SCOOP 2012: Champ Andrew Badecker lovelorn but not lonely

SCOOP logo.gifAndrew Badecker loves bacon. It says so right on his shirt. If we're to believe the message, the 24-year-old man's heart stirs at the mention of cured meat. There may be no greater kind of love.

But Badecker is still a little worried. When the nights get chilly and it's time to snuggle up by the campfire, you don't want to be playing footsie with bacon. I mean...well, there's grease involved. It hurts. Especially if you're dressed for love...I've said too much. Badecker loves bacon. Let's leave it there.

But consider this for a moment. Badecker is a nomad. A man without a country since Black Friday, Badecker (known as southrnctowl on PokerStars) left his home in Vernon, CT, went to Las Vegas, won a World Series of Poker bracelet, and then left the country so he could play on PokerStars.

"I'm currently a nomadic poker professional without any real base other than my parents' house which I visit a few times a year," he said.

This rootless life is what Badecker thinks is probably the most interesting think about his existence. The people he meets ask question after question about his life as a traveling pro. People are jealous. They want to be him. Of course, those people don't know everything.

Badecker's lovelorn heart reaches beyond bacon and bracelets


Andrew Badecker (bacon not pictured)

See Badecker is an honest guy, and he is confident enough to admit that he recently missed a chance to start dating a girl he liked on the poker circuit. It's a common thing in any young man's life, and he wasn't overwrought and heartbroken, but it also got him thinking.

"I might never get a girlfriend. I haven't had a real relationship or even real feelings for a girl since I started playing for a living, and the thought of possibly spending your life alone is not a pleasant one," he said. "It's extremely difficult to meet women in an industry that's probably 25:1 male to female. How will I meet one grinding SCOOPs or WSOPs every day, and constantly moving around the rest of the year?"

This is probably a rhetorical question. Probably, because right now, Badecker is currently rolling around in the biggest online cash of his career. He's won more money live, but the $60,000 and SCOOP watch he won in Event #17-H ($2,100 NLHE 10-Max Shootout) is quite a resume and bankroll builder.

"(It is) definitely my most prestigious online title. I've been a winning online reg for many years now, but all of my biggest successes have been in live tournaments," he said. "I was starting to think maybe I can't win online anymore, and I've just become a live pro! Defeating such a stacked field was a reminder that I can always compete with the best in the world in any arena. Also it was cool that it was a shootout win like at WSOP."

There is also this: Badecker is currently grinding SCOOP with theczar19 and kleath, and suffice it to say, the crew is doing very well.

"I was grinding in the same room as theczar19 and kleath all day the day of my win. I got to watch them play heads up battleship style for the SCOOP watch!" Badecker said. "Our house took down two SCOOP watches and over $150,000 in cashes that day! Easily the best grind crew day I've ever been a part of."

So, Badecker isn't lonely. He has a good group of friends, a WSOP bracelet, and a SCOOP watch to keep him company. And even if that doesn't last forever, even if he continues to struggle to find a suitable mate in a male-dominated field...well, I think we can always agree....bacon is forever.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP