SCOOP 2012: evanski eviscerates mega-field in Event #5-L ($11+R Turbo NLHE)

SCOOP logo.gifEvanski knows what it's like to come thisclose to a SCOOP title, only to fall just short. In 2010, he won two days worth of heads-up matches in the $2,600 Heads-Up NLHE event, but lost to Jord4n in the final round. Tonight, it took weaving through a 12,545-player field to get there but evanski at last shook the monkey off his back, winning his first SCOOP title and over $61,000 in Event #5-L ($11+R Turbo NLHE).

The 12,545 aforementioned players made 24,302 rebuys and 7,889 add-ons, creating a $447,360 prize pool. 1,620 places were paid with first place set to earn $61,071.66. More than two dozen members of Team Pro and Team Online were in the field and five cashed including Martin Staszko (1,356th), Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen (1,354th), Victor Ramdin (1251st), Marcin Horecki (1,188th), and George Danzer (158th).

With ten players remaining, Ntamosauskas got his chips in with the best of it, his A♣K♠ up against xihui's A♦8♥ in a 25 million-chip pot. Xihui caught a lucky flop, an eight falling to pair his kicker. Ntamosauskas got no help on the turn or river and went out on the final table bubble.

2012 SCOOP Event 5L FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: ocin98 (8,276,997 in chips)
Seat 2: Jandrulo (2,405,936 in chips)
Seat 3: Jenndo (16,945,153 in chips)
Seat 4: DrFuManju (8,821,699 in chips)
Seat 5: MHCD (14,017,384 in chips)
Seat 6: evanski (31,715,740 in chips)
Seat 7: xihui (39,050,456 in chips)
Seat 8: the_duces (8,703,937 in chips)
Seat 9: Armanpoker (20,048,698 in chips)

Jandrulo out in ninth, ocin98 exits in eighth

The last of Jandrulo's chips went in the middle on the sixth hand. DrFuManjo opened for a min-raise to 2.4 million, ocin98 called from the small blind, and Jandrulo tossed in his last 305,936 with 1.2 million already committed in the big blind. Ocin98 check-folded the Q♠T♥8♦ flop to DrFuManju's 4.8 million bet and the cards went on their backs, DrFuManju's K♣Q♦ crushing Jandrulo's 3♠8♣. Jandrulo found neither an eight nor a three on the turn and river and was eliminated in ninth place, collecting $2,796.

The next deal of the cards saw ocin98 open-shove for 3.62 million on the button. Jenndo reshoved for 13.2 million holding A♣5♥, ocin98's K♥3♠ needing some help on the board. Jack-high and dry, it offered no assistance and ocin98 hit the rail in eighth place, earning $4,473.60.

Evanski eliminates the_duces, DrFuManju wants a deal

Four hands later, evanski opened for a min-raise and the_duces found A♣2♥ in the small blind. He shoved for 5.22 million and was practically beat into the pot by evanski, who turned over pocket aces. A deuce on the flop kept the _duces hopes alive for a moment longer, but he didn't improve any further. For his seventh-place finish, the_duces earned $8,947.20.

With six players remaining and about $180,000 of the prize pool left to divide up, DrFuManju began pressing his opponents to make a deal. Although xihui and evanski were amenable to looking at numbers, the remaining players couldn't come to a consensus. As debate continued, Armanpoker three-bet shoved with A♣T♠ and xihui called with 8♣8♠. Armanpoker whiffed the 9♣4♠9♠ flop and was drawing dead on the turn when the 8♥ fell to make xihui eights full of nines. Armanpoker was out in sixth place, $13,420.80 awaiting him in his PokerStars account.

Only a few hands passed before DrFuManju got his money in before the flop, his A♦4♣ up against xihui's K♣7♣. It was all over when the 2♠3♦5♠ flop made DrFuManju a wheel, doubling him up to 15.5 million. He asked again about a deal but before he could get an answer, his A♣K♦ was racing against MHCD's Q♦Q♣ in a 27.3 million pot. Although MHCD's queens held up on the jack-high flop, an ace hit the turn to give the pot to DrFuManju.

Despite the double-up, DrFuManju was still looking for a deal. He broached the subject again, but before anyone could respond, he was out in fifth place after running into kicker trouble against Jenndo:

MHCD's double-double

The field down to four, Jenndo was way out in front with 70.5 million. Evanski and xihui held about 34 million apiece while MHCD was on seven big blinds with 11 million. With the action folded to him in the small blind, Jenndo made a pretty standard shove with K♠3♦, but MHCD woke up with A♠T♦ in the big. MHCD flopped a ten and rivered an ace, doubling up to 22.4 million. One orbit later, the same scenario played out, Jenndo moving in from the small blind and MHCD calling from the big. MHCD's A♣6♥ held on against Jenndo's 8♠T♦ and he moved up to 42.4 million, good for second in chips.

No flop, no drop

The next 30 hands passed without a single flop, the final four trading blinds and antes until xihui open-shoved for 35.8 million with K♣J♥. Jenndo called with A♠J♦. An ace hit the flop and onetime chip leader xihui was out in fourth, earning $22,368. With three players remaining, Jenndo held 76.3 million, MHCD had 37.9 million and evanski was the short stack with 35.8 million.

Another 24 hands went by without a flop. The blinds climbed to 1.5M/3M. And on the 25th hand MHCD decided to go with T♥7♥ and open-shoved for 23.4 million from the small blind. Evanski called with K♦8♣ in the big bind. MHCD hit an open-ended straight draw on the 6♠5♥4♦ flop but could not find a three, an eight, a seven, or a ten on the turn or river, the 2♠ and the 2♣ falling to eliminate MHCD in third place.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 3: Jenndo (86,267,867 in chips)
Seat 6: evanski (63,718,133 in chips)

Evanski kicked it into high gear during heads-up, winning nine of the twelve hands played. In the end it came down to a coinflip, Jenndo's K♦Q♠ vs. evanski's 9♠9♣ for all the marbles. The nines survived the flop, the turn, and rivered a set for good measure to lock up evanski's long-awaited SCOOP title:

Congratulations to evanski on his SCOOP watch and $61,071.66 score. For his runner-up finish, Jenndo earned $43,170.24.

2012 SCOOP Event #5-L ($11+R NLHE Turbo) results:

1. evanski (Canada) $61,071.66
2. Jenndo (Thailand) $43,170.24
3. MHCD (Netherlands) $31,315.20
4. xihui (Germany) $22,368.00
5. DrFuManjo (Germany) $17,894.40
6. Armanpoker (Spain) $13,420.80
7. the_duces (Norway) $8,947.20
8. ocin98 (Germany) $4,473.60
9. Jandrulo (Spain) $2,796.00

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP