SCOOP 2012: eityby55 scoops victory in Event #11-M $82 PLO H/L 6-Max

SCOOP logo.gifIt feels quite appropriate that today's SCOOP offerings should include a variety of the game where the objective literally is to "scoop". The thought of hi-lo games makes some players run for the hills, so PokerStars added a little spice to the split variant. Let's play Pot Limit Omaha. And make it six-handed. That'll get them to come. Genius!

The game of PLO H/L 6-Max is a lot like bungy jumping. There are some thrills, a bit of risk but there's a safety rope if things go pear-shaped. Since bungy jumping is pretty cool, it was no surprise to see a healthy field of 1,591 players taking part in today's SCOOP Event #11-M $82 PLO H/L 6-Max event. They produced a prize pool of $119,325 which was more than double the guarantee, as the Omaha variants continue to prove to be an emerging trend in world poker.

Shane Schleger, Bertrand Grospellier, Chad Brown, Jude Ainsworth, Dale Philip, George Lind III, Adrienne Rowsome, Anders Berg, Henrique Pinho, Marcin Horecki and reigning World Champion Pius Heinz were representing the red spade of Team PokerStars today but unfortunately fell short of the cash.

The top 204 players finished in the money, with denmon27 from Canada unlucky to miss the $137.22 min-cash after bubbling the event in 205th place.

Martin Staszko (192nd - $143.19) and George Danzer (168th - $155.12) made the money with Oceania's newest recruit to PokerStars Team Online, and renowned PLO god, Roy Bhasin winning the Team PokerStars last longer bet with 39th place worth $387.80.

When themanparris was eliminated in 7th place, our final table lineup was set:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: outlaw (914600 in chips)
Seat 2: imgoodiknow (371745 in chips)
Seat 3: OrsaGoldhill (3072473 in chips)
Seat 4: eityby55 (824872 in chips)
Seat 5: RichGRich (733882 in chips)
Seat 6: Rennwurm (2037428 in chips)

It had been slow going to progress from last 18 players to the final table of six, due to the nature of the split pot game, but it didn't take long to lose imgoodiknow in 6th place. With the blinds at 15k/30k, imgoodiknow raised it to 90k and found a call from OrsaGoldhill. The chips went flying on a 4♣2♣T♣ flop with imgoodiknow showing 5♦9♥J♥A♦ for a wheel draw as OrsaGoldhill had half in the bag with 6♣3♥7♣5♥ for a flopped flush. The turn T♠ and river 4♥ didn't change anything to leave imgoodiknow to collect $2,983.12.

After twelve hours of play, RichGRich was quick to toss up the idea of a deal, which seemed to spark the interest of most players. However eityby55 remained silent and play continued.

OrsaGoldhill moved out to a substantial chip lead, and extended that when eliminating RichGRich from the tournament. OrsaGoldhill opened with a raise holding T♣8♦Q♦5♣, before RichGRich moved all in holding 8♣5♦J♣9♠. Neither had a great hi-lo hand, but OrsaGoldhill made the call and his queen-high played on the board of K♥J♦K♣K♦3♠ as both players made trip kings with no low hand. RichGRich pocketed $4,773 for 5th place.

Rennwurm landed a double up, but it was still OrsaGoldhill who was the ultimate aggressor, collecting the majority of pots four-handed. At one stage we counted OrsaGoldhill scooping or at least winning part of the pot in 29 out of 33 consecutive hands. That's domination right there.

Outlaw could only sit back and watch for the most part, and eventually his short stack was forced to make a stand. Outlaw raised preflop, bet the flop and was all in for pocket change on the turn on a board of 6♥Q♦Q♣T♦. Outlaw showed 3♦4♥4♠A♣ which looked pretty for a potential low, but on that board, it didn't amount to much, as OrsaGoldhill held K♦8♥6♦8♣ for a better pair. The river was the T♣ which didn't change anything, leaving outlaw to depart in 4th place for $7159.50 in prize money.

OrsaGoldhill was out in front but Rennwurm scooped a couple of healthy pots to even things back up three-handed. Of course hi-lo is not just about scooping, but often it's a game of quarters (or preferably three-quarters). OrsaGoldhill found that out when he took a big dent in the following hand against eityby55:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Both players had the same low but eityby55 collected the high to take the chip lead and halt the dominance of OrsaGoldhill.

OrsaGoldhill didn't survive too much longer. The end came when the OrsaGoldhill's last chips went in on a flop of 9♥8♦T♠. Rennwurm showed 7♠J♥J♣T♣ for a flopped straight as OrsaGoldhill called it off with 5♦T♥A♣9♣ for top two pair with a backdoor low draw. The K♠ turn and 8♠ river changed nothing to see OrsaGoldhill's run come to an end in 3rd place for $10,739.25.

Rennwurm held a narrow chip advantage heads up, but eityby55 chipped away at the lead with a series of small pots. That is, until Rennwurm scooped the biggest pot of the tournament when he made a better high and low in the following hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Rennwurm looked in control, holding a 12-to-1 advantage at one point, but eityby55 doubled and then doubled again, before the key hand saw eityby55 make a straight and a low to scoop against Rennwurm's two pair to reclaim the lead.

Eventually the battle was over in a hand where eityby55 called a preflop raise, before leading the betting on each street on a board that read 4♠2♦9♦K♠9♠. Rennwurm responded by moving all in, with eityby55 making the call with Q♣3♣Q♠2♠ for a king-queen-high flush, narrowly pipping the 3♠K♦J♠8♦ king-jack-high flush for Rennwurm.

With that, Rennwurm won $14,736.63 for 2nd place as Russia's eityby55 is our newest SCOOP champion, winning the title and $19,689.44.

Final Table Results
1st eityby55 (Russia) - $19,689.44
2nd Rennwurm (Germany) - $14,736.63
3rd OrsaGoldhill (Sweden) - $10,739.25
4th outlaw (Canada) - $7,159.50
5th RichGRich (Germany) - $4,773
6th imgoodiknow (Israel) - $2,983.12

The 2012 SCOOP is only just getting started with an amazing schedule of events still to come. For more details head to the official SCOOP website for the schedule, satellites, leaderboard, statistics and more.

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