SCOOP 2012: drkamikaze1, general surgeon

SCOOP logo.gifKami "drkamikaze1" Chisholm is no doctor, but she can operate on just about any kind of battlefield. While all the ear-nose-throat folks are cutting up the nosebleed no-limit hold'em games, Chisholm is chiseling away at whatever game she can find. Need proof? Hereya go:

Chisholm's top three online cashes are a second place $47,000 finish in a WCOOP PLO8 tourney, a first in a HORSE event for $32,000, and her first SCOOP title in this year's SCOOP Event 4-L Badugi event for $9,003. In short, pick a game, and Chisholm can operate.

That flexibility has served her well. Not long after the Badugi finish, she placed fourth in the SCOOP Event 10-M Stud event. The result: Chisholm is currently tied for fifth place on the overall Player of the Series leaderboard.

"I never give up on a tournament, no matter how short stacked I am," she said. "I have come back from only having 1-2 big blinds more times than I can count to win the tournament!"


Kami "drkamikaze1" Chisholm

The one-time resident of the USA is no fulltime poker pro. She plays 10-20 tournaments on weekends, and spends the rest of the week in a state of being that she calls "self-employed." In recent months, Chisholm and her partner picked up and moved to Canada. It was a move she'd been planning long before April 15, 2011.

"I was ready for a major shift in my life, and I have gotten it. Which, probably not so coincidentally, has been great for my poker results," she said.

Though she's on a roll now, the year didn't start that way. Her personal life took a tough turn in the first couple of months of the year, and she ended up taking a full month off poker to get her life together. The break served her well.

"it was the best thing I could have done," she said. "My first weekend back playing, I took first in the Stars weekly HORSE."

She also won two satellites for the €1,100 PokerStars Women Live event in Monaco, where didn't cash, but had a great time. She had only been home a week when she hit SCOOP with everything she had.

So, keep it all in mind when you see Dr. Kami on the tables for the rest of SCOOP. She may not be a real doctor, but she'll cut you up just the same.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP