Don't underestimate preparation for SCOOP!

SCOOP logo 2010.gifThe Spring Championship of Online Poker is a very demanding series of online tournaments. Preparation is absolutely necessary. So what is important?

For me the most important things are a good night's sleep and the option to something non-poker after waking up, (ie just something I want to do). Ideally I get up at least three hours before playing so I can relax and start to prepare my brain cells. Usually I start the day with breakfast and a bath and then about an hour's stroll in the fresh air with my family and dog. After that - cleaning time and preparing the "office" (aka the garage) for the next 12-hour session.

I need to play undisturbed in a pleasant milieu, so I rebuilt the garage into a playing den where I have everything I need within arm's reach: fridge (stuffed with supplies of food from top to bottom), television, and a comfortable sitting chair. I definitely do not leave anything to chance, and because it is an online tournament, you would find three different WiFi hook-ups at my home in case of power failure, several spare PCs, mice, batteries, etc.

Another equally important part is my wife who buys everything necessary, prepares coffee and food, and times it exactly around the breaks. I don't radically change my usual diet. I only increase intake of vitamins in fruits and vegetables.


This year I feel really fit and ready for the big prize. After about a year's downswing, I finally had some nice results last month and won most of my losses back. Like almost every year, I plan to play all of the Hold'em tourneys, although I will add some of the PLO as well.

And for the wife...what does online tournament like SCOOP mean for her?

"It's important Martin has a lot of sleep. He doesn't have a lot of rituals, but he won't give up on this one. After he wakes up, he gets in bath, where as I, a loving wife, bring him a breakfast," she said. "After the bath, if he has time, we go on walk with our daughter and dog. And after that, he sits at his computer. I make him a lot of coffee, tea and snacks during the session. I always make dinner that can be eaten by one hand only. So, if I am making a chicken, it is obvious that I separate the meat and cut the potatoes in little pieces, so he can only eat by fork. I do this only to make his work more comfortable. And I do it with love."

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Martin Hruby
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