA and EDWARDHOPPER.

    Finally, here's what is on tap for today:

    Thursday May 19 SCOOP schedule

  • Event #29: 8-Game ($33, $320, $3,150) 11:00 ET

  • Event #30: PL Omaha Hi/Lo--2-day event ($11, $109, $1,050)
  • Congratulations once again to cal42688. Go for a third tonight?

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP