SCOOP 2012: Deeb does it again in Event #26-H $2,100 Stud Hi-Lo

SCOOP logo.gifIt was déjà vu all over again. Here we were at a SCOOP final table. It was a $2,100 event. They were playing Stud Hi-Lo, and Shaun Deeb was dominating. Was I in some sort of time warp or didn't I already write this article two days ago?

If Deeb made history two days ago then what was left to say today when he did it all over again? Today, Deeb won his third SCOOP title of the series without raising a sweat. It was the fourth of his career, and in doing so, made a mockery of the SCOOP Player of the Series race. Deeb could probably take a day off, but somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.


Today's event was SCOOP Event #26-H $2,100 Stud Hi-Lo which attracted a field of 74 runners to create a prize pool of $148,000 -- almost double the original guarantee.

Among them were previous SCOOP champions, Sunday Millions winners and a host of professionals including Team PokerStars Pros Alex Kravchenko, Bertrand Grospellier, Ville Wahlbeck, George Danzer, George Lind III and Anders Berg.

With the top 12 players getting paid, Team PokerStars Pros Theo Jorgensen and Kristian Martin snuck into the money, but missed the final table which was formed after about 9.5 hours of play:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: DazzleO (29772 in chips)
Seat 2: slammedfire (41988 in chips)
Seat 3: shaundeeb (82890 in chips)
Seat 4: Fred_Brink (31916 in chips)
Seat 5: caprioli (52541 in chips)
Seat 6: kasparov007 (28460 in chips)
Seat 7: E. Katchalov (64571 in chips)
Seat 8: PerpCzech (37862 in chips)

It was arguably the toughest SCOOP final table line up ever assembled with each player holding exceptional poker credentials.

Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina was a previous SCOOP champion, Fred_Brink held a Razz WCOOP title while slammedfire was had a previous SCOOP runner-up result to his credit. Kasparov007 won a SCOOP title back in 2009 in this very same discipline, while PerpCzech had multiple SCOOP final tables this series including a win in Event#19-M Triple Stud.

Then we move onto Rodridgo Caprioli -- one of the finest SCOOP players in history -- with two previous SCOOP wins including a win in Event #4-H Badugi earlier in this series. Throw in Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov with a previous WCOOP title in 2009 to go with WPT and WSOP titles as part of $7 million in live tournament earnings.

And then there was Shaun Deeb. The runaway SCOOP Player of the Series leader had already caused a stir on Mother's Day when he won his second title of the series. That stir would near seven on the Richter scale if he could do it all over again today.

First to go was Daniel "DazzleO" Ospina. He three-bet on third, bet and called a raise on fourth, before his last chips were all in by fifth street. Ospina started with a pair of tens and could only improve to two pair on a board of T♦T♥9♣2♥Q♠2♦6♠ as kasparov007 started with a low draw but spiked trips to scoop the lot with a board of 3♥7♦6♦5♣A♥5♠5♦. Ospina took home $4,810 for 8th place.

Despite claiming the first victim of the final table, kasparov007 was still one of the short stacks. kasparov007 dropped further after losing a solid pot to PerpCzech, before the antes got hold. With kasparov007 all in on third street, Shaun Deeb and Fred_Brink continued betting throughout and ultimately chopped up the pot. Deeb made a flush for the high, Fred_Brink caught an eight-six low, as kasparov007 couldn't only muster a pair of eights with an eight-seven low. kasparov007 collected $6,290 for 7th place.

Fred_Brink was on the short stack but it was slammedfire who was next to go. Slammedfire led the betting on every street before Shaun Deeb raised it up on the river to put his opponent all in. Slammedfire made the call with 3♣5♠5♣5♦7♠K♦4♣ for trip fives as Deeb caught a full house with a board of 9♦Q♥Q♠3♦3♠4♠Q♦. Slammedfire missed out on that elusive SCOOP title but $7,770 for 6th place should be some consolation.

Fred_Brink landed a double up with a six-high straight to scoop against Eugene Katchalov's pair of aces as Katchalov was in the danger zone. But he held on long enough to outlast Fred_Brink who clashed with Rodridgo Caprioli with a raising war on fifth street seeing Fred_Brink's last chips committed. Fred_Brink could only manage 2♦J♠A♥J♦7♦8♣K♣ for a pair of jacks which wasn't enough to better Caprioli's Q♣9♣A♣5♦Q♠5♠8♦ two pair with queens and fives. Fred_Brink added $10,360 to his bankroll for 5th place.

The pressure was now on Katchalov, but he couldn't hang on any further. Just moments later, the Team PokerStars Pro stuck his chips in on fourth street with his board running out K♣2♣5♣K♠5♦Q♠7♣ for kings up, but Caprioli bettered that with 4♦A♠A♦T♣5♥T♥2♥ for aces up. Another impressive SCOOP run for Katchalov ended in 4th place for $14,060 in prize money.


Caprioli held the chip lead in what was a tight contest, with three very experienced and talented Stud players. The lead swapped around on several occasions, with Deeb surging into the front, before PerpCzech won two back-to-back scoops to take control. The second of those saw PerpCzech sustain heavy warfare from Deeb, while holding just a pair of jacks:

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That hand sparked some interesting banter between the two:

PerpCzech said, "i just read shaun deebs soul"
shaundeeb said, "play everyhand"
shaundeeb said, "and call down 100"
shaundeeb said, "youll be right sometimes"
shaundeeb said, "we can play after if you want"
PerpCzech said, "only gonna read your soul once"
PerpCzech said, "once is good"
shaundeeb said, "and the 7 times you called me dwn dead"
shaundeeb said, "i said nothing"
PerpCzech said, "never mind then"
shaundeeb said, "dunno why youre such a **** online"
shaundeeb said, "and so nice in person"

The banter seemed to focus Deeb as he commented that he was determined to win all of the Stud SCOOP titles. He mounted a small comeback before PerpCzech proved his soul-reading abilities were no fluke with another impressive call down to sixth street with just a pair of deuces for the high and no low hand:

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PerpCzech said, "am i allowed to talk sith now?"
shaundeeb said, "i mean if i bet i win"

Again the banter seemed to spark Deeb as he kicked up the aggression before PerpCzech was able to scoop consecutive pots once again to take over the chip lead.

While PerpCzech and Deeb continued to duke it out, Caprioli was caught in the middle of the storm. Caprioli got short and pushed his last chips on fifth street against Deeb. He started with a low draw, picked up some high cards, but ended up with neither as his board ran out 8♦3♠A♦J♥K♣9♥2♣. Deeb tabled 5♦4♣7♠7♣J♣2♠Q♣ for just a pair of sevens which was enough to take it down and eliminate Caprioli in 3rd place for $20,720.

Heads-up chip counts
PerpCzech (250217 in chips)
shaundeeb (119783 in chips)

The two continued to throw friendly barbs in the chat box as Deeb landed the first significant blow, scooping a pot with a single pair of kings.

That was soon followed by the biggest pot of the tournament:

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The action got very heavy on fifth street before slowing down by the river with Deeb's two pair enough to take it down and assume the ascendency. But PerpCzech wasn't going to just lay down. He fought back to even things up before Deeb collected back-to-back 100k pots, one with a very nice wheel straight, to leave PerpCzech crippled.

Moments later PerpCzech was all in on third street with his board running out K♦6♦9♥A♥5♠T♠8♣ for just ace-high as Deeb made a pair of threes on his board of T♣2♠K♥4♥3♥3♦8♥ to claim the win! PerpCzech continued his fine SCOOP series with another $27,380 score as Deeb made history (again) to win his third SCOOP title of this series, the fourth of his career and another $40,300 in prize money.

Number of entrants: 74
Places paid: 12

Final Table Results
1st shaundeeb (Mexico) - $40,330
2nd PerpCzech (New Zealand) - $27,380
3rd caprioli (Brazil) - $20,720
4th E.Katchalov (Ukraine) - $14,060
5th Fred_Brink (Denmark) - $10,360
6th slammedfire (Canada) - $7,770
7th kasparov007 (Germany) - $6,290
8th DazzleO (Colombia) - $4,810

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