SCOOP 2012: Anywhat goes wire-to-wire in Event #18-L ($11+R PLO 6-max)

SCOOP logo.gifWith 23 players remaining in Event #18-L, Austria's Anywhat had already amassed 10.6 million in chips. It was already an above-average final table stack, and there were still four tables to go. In a brilliant display of big-stack poker, Anywhat maintained the chip lead all the way until four-handed play, where he lost it for all of 25 hands before regaining the top spot. In a game as volatile as pot-limit Omaha that's nothing short of miraculous. The spirit was certainly with Anywhat tonight as he rode his late-stage chip lead all the way to a SCOOP title and banked a five-figure score off a two-figure investment.

Event #18-L's 5,783 entrants made 8,031 rebuys and 4,019 add-ons, taking the prize pool up to $178,330. 780 places were paid with first place set to earn $27,199.34. A dozen members of Team Pro and Team Online were in the field and six of them cashed: Dale "Daleroxxu" Philip (678th), Marcin Horecki (496th), Nacho Barbero (400th), George "Jorj95" Lind III (281st), George Danzer (261st), and Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen (224th).

With seven players remaining, Big_Nemo opened for a min-raise to 500,000 and Zone09 called from the small blind. Zone09 check-called 652,145 on the 8♦3♠2♦ flop, then checked again when the J♠ hit the turn. Big_Nemo bet 2,554,290, Zone09 raised all-in for 3,821,948 and Big_Nemo called, turning over A♣A♦K♥5♥. Zone09 had by far the best of it with 8♥9♠T♦J♦ for top two pair, a straight draw and a flush draw. The 4♥ on the river, however, made Big_Nemo a wheel and sent a stunned Zone09 to the rail on the final table bubble.

SCOOP Event 18-L FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Maxacante (3,123,525 in chips)
Seat 2: MegaMarc1 (6,923,230 in chips)
Seat 3: OMG soo SICK (4,612,948 in chips)
Seat 4: Big_Nemo (12,965,360 in chips)
Seat 5: LUFCBas (13,133,588 in chips)
Seat 6: Anywhat (20,778,349 in chips)

Short-stacked Maxacante found a double-up straight away, moving all-in on a K♣8♥2♥ flop with A♠K♠Q♥8♠ for top two pair. LUFCBas called with A♦K♦T♦3♠. The Q♣ landed on the turn, improving Maxacante to kings and queens and the 2♣ fell on the river, leaving LUFCBas with an inferior two pair. Maxacante doubled to 8 million while LUFCBas dropped to 8.7 million.

Big_Nemo may have lucked out on the final table bubble, but he wasn't quite as fortunate the next time he put his stack in the middle. After opening for a min-raise to 800,000, Big_Nemo was met with a three-bet to 2.8 million from LUFCBas. Big_Nemo called and they saw a Q♠J♦3♣ flop. LUFCBas led out for 6 million and Big_Nemo called all-in for less. He turned over K♣J♥7♥6♣ for middle pair while LUFCBas showed A♣A♥Q♥3♠ for two pair, queens and threes. Although Big_Nemo made jacks up on the turn when the 7♠ landed, he didn't improve any further, the 3♥ falling on the river to make LUFCBas threes full of queens. Big_Nemo was out in sixth place, earning $2,674.95 for his finish while LUFCBas moved up to 17.5 million in chips.

OMG soo SICK was next to depart the final table on a beat that echoed his name. After Anywhat opened for a min-raise to 1.2 million, OMG soo SICK looked down at A♦A♣2♣3♦ and shoved for 3.28 million. Anywhat called with 5♥6♠8♦9♦ and hit two pair on the Q♥9♥6♣ flop. The 9♠ on the turn made Anywhat nines full of sixes and the river blanked with the 5♠, sending OMG soo SICK to the rail in fifth place. He picked up $5,055.65 for his efforts.

With four players remaining and the blinds up to 300,000/600,00 Maxacante and MagaMarc1 were short-stacked with 7.7 million and 6.4 million respectively while LUFCBas and Anywhat held over 20 million apiece. MegaMarc1 cut into LUFCBas' stack when he four-bet shoved holding K♠K♣4♣2♣ and LUFCBas looked him up with A♠K♦Q♦J♣. MegaMarc1 turned trip deuces, the board running out 8♠5♥2♠2♥8♥ to double him up to 13.4 million. Maxacante got his double-up a short time later, his A♥J♥J♦9♣ making queens and jacks against Anywhat's queens and tens.

A short time later, LUFCBas looked down at K♦K♥7♥5♣ and raised to 1,200,750. Anywhat three-bet to 3 million with A♥J♦9♦8♥, LUFCBas came back over the top for 9 million and Anywhat called. LUFCBas bet his remaining 4,495,330 on the A♠5♥3♠ flop and Anywhat called, LUFCBas's kings in dire shape. The Q♥ came on the turn and the J♠ hit the river to make Anywhat aces up. LUFCBas was eliminated in fourth place, earning $8,470.67 while Anywhat retook a dominating chip lead.

After dropping a few small pots, Maxacante's stack was whittled to only 4.8 million at 400,000/800,000 blinds. He picked up A♦Q♠8♠5♦ and three-bet shoved pre-flop, Anywhat making the call with A♥K♥5♠3♣. It was all but over on the flop as Anywhat hit trips, the flop landing 8♣3♦3♠. The 5♣ on the turn made him threes full of fives and Maxacante was out in third place, his day on the virtual felt earning him $13,820.57.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 2: MegaMarc1 (13,309,515 in chips)
Seat 6: Anywhat (48,227,485 in chips)

Holding a 3.6 to 1 chip lead, it didn't take long for Anywhat to finish off MegaMarc1. Heads-up play took all of twelve hands, Anywhat winning nine of them. On the last hand, Anywhat and MegaMarc1 got their money in on the flop, but MegaMarc1's aces were snapped off on the river when Anywhat made two pair:

Congratulations to Anywhat on a dominating performance en route to his first SCOOP title. He took home $27,199.34 for the win while MegaMarc1 banked $19,170.47 for his runner-up finish.

2012 SCOOP Event #18-L ($11+R PLO 6-Max) results:

1. Anywhat (Austria) $27,199.34
2. MegaMarc1 (Netherlands) $19,170.47
3. Maxacante (Spain) $13,820.57
4. LUFCBas (United Kingdom) $8,470.67
5. OMG soo SICK (Mexico) $5,055.65
6. Big_Nemo (Canada) $2,674.95

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP