SCOOP 2012: Epic tourplaya comeback to win SCOOP-11-L ($7.50 PL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max)

SCOOP logo.gifAs comebacks go, tourplaya's final table short stack to SCOOP winner would have had to been rated as unlikely. At one point the Canadian was down to less than ten big blinds which accounted for less than half of the next shortest player. Then he found himself in the big blind and gifted the faintest of hopes.

"omg a walk, that hasn't happened in 2 hours," tapped tourplaya.

He'd been allowed to scoop the blinds and antes uncontested. It may not have seemed like a big deal to the other players but that lifeline was a turning point. An hour later he was all-in three ways for the title and winning, set to beat a field of 5,925 which saw 780 players getting paid.

scoop2012_event 11l_final table.jpg

The final table

Six players made the final with klbereAA being the FT bubble boy after flopping bottom set to the top set of Ivars7 on a Q♦K♥A♠ flop in a battle of the blinds. Also just missing out on the big money was double UKIPT winner Nick 'nabourisk' Abou Risk who bust out in 11th ($342.16). The other players should have been happy to see him go, he doesn't frequently miss when he gets this deep in an event.

scoop2012_event 11l_abou risk.jpg

Nick 'nabourisk' Abou Risk

_Kristibrud_ and Zoni_MoRsi were at the top of the chip counts where they'd been for the last few tables of play. Zoni_MoRsi had been a humongous chip leader in the lead up and held nearly 10,000,000 of the 29,625,000 of chips in play with 12 players remaining. While that was around a third of the chips in play, the German couldn't keep hold of them and, as his fortunes dwinded, the stack of the aggressive Swede _Kristibrud_ grew. The final six lined up as follows:

Seat 1: tourplaya (3,110,803)
Seat 2: Ivars7 (5,394,016)
Seat 3: bak2000 (3,085,402)
Seat 4: chicoune (1,581,136)
Seat 5: _Kristibrud_ (9,499,172)
Seat 6: Zoni_MoRsi (6,954,471)

tourplaya started the worst losing a pot to ZoniMoRsi, allowing the German to catch up with _Kristibrud_ and sending tourplaya towards what looked like a 5th or 6th place exit. Then there was that walk shortly followed by a failed light three-bet by Zoni_MoRsi which more than doubled tourplaya (watch below).

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"all are just sitting and waiting for aces," said Zoni_MoRsi.

"why wouldn't u when u can 3 or 4 bet with em and still get paid off," replied tourplaya.

It was a fair point. Why try flair plays if others are going to burn themselves out for you?

Bak2000 was the eventual first faller jamming 3♦2♥4♣6♦ into a high K♥A♥3♣ flop. chicoune called with Q♣3♠2♦A♣. No help came on the turn or river and Bak2000 was sent to the rail while chicoune jumped up to 4,737,000, leaving Ivars7 as the short stack. He was the next to go, another stepping stone in the resurgent comeback by tourplaya who shot up past the 10m mark for the first time.

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With four players remaining a deal was suggested but quickly quashed by _Kristibrud_. That same Swede lost a big hand to Zoni_Morsi shortly after, the usual victim of deal-refusal karma perhaps. But he was not to be put down for long and quickly won most of those chips back from table livewire Zoni_Morsi just a few hands later.

Somewhat unbelievably it was Zoni_Morsi who went in fourth: he'd gone from joint chip leader to out in five hands: chicoune did him the damage, _Kristibrud_ delivered the coup de grace. It was an expensive crash: the remaining three players then agreed to an even chop deal of $4,500.39, which left aside $500 and the SCOOP watch for the winner. Zoni_Morsi still picked up $1,970.06 for his $7.50 buy-in. Not exactly a bad night at the office.

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After 18 hands of dancing around each other chicoune and tourplaya entered into a raising war which saw tourplaya flop Broadway, which also eliminated any chance of a low chop. That pot (which can be watched below) left tourplaya as a huge 22,320,000 chip stack and the others with no reason not to gamble. All three stepped into the middle of the floor and let loose; arms flailed, legs kicked and all the chips went into the middle. _KristiBrud_ fell but somehow chicoune came out with two big blinds. They did not last lost: you can only have one comeback each tournament. That claim, the title, the SCOOP watch and $5,000.39 goes to tourplaya.

scoop2012_event 11l_tourplaya wins.jpg

The final three-way flurry

The final table payouts
1. tourplaya, Canada, $5,000.39*
2. chicoune, Belgium, $4,500.39*
3. _Kristibrud_, Sweden, $4,500.38*
4. Zoni_MoRsi, Germany, $1,970.06
5. Ivars7, Latvia, $1,175.81
6. Bak200, Denmark, $622.12
*Indicates a deal was made.

Number of players: 5,925
Players paid: 780

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And it's goodnight from us...

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in SCOOP