SCOOP 2012: Faaalk dismantles field in 4-max and wins Event #23-L

SCOOP logo.gifFour.

It's a number that conjures up many random images, like four wheels on a car or the infamous Fab Four, those mop-topped lads from Liverpool otherwise known as The Beatles. Sometimes it seems like four is everywhere. The Four Noble Truths. The Fantastic Four. The Four Tops. Four Seasons. Final Four. Four Corners. Connect Four. Four Loko.

Then there's the rare four-leafed clover, a genetic anomaly which is a symbol of good fortune.

Four is the special number for Event #23 because it featured four-handed tables. The twist caters to players who loved to play super-short-handed. SCOOP Event #23-L $27 NL (4-max) attracted 10,523 runners who created a prize pool worth $263,075. The top 1,400 places paid out a cut of the delicious prize pool with $25,439.50 set aside to the eventual champion.

Notables who cashed included Team PokerStars Online Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman (175th), Team PokerStars Pro João "jomane" Nunes (462nd), and Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic (1,414th).

With two tables remaining and eight left in the hunt for a SCOOP crown, HustlerGrune held the lead with over 10.7 million.

Yaovivan hit the road in eighth place when he was ambushed by a cooler -- yaovivan's K♥K♣ lost to Faaalk's A♣A♦. Faaalk won a 7 million pot and he snagged the chip lead with over 13 million... for a brief moment.

NinjasTyle87 bowed out in seventh place when he ran into marodon's set of fives with 5♦5♥. That pot pushed marodon into the lead with 15 million.

Short-stacked svenstar23 made a final stand with 9♠8♠ against marodon's A♦Q♦. The board ran out A♠9♦3♥J♣3♠ and marodon won the pot with a pair of Aces. Unfortunately, svenstar23 bubbled off the final table in sixth place for a $2,180.89 payday.

A pseudo-final table for this event occurred with five players (to avoid hand-for-hand with uneven tables of two and three players). The final five were seated at the same table. With five to go, marodon held the lead with 19 million and capeta333 brought up the rear with 5.8 million.

BLUE TRAIN: HustlerGrune eliminated in 5th place

After almost an hour of five-handed action, a player finally was knocked out.

HustlerGrune min-raised to 400,000, marodon raised to 796,521, and HustlerGrune called. The flop was J♦T♠3♥, which prompted marodon to fire out 651,425, and HustlerGrune called. The turn was the 9♠. marodon bet 1,365,878 and HustlerGrune called. The T♦ fell on the river, which slowed down marodon, who checked. HustlerGrune shoved all-in for 5,865,584 and marodon called. HustlerGrune bet with nothing, except Ace-high holding A♠5♠. Meanwhile, marodon won the pot with J♠9♥ for two pair. HustlerGrune bubbled off the final table in fifth place and won $3,501.52.


Event #24-L NL 4-max - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: marodon (25,758,023)
Seat 2: capeta333 (3,131,662)
Seat 3: Faaalk (8,499,588)
Seat 5: saadleb (15,225,727)

The final table of four was officially set with marodon leading everyone with 25.7 million. Action was paused while the final four players discussed a deal. The original deal was shot down by capeta333, who was seeking a little more. After a tense discussion, the players figured out how to chop up the money, with a non-negotiable $2,000 set aside for the champion. Thus, play resumed.

MOMENT'S NOTICE: saadleb eliminated in 4th place

An escalating war of aggression broke out and when the dust settled, someone went home. The fracas began when saadleb opened to 550,000, and marodon responded with a re-raise to 1,135,478. The response from saadleb was loud and clear -- he four-bet shoved for 13,995,907. marodon inta-called with T♣T♠, and was ahead against saadleb's A♥7♠. The flop was K♣T♦3♦ and marodon improved to a set of tens. The turn was the Q♠ and the river was the 9♣. The pot went to marodon, and saadleb busted out in fourth place, which was good for a $14,135.95 payday courtesy of the deal.

That hand pushed marodon over 35.7 million. Faaalk held around 9.2 million and capeta333 was just under 6 million.

LAZY BIRD: capeta333 eliminated in 3rd place

It didn't take very long before someone busted in third place. Here's how it happened.... capeta333 min-raised to 500,000, Faaalk bumped it up to 1,146,785, and capeta333 called. The flop was A♣A♠7♥. Faaalk fired out 1,064,785, capeta333: shoved for 4,629,039, and Faaalk called. Faaalk held A♥T♠ for trip Aces, while capeta333 showed 7♦6♣ for a meek two pair. The turn was the J♥ and the river was the Q♦. Faaalk's trips held up and capeta333 was busto in third place, which paid out $8,323.88.

HEADS-UP: Sweden vs.Moldova
Seat 1: marodon (28,179,110)
Seat 3: Faaalk (24,435,890)

Despite the monster leas, Faaalk pulled somewhat close to marodon. Only 3.7 million separated the two.

Faaalk struck first blood. On a board of Q♣7♦3♣5♦A♦, marodon took a stab with a 2,875,414 bet, but Faaalk popped him to 7,456,785. It looked as though marodon knew he was in trouble, and bailed from the hand. Faaalk won the pot without a showdown and improved to 33M, while marodon slipped to 19K.

Over the next four hands -- Faaalk won three small pots and another sizable pot to add more chips to his arsenal. On a board of Q♠5♠2♣A♣7♥, marodon check-called a bet of 1,806,785 from Faaalk. Faaalk showed A♦7♦ for two pair -- Aces and sevens -- and marodon mucked. That hand pushed Faaalk over 36.7 million. Faaalk picked up momentum and passed 40 million. It was only a matter of time before Faaalk finished off marodon and ate his lunch.

LOCOMOTION: marodon eliminated in 2nd place; Faaalk wins SCOOP title

On the final hand, Faaalk held over a 4-1 chip advantage. Faaalk opened with a min-raise to 600,000, marodon re-raised to 1,212,547, Faaalk four-bet to 2,106,785, marodon five-bet to 3,001,023, Faaalk six-bet shoved for 43,041,892, and marodon called all-in. Faaalk felt confident that his J♥J♣ would hold up against marodon's A♥4♥. The board ran out 7♦4♠3♠6♥9♣. Faaalk's Jacks held up and he won the pot to ship the tournament. Meanwhile, marodon busted out in second place and based on the deal that was made with monster lead. Madolva's marodon won $20,165.18 for a runner-up performance.

Faaalk from Sweden, earned $12,676.12 for first place and also won a cool watch for his first SCOOP title.

Event #23-L NL 4-Max - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 10,523
Places Paid: 1,400

1. Faaalk (Sweden) - $12,676.12 **
2. marodon (Moldova) - $20,165.18 **
3. capeta333 (Brazil) - $8,323.88 **
4. saadleb (Lebanon) - $14,135.95

** denotes a deal was cut among the final four

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP