SCOOP 2012: agahlol out races the pack winning Event #13-L ($27 NLHE Knockout Two-Day)

SCOOP logo.gifWatching the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth or Frozen Planet there are scenes that 99% of humans would never get to experience firsthand. A threesome of wolves pacing along with a pack of musk oxen looking for a first-class meal for the evening, finally settle on the main course of a young ox that separated from the pack a bit. But quickly the group of oxen surround the calf as the predators try to nip at its heels and send a loud warning to the wolves that dinner may be delayed permanently. However, wolves are known for their endurance, with the ability to run near non-stop for almost one hundred miles, they could wear down the defenses of the oxen until collecting their prize.

Today 36 wolves, who feasted on a starting group of 17,806 yesterday, would continue their journey towards the final table in day two of the 2012 SCOOP Event #13-L $27 NLHE Knockout tourney. Much like every other tournament thus far in this year's series, the $200,000 guarantee was not required and summarily crushed like the ants trying to take over this author's kitchen. $356,120.00 in the prize pool, and $89,030.00 set aside for the $5.00 bounties on everyone's head.

2,250 players managed to get at least their buy-in back, and those with their eyes on a Player of the Series-Low only Chillolini of the top six was able to grab a decent cash (448th place, $113.95) as DeeKay8686, Blackbeaty, evanski, drkamikaze1, and HustlaStylez all struck out. On the Player of the Series-overall board Shaun Deeb (interviewed yesterday by Brad Willis) was tied for second and almost grab a few more points but busted short of the money in 4,739th place.

Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online managed to sneak a few into the cash as Team Online's Grzegorz "DaWarshaw" Mikielwicz ($71.22 1,024th place), Team Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki ($89.03 732nd place), and Ana Marquez ($89.03 730th place) all cashed.

Brazilian Team Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari was looking for his first SCOOP win but with the blinds at 6K/12K ante 1,500 he would run into a bit of a cooler. Holding 193,779 chips Andre would min-raise from the button getting a call from Tominator100 in the small blind. 5♠9♦J♥ and Akkari fired 29,000 as Tominator100 check-called. 3♦ turn and again Tominator100 checked as Akkari upped the bet to 39,279. This time Tominator100 would check-raise enough to put the WSOP bracelet holder all-in. Holding top pair and a flush draw J♦Q♦ he called. Akkari needed the flush draw as Tominator100 flopped a set of fives 5♥5♦ making that top pair worth as much as a used concert ticket. 9♥ was red, but spelled the end of the tournament for Andre in 205th place ($160.25).


Andre Akkari

Onto day two where 22 players would make the first break, ever closer to that huge ROI at the final table and a $41,661.49 first place prize along with the SCOOP champions watch. TRootwalla and floodgates1 leapt out in front of the pack with eight figures stacks as it only took another half hour to trim the field down to 13 after the hourly break. Among the first hour causalities was 2011 WCOOP Event #1 final tablist Dimka19881 who bagged $67,500 for a fourth place finish but earned a little less today in 17th place ($730.04).

Hour two of day two would leave 11 wolves still parading towards the final table as players would take a much needed five minute break as yvydendyvy used a 16 million chip stack to bully the table of five when GRneau with 4.7 million held the next closest chip stack.

Right after the break 111malik111 would show a shortstacked Kenny Powers avatar "ENOSUS" to the door after the "Eastbound and Down" star tried to open shove from the small blind for 1.4 million with 3♣6♦ and got looked up by 111malik111 holding a small ace 2♠A♣. The two pair was not necessary K♣ Q♥ 2♦ A♦ 5♥ but awarded ENOSUS $1,424.48 in 11th place.

agahlol and TRootwalla would gather over 22 million into the pot with a flush draw versus top pair of a fives after the flop. Neither worried about the $40K difference between first and tenth place today, agahlol's fives faded the two overs plus the flush draw to take a commanding chip lead.

With the other four players at the table sucking up the chips for 18 hands in a row, iijohnj was left in the cold collected zero blinds or pots and being 5-handed with blinds at 200K/400K ante 50K a short stack would not last long. Holding T♠Q♦ iijohnj would shove for under the big blind amount, 353,042 chips, as yvydendyvy called from the small blind and floodgates1 checked the option. A pair of sevens on the flop K♠7♥7♠ got floodgates1 to bet 800,000 which yvydendyvy wanted nothing to do with and folded. Good fold too as floodgates1 opened up trip sevens J♣7♣. The runner-runner spades or straight never caught traction K♣6♣ as iijohnj claimed $1,424.48 in tenth place starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: TRootwalla (6294762 in chips)
Seat 2: yvydendyvy (8555853 in chips)
Seat 3: black666 (5416284 in chips)
Seat 4: agahlol (28277914 in chips)
Seat 5: floodgates1 (7039416 in chips)
Seat 6: persii (7914987 in chips)
Seat 7: SwaggaBear (3498832 in chips)
Seat 8: GRneau (14976997 in chips)
Seat 9: 111malik111 (7054955 in chips)

Whoa there, we just got here!

26 hours and 30 minutes after starting this tournament yesterday the final table would commence. But, TRootwalla, possible still steaming from losing the tournament chip lead to agahlol, would find a very quick exit instead of vying for the SCOOP watch. Three hands after the final table lettering appeared on the virtual felt, and a raise in the blinds to 250K/500K ante 62,500, 111malik111 would min-raise form middle position as TRootwalla shoved over the top for 5.9 million total holding pocket tens T♥T♦. Back around to 111malik111 looking down at jacks J♦J♠ had the one-time chip leader covered and made the call. The board 4♣ 4♦ A♣ 2♠ 7♦ did not save TRootwalla from the quick demise as the Brazilian took ninth place ($2,136.72).

Not Black Friday

black666 will be able to online poker again during the 2012 SCOOP, it just will not be during Event #13-L. As the blinds moved up to 300K/600K ante 75K black666 tried to take advantage of an open small blind by shoving from it for 4.7 million. However the chip leading agahlol was in the big blind with plenty of gamble and a medium-ace A♣8♠ to make the call. The non-black 2♦J♦ never stood a chance as exactly zero diamonds, deuces, and jacks hit the 3♣ A♠ 3♠ 8♥ 9♥ board to slide $3,205.08 to black666 in eighth place.

Opening the floodgates

Or perhaps closing them would be more apt to describe the video below:

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agahlol tried to open from the small blind for 1.26 million as floodgates1 was not laying down in the big blind. Instead the Canadian shoved for 6.35 million and put the chip leader to a decision. Well covered by holding 22 million behind, agahlol made the call with a small ace A♠2♦ and was a big dog to floodgates1's big slick K♣A♥. The flop 5♣ J♥ 3♠ increased the outs from three to seven. One of those seven hit the turn as the 2♣ left floodgates1 hoping for a reversal on the river. Q♥ was not it as the chip leader ballooned up to over 30 million in chips and floodgates1 was left hanging dry in seventh place ($6,054.04).

After floodgates1's unlucky departure, Team Online's Kevin "WizardOfAhhs Thurman quipped "all remaining players are from a different country!". Indeed. As Norway, Russia, Poland, Canada, Sweden, and Belgium were still racing towards the $41K first prize and Canada hoping to add title number eight to its series leading total.

Just before the third hourly break agahlol and 111malik111, both holding sizable stacks, would play a game of chicken which ended with 111malik111 not swerving out of the way with pocket tens and collecting 16.9 million chips with the chip lead going into the break.

Blind versus blind strikes again

A lot of damage being done to the population of this table from the blinds today as immediately after our final six sat back down, yvydendyvy would open shove from the small blind for 3.1 million holding a medium-ish ace A♥6♣. agahlol, fresh off losing that big pot to 111malik111, but still held plenty of chips made the call with a couple of high clubs J♣K♣. The clubs did not make it there, but the jack did 4♠ 3♦ J♠ 2♦ Q♣ and yvydendyvy took all those y's off the table in sixth place ($8,903.00).

Back-to-back for the big stacks

On the very next hand, with the blinds still at 300K/600K ante 75K, SwaggaBear tried to bust a move with a three-bet shove for 5.5 million from the big blind over 111malik111's min-raise. Q♥A♣ plus 33 million made the call an easy, and correct one as SwaggaBear flipped up the dominated A♠J♥. The jack on the flop 2♣ J♣ K♠ threatened to extended SwaggaBear's tourney. But, the Q♣ turn handed the chips back to the better hand as a 8♠ safely landed on the river to ship the 11.7 million chip pot to 111malik111 and send SwaggaBear to tournament poker hibernation in fifth place ($12,464.20).

Pushy, shovey, gambOOOOOOl !

The blinds getting to the point where even 12.7 million does not seem like much, as agahlol and persii decided to put together a mega-pot of 27.4 million chip preflop. Check out the video below to see who stayed and who collected fourth place money.

RSS readers please click through to view video

Wow! Yet another trimming of the final table due to a blind versus blind battle as agahlol refusing to take the foot off the gas pedal open shoved from the small blind holding J♣Q♣. Despite just a small ace 5♠A♥ persii sniffed out agahlol's aggressiveness while making the correct call and was rewarded further with a flopped ace J♥A♣T♦. However, the clubs would not stop placing themselves on the board as the 9♣ turn and T♣ gave agahlol a runner-runner flush to claim the huge 27.4 million chip pot and give persii fourth place ($16,025.40).

No time to chat

Barely a whisper graced the chat box except for Thurman's call of the bustouts and offers of assistance. The lack of typed words might be due to the speed of the exits as it took 27 hours to bust 17,800 players but seven minutes to name our sixth through third place finishers. With the blinds at 400K/800K ante 100K GRneau would shove from the button for 12.4 million with a couple of face cards K♦Q♠ as 111malik111's pocket fives 5♦5♠ gave a little pause to the Russian before making the call. A flop set 7♥5♥J♥ put 111malik111 way out in front. The 2♥ however threatened to chop the pot if a fifth heart hit the board. It did not. 4♠ on the river shipped the 26 million pot to 111malik111 as GRneau claimed $23,147.80 in third place.

Lone Wolf

Both of our heads-up players clashed today with anything and everything that came their way. No talks of chops, not afraid to push a flush draw despite the $11K difference between first and second, and not backing down after losing a huge pot.

The first big pot that threatened to end the tournament went to 111malik111. After starting heads-up play with a slight lead (46.5 million to 42.5 million) 111malik111 could not dodge the constant raising of agahlol as 10 minutes into heads-up play agahlol took the lead 53.9 million to 35.1 million. Then with the board showing K♥J♠K♦9♠ and 3.4 million in the middle, the two would trade bets until 70.2 million was in the middle as 111malik111 flipped up 8♠K♠ for the flopped trips and turned flush draw while agahlol showed the turned straight T♣Q♦. Instead of a SCOOP watch, agahlol watched the board double pair J♥ to give 111malik111 as boat and the big pot.

Still holding 18.7 million chips agahlol would win the next two pots and double up on the third hand as 111malik111 tried to represent something too big and got called by agahlol's small ace for a 46 million chip pot evening up the chip stacks.

The two would trade pots for five minutes until the massive 86.7 million chip pot below decided the tournament:

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Despite the sizable stacks of 43.3 million for 111malik111 and 45.6 million for agahlol the tournament would end on a flush draw. With the blinds at 500K/1MM ante 125,000 agahlol min-raised from the button and 111malik111 re-min-raised as agahlol called to see the coordinated 6♠3♠5♣ flop. Just like the 70 million chip pot on the turn, this time the flop started the multiple raises until all 86.7 million chips sat in the middle. An overpair of tens for 111malik111 T♠T♣ as agahlol turned up a pair and a flush draw 5♠J♠. The turn was safe A♦ but this time the river favored agahlol as the 4♠ completed the flush giving agahlol the 2012 SCOOP Event #13-L title and $41,661.49!

$200,000 guarantee 2012 SCOOP Event #13-L $27 NLHE Knockout Two-Day tournament results (05-11-12):
(*figures do not include the $5 bounties won by the players)
1. agahlol (Norway) $41,661.49
2. 111malik111 (Russia) $30,270.20
3. GRneau (Canada) $23,147.80
4. persii (Poland) $16,025.40
5. SwaggaBear (Sweden) $12,464.20
6. yvydendyvy (Belgium) $8,903.00
7. floodgates1 (Canada) $6,054.04
8. black666 (Austria) $3,205.08
9. TRootwalla (Brazil) $2,136.72

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP