SCOOP 2012: Darreta darts through massive field to take #24-L ($11 PLO, 1R1A, Turbo)

SCOOP logo.gifFans of hyped-up, screaming fast, gambooooool-style poker, Event #24 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker was for you. A Turbo-styled pot-limit Omaha event, sandwiched in between all of the marathon, slow-structured tourneys that have taken over poker players' lives over the past week.

While some of those events have taken 16, 18, or 20 hours or more -- not to mention the ones scheduled over two days of play -- this one was over in a relative blink of an eye, with a winner determined after just under four-and-a-half hours.

Having a couple of $10 bullets for a single re-buy and an add-on ensured a lot of wild play early, and the turbo format (five-minute levels) further guaranteed the pace would continue to be fast after the first hour.

A total of 5,552 joined this one, with those re-buys and add-ons helping build a total prize pool of $120,410, thus besting the $75K guarantee for the event. The top 720 got paid, with $18,839.53 due the player who managed to negotiate the blitzing-fast PLO craziness to survive as winner.

It would take less than two-and-a-half hours for the field to be swiftly trimmed to 720 and the cash bubble to burst, at which point FoxyLisa had snuck into the top spot, followed by Ruslan5051 and RealAndyBeal. Within mere minutes -- about 15 of them -- the field was halved to 360, with FoxyLisa still in front, PIUlimeira, and Donkdiggity leading the way. In the interim, Team PokerStars Pro Martin Stasko finished 527th for a $43.34 cash.

Not long after that came two eliminations of Team Online members, George "Jorj95" Lind III in 294th ($57.79) and Dale "Daleroxxu" Philip in 216th ($69.83).

By the three-and-a-half-hour mark just 50 remained. FoxyLisa was no longer in front, though was still hanging in with a middle-of-the-pack stack in 27th. Meanwhile, Darreta led with more than 2.23 million, followed by MakiDon (2.09 million), and plznosqueeze (2.02 million).

When they reached the four-hour break, exactly 18 players remained gathered around two tables. Internett93o led with a little over 4.69 million, Darreta was had about 4.59 million in second, and Superfizzy was in third position with just over 3.92 million. Meanwhile, piznosqueeze had slipped to 17th of 18 while FoxyLisa was out in 37th ($240.82).

It would take just 10 minutes for nine more to fall. plznosqueeze (18th), sunny013 (17th), and Misterdeath1 (16th) each earned $355.20 for their finishes. RipleyCraig (15th), kingmatthi (14th), and RogerJr1987 (13th) took away $535.82 apiece. And Wossaradz (12th), robins (11th), and proudcdn1 (10th) each grabbed $716.43.

In four hours and 10 minutes, 5,552 had become nine. The final table was set.


Seat 1: Mrdawwe -- 11,369,998
Seat 2: Darreta -- 5,905,868
Seat 3: Basilisk1978 -- 616,816
Seat 4: filthyfish -- 515,978
Seat 5: Internett93o -- 6,052,314
Seat 6: MakiDon -- 2,814,742
Seat 7: Superfizzy -- 4,876,547
Seat 8: mauritz -- 1,118,147
Seat 9: ViTaMin_F22 -- 2,852,590

The blinds were a whopping 200,000/400,000 by the time the final table began, which meant little wait before more all-ins would be occurring. In fact, there would be no less than six eliminations in the first 12 hands of the final table, so without further adieu, let's try to slow things down enough to chronicle what happened during that blur.

By the second hand of the final table the blinds were already bumped up to 250k/500k when Basilisk1978 open-pushed for 616,816 from UTG and got two callers in Mrdawwe (small blind) and Darreta (big blind). The flop came J♥J♠9♠, and Mrdawwe led for 750,000. After a pause, Darreta raised the pot to 4,100,448, and Mrdawwe insta-reraised the pot right back, with Darreta calling off his last 1,188,604 chips.

Mrdawwe: Q♦J♣8♠2♣
Darreta: K♥J♦8♣7♠
Basilisk1978: T♥9♣4♣3♦

Both Mrdawwe and Darreta had flopped trip jacks, and when the K♠ landed on the turn, Darreta was assured to end with the better hand between them with his jacks full of kings. Meanwhile Basilisk was drawing dead by then, and soon was out in ninth.

On the very next hand, Mrdawwe opened for 1.75 million from late position and filthyfish -- already almost all in on the 500,000 big blind -- committed his last 15,978 on top of that. Mrdawwe had A♠Q♦T♥8♦ and filthyfish K♠7♠7♥7♦, and after the board ran out 8♠2♣J♦T♣5♠, Mrdawwe's two pair were best and filthyfish was out in eighth.

Three hands later, Darreta opened for 1,000,059, mauritz reraised to 1,118,147 from the big blind, and Darreta called. It was A♦T♦5♠3♣ for mauritz and A♥K♠J♦8♠ for Darreta. The five community cards came T♣7♣A♣6♦K♥, giving both players two pair but Darreta's aces and kings were best, and they were down to six.

On the very next hand, ViTaMin_F22 in the small blind opened for 1.8 million (3x the newly-embellished big blind), Mrdawwe made it 3 million from the BB, ViTaMin_F22 reraised for 852,590 more, and Mrdawwe called.

ViTaMin_F22: K♥8♦8♣5♥
Mrdawwe: A♠A♥3♥2♦

A tough spot for ViTaMin_F22, and after the remaining cards came 7♥Q♠7♣K♦3♣, he was out in sixth.

On hand #11 of the final table, Internett93o raised to 2.1 million from UTG+1, and it folded around to Mrdawwe in the big blind who reraised to 3.6 million. Internett93o responded with an all-in shove for 3,791,203 total, and Mrdawwe called.

It was K♣K♠7♥6♣ for Internett93o, a hand that rated to perform well against Mrdawwe's K♦Q♥8♦7♠. But the board came 8♠Q♣6♥7♦8♣, giving Mrdawwe eights full of queens and sending Internett93o railward in fifth.

One hand after that, MakiDon opened for 2.1 million from UTG, the ever-aggressive Mrdawwe reraised to 6.9 million from the small blind, and MakiDon called with the 3,629,484 he had left.

MakiDon had J♠T♥8♠7♠ and Mrdawwe A♣K♠8♣3♥. The flop came 8♥2♥9♠, giving both eights, then the 2♦ came on the turn and the A♠ fell on the river, giving Mrdawwe a better two pair and ending MakiDon's run in fourth.

With three left the pace would slow just a bit, with no more eliminations occuring for the next 30 hands. Darreta would build up a massive lead over that stretch, accumulating nearly 23 million chips, nearly twice what Mrdawwe and Superfizzy had combined.

But MrDawwe would double through Darreta once to close the gap. Then, with the blinds at 500k/1m, Superfizzy opened for 3.5 million from the button, Mrdawwe reraised the pot from the SB, and Darreta folded. Superfizzy called with the 806,188 he had left, showing J♣J♥6♠2♠ to Mrdawwe's A♠K♦7♣4♥.

The board rolled out 5♦9♥Q♣6♥3♣, that river trey making Mrdawwe a straight and eliminating Superfizzy in third.

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Heads-up play began with MrDawwe in front with 20,232,560 to Darreta's 15,890,440. But on just the second hand between them Darreta would double up, and three hands later the tournament came to a rapid conclusion.

The blinds were still 500k/1m. Mrdawwe opened to 3 million from the button, the Darreta made it 9 million. Mrdawwe pushed all in for 3,342,120 more, and Darreta called.

Darreta: 7♥7♣6♣4♦
Mrdawwe: Q♠7♦5♠3♠

A bunch of baby cards, plus that queen dangling in front for Mrdawwe. The flop came T♣A♥2♦, pairing no one. The turn was the 3♣, giving Mrdawwe a pair smaller than Darreta's sevens. The river then brought the 2♥, meaning Darreta's hand was best.

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Congratulations to Darreta of Bulgaria for surviving a blindingly-fast tournament and final table to top a field of 5,552 and claim a cool $18,839.53 for that $11 buy-in!

2012 SCOOP Event 24-Low, $11 Pot-Limit Omaha (1R1A, Turbo):
1st: Darreta ($18,839.53)
2nd: Mrdawwe ($14,027.76)
3rd: Superfizzy ($9,933.82)
4th: MakiDon ($6,803.16)
5th: Internett93o ($5,117.42)
6th: ViTaMin_F22 ($3,913.32)
7th: mauritz ($2,709.22)
8th: filthyfish ($1,505.12)
9th: Basilisk1978 ($963.28)

The action continues on PokerStars with dozens of tournaments still left on the SCOOP schedule. Check the official SCOOP page for details, including information about satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP