The Daily SCOOP (5-21-11): $25K heads-up event, big prizes on Inside SCOOP

SCOOP logo.gifIf you're going to play the big ones in the Spring Championship of Online Poker today, pack your checkbook. This is where it starts getting big.

In just a couple of hours, the $25,000 NLHE Heads-Up event takes off. ElkY and Isildur1 are already signed up, so it's going to be that kind of tournament. You could always cobble together your loose change and see if you can scratch up a buy-in. Or, if you prefer, there are smaller buy-ins for $2,600 and $270. You know...whatever feels more comfortable.

In other news, Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn has taken over the top spot on the SCOOP Player of the Series leaderboard. He's been having one of those series that will make just about anybody jealous. Last night, Kostritsyn moved into the #1 spot with just two days of SCOOP left to go. He's been a monster for the past two weeks, and we're not expecting any let up now. However, his lead isn't that big, so the Player of the Series title is still up in the air.

Over in the land of television production, I got word this morning that they will be giving away some big prizes on tonight's Inside SCOOP Web Show. Up for grabs are a $1050 medium main event seat and three $109 low seats, not to mention a $2,000 freeroll. Also, it looks like Nick Wealthall may have lost his job for good (serves him right for abusing that sound board like that). In his absence, James Hartigan remains in the anchor chair. In the episode below, Hartigan and Joe Stapleton interview SCOOP event winner Igor Kurt and Team PokerStars Pro's Pat Pezzin and JP Kelly.

If that didn't fill you in on all you need to know, we have wrap-ups from every event that finished overnight. They're right here in handy bullet-pointed form.

Event #30: PLO Hi-Lo

  • ozenc follows the yellow brick road to Event #30-H PLO8 win
  • SCOOP 30-H_final_table.jpg

    ozenc on his way to a SCOOP watch

    Event #31: NLHE (NLHE 1R1A)

  • Reflexbakker goes wire-to-wire in Event #31-Low ($22 NLHE, 1R+1A)
  • patinho77 wins one for John Wayne; Victorious in Event 31-M $215 NL 1R1A
  • Gambit360 runs the gamut to win Event #31-High ($2,100 NLHE w/Rebuy)

  • Event #32: FLHE (6-max)

  • Tremendous win for tremendez in Event #32-Low ($55 FLHE 6-max)
  • kizoku2008 crushes the competition in Event #32-M ($530 6-max limit hold'em)
  • Black88 beats tough field to win Event #32-High ($5,200 FLHE 6-max)
  • Event #33: NLO8 (10-minute levels)

  • Pacolos prevails in Event #33-L
  • maxcon007 leaves foes shaken and stirred in Event 33: $215 buy in NL Omaha Hi-Lo
  • lukro8 scoops JP Kelly for Event #33-H NLO8 title
  • As SCOOP winds down toward its end, here's the final table replay of the big Event 29 8-Game event featuring LuckyGump, SirWatts, Sirocko, ozenc and Stavros.

    Saturday May 21 SCOOP schedule

  • Event #34: PLO--6-max ($55, $530, $5,200) 11:00 ET
  • EVent #35: NLHE Heads-Up -- 2 Day ($270, $2,600, $25,000) 12:30 ET
  • Event #36: HORSE ($22, $215, $2,100) 14:00
  • Remember, the main event begins tomorrow. If you haven't played your One Time Chip yet, this may be the appropriate day.

    Good luck to all.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP