SCOOP 2012: Doing the math

SCOOP logo.gifAt the end of any sporting event season, or at some points during the odd game, people start doing the math. What's the magic number? What do the Frankfurt Chihuahuas have to do to beat the Paris Wallabys? How can we make the math work so that this turns out differently? Now it's time to do the same in the Spring Championship of Online Poker.

See, it's already been well-reported that Shaun Deeb has put the overall SCOOP Player of the Series race on a leash and is leading it around his yard like a Pomeranian puppy. Just past the halfway point in SCOOP, Deeb has 470 overall leaderboard points, a full 165 points more than the nearest competitor, Belgium's JRADF79.

This is not to say Deeb is going to win the overall Player of the Series, but for him not to win is going to take a very serious effort on the part of his opponents. How serious?

Well, let's break out the abacus, shall we?


Shaun Deeb: Is anyone else trying? Anyone?

For the purposes of this exercise, let's assume a guy didn't get to play any events in the 2012 SCOOP until now. For that guy--let's call him Slappy Jones--to even catch up to Deeb, he would have to win--WIN!-- four events and finish runner-up in another, or come up with some other exceptionally weird series of of cashes to catch up. Let's just say it: Slappy ain't gonna win the overall Player of the Series, the trophy, and the 2013 EPT Grand Final package. I'm sorry, Slappy, but you're just too late to the party. Deeb has already played 68 SCOOP tournaments this year. He's cashed in 15 of them for a total of $132,665. Slappy can still have a lot of fun in SCOOP, but the abacus won't let him win Player of the Series.

Deeb, however, can't start counting his chickens. To examine that, let's just look at JRADF79, the nearest person to Deeb on the board.

JRADF79 hasn't won any events yet, but he has cashed in eleven out of the 31 SCOOP events he has played and won about $140,000 more than Deeb has. What would it take for the Belgian man to catch the American expat in Mexico? Here are a few ways it could happen. JRADF79 would have to:

  • Win a SCOOP event and place second in another
  • Finish runner-up in two SCOOP events and finish ninth in a nine-handed tourney
  • Finish in the top 1/3 of the fields of eight nine-handed events
  • Cash in at least the bottom 1/3 of 17 more events
  • Frankly, the possibilities are endless (you can see how the points system works on the SCOOP Player of the Series page).

    But all of that doesn't take into account the following: JRADF79 would have to do all of that...without Deeb posting another cash and accruing more points.

    This is a long row to hoe for anyone wanting to catch Deeb after this halfway point. For now, we're all just his Pomeranian named Slappy*, and the overall SCOOP leaderboard belongs to Deeb.

    *Deeb doesn't have a Pomeranian named Slappy (as far as I know).

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP