SCOOP 2012: Borys313 wins Event #15-H ($2,100 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

SCOOP logo.gifWhile most cash game players tend to stick to the cash games and leave the tournaments for those chasing the dream they will periodically venture over and take a shot. Bory313 ventured over to the tournament felt in the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker Event 15-H where he joined a who's who of poker.

After 10 hours of trying to scoop the entire pot rather than only half as is the case with most split-pot game hands he stood at the top looking down at all the carnage slipping on his first SCOOP bracelet and counting the $57,000 plus that he won.


The high version of the 2012 SCOOP Event 15 brought in 105 players to generate a $210,000 prize pool, just over four times the guarantee. Only 12 of those 105 would get their buy-in back and then some with the eventual winner getting $57,750.

Once the field shrunk to the final 18 all the players could be found on two tables. Found near the bottom of the leader board at that point was Jason "JasonMercier" Mercier. Mercier managed to scoop a few pots to get some much needed double ups but it was only good enough to keep him alive for a 15th place finish three away from making it to the money. It was joiso who finished in 13th becoming the bubble boy guaranteeing the final 12 $5,250 each.

After a lengthy final table bubble it was Kroko-dill who started the final table with the chip lead. PokerStars Team Online member Kristian "CharismA3" Martin trailed by just over 40,000. Also joining the pair on the final table were Team Online member Anders "Donald" Berg and Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier.


Seat 1: Vingtcent (42,647 in chips)
Seat 2: ElkY (44,689 in chips)
Seat 3: CharismA3 (75,601 in chips)
Seat 4: rdmr (17,863 in chips)
Seat 5: paulgees81 (53,102 in chips)
Seat 6: Lyndon360 (65,183 in chips)
Seat 7: Kroko-dill (117,731 in chips)
Seat 8: Donald (53,342 in chips)
Seat 9: Borys313 (54,842 in chips)

First one to go:

The first elimination came on the 22nd hand after numerous all-ins that saw split pots. It was a battle of the short stacks with Vingtcent having a smaller stack than rdmr. Vingtcent was the first to put a raise in pre flop making it 5,000 form middle position. He was re-raised by rdmr on the button which he called. The pair saw the T♥7♣6♠ flop. Vingtcent checked, rdmr bet 2,500, Vigtcent raised to 5,000, rdmr three-bet to 7,500, and Vingtcent four-bet shoved all-in to 8,272, rdmr called. The pairs hands were revealed with Vingtcent holding an inside straight draw and seven/six/three-high low draw with J♦8♦3♠2♠ while rdmr had top pair top kicker and seven/six/five-high low draw. The 3♣ turn brought a smaller pair for Vingtcent but also gave rdmr a qualifying low. The 7♠ river gave each player two pair, but it was rdmr's tens and sevens along with seven-high low that scooped the pot to eliminated Vingtcent in ninth place where he collects $6,300.


Chop chop, finally an elimination:

Just like the final table bubble it took quite a few hands before the next player was eliminated. After surviving a few all-in moments where he caught at least a quarter of the pot Kroko-dill moved all-in under-the-gun after initially raising to 6,000 and getting re-raised to 9,000 by paulgees81 from the small blind. Lyndon360 called the re-raise only to see Kroko-dill move all-in for 10,296 total. Both players called and the three saw a K♦9♠2♦ flop. First to act paulgees81 bet 3,000, Lyndon360 called. They then saw a K♠ turn which brought a check from paulgees81 and a bet to 3,000 from Lyondon360, paulgees81 folded and the cards were revealed. Lyondon360 held K♥K♣4♥4♦ for quad kings while Kroko-dill held A♥Q♣6♥2♠. The 7♦ river determined nothing as Kroko-dill was drawing dead and eliminated in eighth place collecting $7,350.


Next two go quickly:

Unlike the last three eliminations the next two came quickly. It all got started with ElkY mixing things up with Borys313. Borys313 started the hand by raising to 6,000, he got called by ElkY and paulgees81. The three saw a Q♥J♦7♠ flop, paulgees81 checked, Borys313 bet 3,000, ElkY raised to 6,000, paulgees81 folded, Borys313 three-bet to 9,000, and ElkY called. The 2♦ brought much of the same as Borys313 opened to 6,000, ElkY raised to 12,000, Borys313 three-bet to 18,000 and then ElkY four-bet shoved to 23,814 to go all-in. Borys313 called and showed A♥K♦J♠7♦ for two pair jacks and sevens, inside straight draw, and king-high flush draw while ElkY held A♦Q♦7♥3♦ for two pair queens and sevens, and the ace-high flush draw. The J♥ gave Borys313 a full house along to win the hand and eliminated ElkY in seventh place.


After being involved in the last two hands that saw an elimination but not being the one to do the elimination paulgees81 finally got his hands dirty. It all started with rdmr opening from under-the-gun to 6,000, paulgees81 made it 9,000, rdmr bumped it to 12,000, and paulgees81 called. The pair saw a 9♦4♠4♥ flop, rdmr opened to 3,000, paulgees81 made it 6,000, rdmr moved all-in for 5,623 total, paulgees called. The A♠K♠7♥4♣ that paulgees81 held was better than rdmr's A♥A♣J♠6♠. The J♣ turn gave rdmr some outs but they did not come on the river, T♦. Getting eliminated in sixth place netter rdmr $11,025.


Eliminator becomes the eliminated:

Things went down hill for paulgees81 after eliminating rdmr. After losing more than half his stack without a showdown he took a stand against Lyndon360 in a blind versus blind battle that also included Borys313 before the flop. Borys313 started the action by raising to 8,000, paulgees81 re-raised to 12,000, Lyndon80 called as did Borys313. The T♠6♦5♣ flop brought an open from paulgees81 to 4,000. Lyndon80 called and Borys313 folded. The turn was a J♥, paulgees81 once again opened this time to 8,000, Lyndon313 called. The rest of paulgees81 stack, 3,496, went into the middle on the 4♠ river, Lyndon313 called and showed A♦3♥2♥2♦ for the six-high straight and six-high low to scoop the pot against paulgees81's K♠K♥5♦3♣. Going out in fifth place meant paulgees81 collects $14,700.


Can we get a fourth?

The quick eliminations was just too good to last as the players started to move the chips around. After staging a come back a couple of times CharismA3 finally ran out of lives. Facing a raise from Donald, and re-raise from Borys313, CharismA3 made it 20,000 leaving only 2,288. Both Donald and Borys313 called and the three saw a J♥6♠3♣ flop. CharismA3 put that remaining 2,288 into the middle, Donald called, Borys313 made it 5,000 and Donald called. The 8♥ turn brought a check form Donald and a 10,000 bet from Borys313, Donald once again called and they saw a T♦ come on the river. Donald once again check-called the 10,000 chip bet of Borys313. The cards were revealed with Boys313 holding A♣A♥4♠2♥ to take the low and Donald holding A♠J♠J♣6♣ to take the high. CharismA3's hand was mucked and he was eliminated in fourth place collecting $19,950.


Down to two:

After getting crippled a few hands before where his cards were mucked and he couldn't beat a pair of tens Donald found himself with less than one big bet. Two hands later he was all-in and hoping to survive. All three players saw a 9♠9♥2♦. Borys313 opened to 5,000 and Lyndon360 got out of the way. Borys313 held A♠Q♦9♣5♥ while Donald held A♣J♥4♣4♥. The 8♦ turn and Q♣ river only improved Borys313's hand sending Donald out in third place collecting $29,400.


Heads-up play:

When heads-up play began Lyndon360 held a slight chip lead over Borys313. The pair played a few hands before play was paused for the pair to discuss a deal but they decided to just play it out before even seeing the numbers. Here is how the two stood at the beginning of heads-up play:

Seat 6: Lyndon360 (298,634 in chips)
Seat 9: Borys313 (226,366 in chips)

A few hands after the pair resumed play Borys313 took over the lead and never looked back. Over the 107 hands that the two played against each other Borys313 struggled to finish Lyndon360 off.

It was the 103rd hand that started the end for Lyndon360 when Bory313 rivered a flush to win a 108,000 chip pot. Three hands later it was a pair of threes along with a six-high low that helped Bory313 scoop the 96,000 chip pot that left Lyndon360 with just over 16,000 to play with.

The final hand saw all the chips get into the middle pre-flop. Lyndon360 showed J♦6♠5♠2♥ while Borys313 held Q♣J♥7♥2♦. The Q♠T♥8♦ flop brought a pair of queens for Borys313. That pair of queens was all that he would need as the 7♣ turn and T♦ river did not improve Lyndon360's hand sending him out in second collecting $38,850.


Congrats to Borys313 on capturing your first SCOOP title along with the $57,750.

SCOOP Event #15-H ($2,100 Limit Omaha H/L) Results:

1st place: Borys313 - $57,750
2nd place: Lyndon360 - $38,850
3rd place: Donald - $29,400
4th place: CharismA3 - $19,950
5th place: paulgees81 - $14,700
6th place: rdmr - $11,025
7th place: ElkY - $8,925
8th place: Kroko-dill - $7,350
9th place: Vingtcent - $6,500

With the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker just now getting started you still have a chance at getting in on the action. Check out the home page where you can find the schedule along with the leader board.