SCOOP 2012: A FlashYy victory in Event #3-M ($55+R NLHE 6-max Turbo)

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Poker players -- like ice cream enthusiasts -- aren't satisfied with just one SCOOP.

Most players seem to need at least three SCOOPs -- one low, one medium, one high -- in the same way an ice cream fanatic isn't satisfied until they get a tower of butter pecan, vanilla fudge swirl and chocolate chip.

But it isn't easy balancing all three at once. Amateur poker players and novice ice cream lickers might see their gluttonous towers fall apart due to poor planning and excessive licking (or raising).

Not everyone is doomed for failure though. Terrence "Unassigned" Chan made poker history when he won both medium and high buy-ins for Event #20 back in 2009.

No one has repeated Chan's feat, but today, a few people got close.

Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez and Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser registered for all three Event #3 events. They were both eliminated early on in the Low event, but made a deep run in the Medium and the High.

Both players made it to the final 30 players of each tournament.

Marquez was the first to have her hopes of a double-SCOOP watches crushed. She was eliminated in 26th place in the High, and found herself short-stacked in the Medium.

With just under 20 players to go, Marquez found herself with the undesired title of "Tournament Short Stack."

She managed to double up to 1.2 million when her J♠[10s] managed to oudraw Mintewek's A♠[10h], but the heat was still on.

A few hands later, jamni raised to 60,000 and Marquez re-raised to 155,000 from the button. andreos1988 4-bet to 298,421 and Marquez moved all in with her recently-acquired 1.2MM.

Marquez showed A♣5♣ and was up against andreas1988's K♠K♦.

The board ran 9♠4♥8♠J♦4♣ and Marquez was eliminated in 18th place for $3,361.71. Marquez was the last Team PokerStars Pro in the field, and the third to cash.

ElkY and Martin Staszko were the other Team Pros to cash. Staszko was eliminated in 241th place yesterday, earning $356.54. Elky managed to make it to Day 2, where he was eliminated in 53rd. His finish won him $1,095.10.

But while all these players were busy busting out, a few were rising to the top.


Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser was still in the Medium and the High when both tournaments got down to 20 players. He was short in the High, but jumped into a commanding lead in the Medium.

His decline was complete in the High when he finished 19th, earning $6,000, but his climb to the top of the Medium had just started.

With 16 players left, 1-ronnyr3 was already in the lead with 4MM. He then increased that lead by a couple million in a few hands without showing a single card.

With 18K/36K blinds and a 4.5K ante, mr.salgado30 raised to 72K from the cutoff. rvymeris then re-raised to 216K and 1-ronnyr3 made it 444,444. mr.salgado30 folded and rvymeris made the call, bringing [10c][10d]4♣ on the flop.

1-ronnyr3 led out for 288,888 and rvymeris called. The 2♣ fell on the turn and 1-ronnyr3 fired another bullet, this one was worth 555,555. rvymeris called again and the river was an A♥.

1-ronnyr3 made a final bet 1.8MM, but rvymeris folded. 1-ronnyr3 saw his stack grow to 5.9MM and he pulled even further away from the field.

Then, a few hands later, 1-ronnyr3 had a clash with FlashYy. 1-ronnyr3 and FlashYy would have several more run-ins this tournament, trading blows and the chip lead until the final three players.

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1-ronnyr3 now had the chip lead with 6.8MM, while second place only had 3.5MM.

Then he continued to chip up.

When play was down to the final two tables, 1-ronnyr3 had amassed 8MM chips -- nearly 1/4 of the chips in play.


Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser and his EPT Tallinn trophy.

Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser may sound familiar to you because he's been making a splash in the poker world recently. Aside from crushing online high-stakes PLO games, Kaiser won the Season 8 EPT Tallinn Main Event for €275,000.

Now he was looking to add a SCOOP watch to his resume.


It seemed like no one was going to catch up to 1-ronnyr3, but then there was a flash of hope.

With 10 players to go, FlashYy began to make his ascent. After beating BastianX up for a few million -- building his stack up to 6.5MM -- FlashYy finished BastianX off.

FlashYy raised to 100K from under the gun and 1-ronnyr3 re-raised to 377,777. BastianX moved all in for his remaining 2MM and only FlashYy made the call.

BastianX showed J♠K♦ and was dominated by FlashYy's A♠K♠. The flop brought an A♦, and that was all FlashYy needed to eliminate BastianX and get the chip lead with 9MM.

FlashYy and 1-ronnyr3 held the top two spots and -- despite being on the final table bubble -- continued to battle with their massive stacks. But while they were busy crossing stacks, El Feffe would burst the final table bubble and snatch away the chip lead at the other table.

El Feffe raised to 250K from the button and Angelical20 moved all in for 3,263,684. El Feffe made the call and showed A♥Q♠. Angelical20 had a pair of sixes and was flipping for his tournament life.

The board came A♦K♣3♥2♦2♥ and Angelical became our final table bubble.

But it took a few seconds for all the players to be moved to the final table. 1-ronnyr3 and FlashYy were in a big hand.


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This left us with our final six players.

Seat 1: Mihay28 -- 3,186,018
Seat 2: mr.salgado30 -- 1,978,096
Seat 3: andreos1988 -- 2,023,304
Seat 4: FlashYy -- 9,392,140
Seat 5: 1-ronnyr3 -- 7,523,008
Seat 6: El Feffe -- 9,902,934

SCOOP 3-M copy.jpg

By bursting the final table bubble, El Feffe gained the final table chip lead with 9.8MM.

But 1-ronnyr3 and FlashYy were in hot pursuit. 1-ronnyr3 would get the lead back, as well as the first elimination, in a few hands.

1-ronnyr3 raised to 200K and andreos1988 moved all in for just more than 2MM. 1-ronnyr3 made the call and showed a pair of tens. andreos1988 was going to need some improvement for his Q♦K♦ to hold up.

But the flop brought 1-ronnyr3 a third ten and andreos1988 was eliminated in 6th place, earning $9,102.08.

1-ronnyr3 saw his stack grow to 11MM.

But the lead kept on changing. FlashYy took a chunk out of 1-ronnyr3 when he hit a set of fours, getting the chip lead with 12MM.

Then, El Feffe made it back up to the 10MM mark when he eliminated mr.salgado30. mr.salgado30 entered the final table as the shortstack and didn't play many hands.

Well, until his final one.

mr.salgado30 raised to 1,440,000, leaving himself 40,596. El Feffe called and led out for 120,000 when the 7♠4♠6♣ came on the flop.

mr.salgado30 called and showed A♣Q♣, he was up against El Feffe's J♠K♠. The 9♣ came on the turn, giving mr.salgado30 a flush draw, but a K♦ on the river would give El Feffe top pair and the victory.

mr.salgado30 was eliminated in 5th place and added $17,827.25 to his bankroll.

This made Mihay28 the new table short stack, with around 4MM. The other players were hovering around the 10MM mark.

But Mihay28 wouldn't be the next to go.

El Feffe was starting to get chipped down, and then he lost a big hand to FlashYy:

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After losing that hand, El Feffe couldn't catch a break. After getting chipped down a bit more, El Feffe raised to 375K from the button.

FlashYy re-raised to 635,888 and El Feffe made the call.

The flop came 5♠[10d]6♠ and FlashYy led out for 515,852. El Feffe decided to move all in for his remaining 3MM and FlashYy called instantly.

El Feffe showed a pair of eights, but FlashYy held aces. The turn and river brought no help for El Feffe and he was eliminated in 4th place, earning $28,014.25.

This gave flash 20MM chips, almost 60 percent of all the chips in play. Despite his commanding lead, a one-hour three-way battle ensued.

During this time, FlashYy saw his stack grow to 25MM, then shrink back to 12MM. Mihay28 and 1-ronnyr3 managed to win a few key hands and stay competitive with the increasing blinds. Play seemed to level out and there was talk about a deal until the action fairy struck.


Mihay28 raised to 500K and FlashYy re-raised to 1,298,555. 1-ronnyr3 made it 2,345,678 and Mihay28 folded.

FlashYy, who had 1-ronnyr3 covered, moved all in for about 13MM and 1-ronnyr3 made the call. 1-ronnyr3 showed A♠Q♦ and was up against FlashYy's 6♥6♠.

Then the flop killed any hope 1-ronnyr3 had of victory.

A 2♣6♦6♣ gave FlashYy quads and there was no combination of cards that could come to save 1-ronnyr3.

For his 3rd place finish, 1-ronnyr3 earned $43,294.75.

FlashYy entered the heads up match with a commanding chip lead. He held 23,157,849 to Mihay28's 11,135,161.

Despite his lead, FlashYy agreed to look at numbers for a deal.

The chop would give FlashYy $69,627.03, while Mihay28 would be guaranteed $63,171.67. Then there'd be $6,000 left for first place.

Both players decided the deal wasn't in their best interest and decided to play it out.

Mihay28 was looking for the double up and it showed. We only saw a handful of flops as most things were being settled pre flop.

In the last hand of the tournament, Mihay28 was down to 6.6MM.

FlashYy raised to 550K from the small blind and Mihay28 moved all in. FlashYy called and showed A♦K♥, he was up against Mihay28's 4♠4♦.

Two days of poker and an $80,000 first prize had come down to a final flip.

The board ran K♦[10d]5♦9♣8♥ and FlashYy became the Event #3-M champion.

Mihay28 took home $58,575.25 for his second place finish while FlashYy won the grand prize of $80,224.05.

Congratulations to FlashYy for his victory in a hard-fought two-day poker battle.

2012 SCOOP Event 3-Low, $55+R NLHE Turbo (6-max) results

1st: FlashYy ($80,224.05)
2nd: Mihay28 ($58,575.25)
3rd: 1-ronnyr3 ($43,294.75)
4th: El Feffe ($28,014.25)
5th: mr.salgado30 ($17,827.25)
6th: andreos1988 ($9,102.08)

That's it for Event #3-M, but there's still plenty of SCOOP action to go. Check out the schedule and see if any events are right for you.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP