The Daily SCOOP (5-15-11): Ruthenberg rules...quickly

SCOOP logo.gifThe people behind the Spring Championship of Online Poker had a pretty good idea when they came up with giving out a watch to all the series champions. In terms of function and form, a watch holds up a lot better than a bracelet or a ring. If I may be so bold, however, I might suggest a minor change for some of the SCOOP winners: a stopwatch.

This year has seen a lot more turbo events than past SCOOPs, and a stopwatch would be perfect. If you need any more proof, just look at the performance of one Sebastian Ruthenberg. The Team PokerStars Pro took advantage of late registration, showed up as the last person to enter the $3,100 Triple Stud Turbo event, and--as Martin Harris wrote the story--won the SCOOP watch 90 minutes later.


Sebastian Ruthenberg: He doesn't look that fast, but he is

While not every event went that fast, SCOOP did manage to fit a lot of action into the past 24 hours. Below you'll find a list of the 12 stories of SCOOP champions crowned since this time yesterday.

Event #13: NLHE Ante Up

  • RusAttack666 attacks Event 13-L field ($16.50 NLHE Ante Up)
  • JustSaba's just desserts earns over $31k
  • JIZOINT turns the joint winning $55K in Event #13-H
  • Event #16: NLHE Shootout

  • Pikul1980 picks up win in Event #16-Low ($22 NLHE 4x Shootout)
  • kay3000 dodges maelstrom of bullets to win Triple Shootout Event 16-M
  • Javahound flops 'em dead in Event #16-High ($2,100 NLHE double shootout)
  • Event #17: PLO

  • Pole Position for Radoom, wins $22,649
  • Chilax Chuck chomps all the chips in Event 17-Medium, $162 PLO
  • adiprene1 grasps the luck of the Irish during Event #17-H victory
  • Event #18: Triple Stud (Turbo)

  • lili275 needs less than four hours to win Event 18: Triple Stud $22 buy-in
  • mojocha runs over final table in Event 18-Medium, $215 Triple Stud Turbo
  • Team Pro Ruthenberg races to title in Triple Stud Turbo
  • If that's not quick enough for you, check out the fastest 30 minutes in SCOOP reporting from our friends over at the Inside SCOOP webcast. This show features interviews with Team PokerStars Online player Andre Coimbra and Team PokerStars SportsStar Fatima Moreira de Melo.

    We also have a replay of Event #12's final table as the $2,600 NLHE Knockout tourney was decided among venced0r, joiso, Improved, MindFeeling, IkBenEenBaas, G's zee, entim, flashdisastr and Gambit360.

    Today takes us past the halfway point in 2011 SCOOP events. To celebrate, SCOOP's Events 19 & 20 will look exactly the same (except for what time they start).

    Sunday May 15 SCOOP schedule

  • Event #19 NL Hold'em -- 2-Day Event ($22, $215, $2,100) 10:00 ET
  • Event #20 NL Hold'em -- 2-Day Event ($22, $215, $2,100) 14:00 ET
  • As both of today's tourneys are two-day events, we won't be needing a stopwatch to keep track over the next 24 hours, which is probably a good thing. Ruthenberg may still be using the only one we have.

    Good luck today!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP