SCOOP 2012: Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka flushes field and wins Event #33-High ($2,100 NL 1R1A)

SCOOP logo.gifFaraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka made a deep run a couple of days earlier in SCOOP Event #29-High, but he could only muster up a ninth-place finish. Jaka took another shot at a SCOOP title this evening and advanced to his second final table, which also included Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov. Lykov busted out in fifth place, and Jaka eventually found himself heads-up against HC_68 from Austria. Only one person stood in his way of immortality. Jaka rose to the occasion and like a veteran pugilist, he methodically wore down his opponent before he delivered a decisive knock-out blow to win the championship.

Event #33-H $2,100 NL (1R+1A) attracted 175 card-slinging warriors. The prize pool ballooned to $808,000 and included 120 re-buys and 109 add-ons. First place was guaranteed $173,720 and a cool champion's watch. Only the top 27 places paid out.


The elegant and sleek SCOOP champion's watch

The star-studded field featured familiar faces such as Team PokerStars Online George "Jorj95" Lind and a slew of PokerStars Team Pros... Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, ElkY, Nacho Barbero, Johnny Lodden, and Eugene Katchalov.

Notables who cashed in Event #33-High included PokerStars Team Pros Max Lykov (5th) and Vicky Coren (17th).

When the money bubble popped at 27, zugzwang16 held the lead with 130K and Shaun Deeb was lurking in the Top 10. With two tables remaining, HITTHEPANDA took command of the lead with 222K and Max Lykov climbed to 6th overall with Shaun Deeb not far behind. At that juncture, Vicky Coren held the short stack with 14K.

Coren's comeback was thwarted by römpsä's pocket Kings. On a board of Q♣4♦3♥, she check-raised all-in with K♠Q♦ but was trailing römpsä's K♥K♦. The turn and river did not held Coren and she busted out in 17th place, which paid out $10,100.

Shaun Deeb (a.k.a. the Mayor of SCOOP-land) was seeking another final table, but fell short of the mark and busted out in 12th place. Deeb four-bet shoved with 4♥4♦ and ran into zugzwang16's Q♣Q♦. Deeb missed his chance to win his fourth title and 8th final table, but he earned $14,140 for 12th place.

With 11 players remaining, zugzwang16 took over the lead with 300K. Max Lykov chipped up to third place after he knocked out BrynKenney. Kenney's pair of jacks with K♠J♦ lost to Lykov's Ace-high flush with A♥4♥. Kenney took home $14,140 for 11th place.

With ten players left, action went hand-for-hand. It took almost two full levels before someone busted. Short-stacked Naza114 open-shoved for 48,084. Max Lykov re-raised all-in to isolate and everyone else got out of his way. Lykov was flipping with A♣K♠ against Naza114's 4♣4♠. A King on the flop gave the lead to Lykov. The board ran out K♦J♦2♦7♥6♠ and Lykov's pair of Kings held up. Naza114 bubbled off the final table in tenth place ($14,140).


Event #33-H - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: The-Toilet 0 (106,896)
Seat 2: römpsä (224,355)
Seat 3: Mafews (68,601)
Seat 4: HITTHEPANDA (49,100)
Seat 5: HC_68 (316,810)
Seat 6: Sphinx87 (74,329)
Seat 7: zugzwang16 (85,800)
Seat 8: Maxim Lykov (238,546)
Seat 9: RandALLin (47,563)

HC_68 began the final table as the chip leader with RandALLin holding onto the short stack. Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka was fourth overall.

PSYCHO KILLER: Mafews eliminated in 9th place

It didn't take very long before two players rumbled at the final table. The-Toilet 0 opened-shoved for 129,869 and Mafews called. The-Toilet 0 was behind with 6♣6♥ against Mafews' T♥T♣, but the board ran out J♣5♥4♠Q♣6♠. The 6♠ spiked on the river to improve The-Toilet 0 to a set of sixes. Mafews hit the road and became the first player to bust at the final table. For ninth place, Mafews earned $16,160.00.

LIFE DURING WARTIME: RandALLin eliminated in 8th place

Another short stack was liquidated when Sphinx87 min-raised to 5,000, RandALLin shoved for 38,713, and Sphinx87 called. RandALLin was in trouble with A♠Q♠ against Sphinx87's A♦K♦. The board ran out 8♦4♠3♣Q♦3♦. RandALLin's pair of Queens were ravished when Sphinx87 caught running diamonds for an Ace-high flush. RandALLin collected $24,240 for eighth place.

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: HITTHEPANDA eliminated in 7th place

The-Toilet 0 started the skirmish with 6,000. HITTHEPANDA re-raised all-in for 72,700, and The-Toilet 0 called. The-Toilet 0 was flipping with A♣K♣ against HITTHEPANDA's 7♥7♦. The flop was Q♥9♣7♣. HITTHEPANDA improved to a set of sevens, but The-Toilet 0 picked up a nut-flush draw. The turn was the 6♥ and the river was the J♣. The-Toilet 0 rivered his flush and HITTHEPANDA was dunzo. For seventh place, HITTHEPANDA won $32,320.

With five to go, Max Lykov sat in the top spot with 312K and The-Toilet 0 chipped up to second with almost 300K.

Lykov coughed up the top spot when he ran into pocket Aces. On a flop of 8♠6♠4♣, römpsä bet 15,070, Lykov raised to 31,225, römpsä shoved for 161,827, and Lykov called. Lykov held 7♥4♥ for bottom pair and a gutshot against römpsä's A♣A♦. Lykov was crippled and römpsä rocketed to the top with 333K.

SWAMP: Sphinx87 eliminated in 6th place

Here's a hand that involves cracked Aces and quads...

Sphinx87 min-raised to 6,000. Max Lykov shoved all-in and Sphinx87 called all-in for 54,792. Sphinx87 led with A♣A♠ versus 9♠9♦. The flop was Q♥9♣9♥ and Lykov flopped quads. Sphinx87 needed running Aces to win, but the turn was the K♣, and the river was the 4♥. Sphinx87's Aces were brutally snapped off. Lykov chipped up to 137K. Despite the tough beat, Sphinx87 collected $40,400 for sixth place.

Check out the hand in the snazzy replayer:

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With five to go... The-Toilet 0 (361K) held the lead, followed by römpsä (325K), HC_68 (270K), Max Lykov (137K), and zugzwang16 (117K).

The-Toilet 0 and römpsä clashed back and forth over Level 25. The-Toilet 0 opened to 8,520, römpsä raised to 18,999, The-Toilet 0 four-bet to 37,800, römpsä five-bet shoved for 496,694, and The-Toilet 0 called. Another flip... römpsä was racing with A♥K♠ against The-Toilet 0's T♦T♣. The flop was T♠7♥6♦ and The-Toilet 0 strengthened is hand to a set. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 2♥. The-Toilet 0 won the pot with a full boat. The-Toilet 0 chipped up to 491K.

SLIPPERY PEOPLE: Max Lykov eliminated in 5th place

The-Toilet 0 had just run his Q♠Q♥ into zugzwang16's A♥A♦. While zugzwang16 lived to fight another day, The-Toilet 0 found himself getting dealt pocket Queens in consecutive hands.

The-Toilet 0 min-raised to 8,000, Lykov pushed all-in for 131,026, and The-Toilet 0 called. Lykov was trailing with A♣Q♦ against The-Toilet 0's Q♥Q♠. The board ran out J♠T♣6♣6♦4♦. The-Toilet 0's Queens held up when he faded a Broadway gutshot and an Ace. Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov collected $48,480 for a fifth-place finish.

The-Toilet 0 passed the half million mark with römpsä (287K) in second. Meanwhile, zugzwang16 was the shorty with 162K.

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: römpsä eliminated in 4th place

It was zugzwang16's turn to seize momentum. He crawled out of the basement and doubled up wit Q♥J♣ against römpsä's 9♦9♠. Both players bombed it all-in preflop. The board ran out A♥J♦6♣8♦3♥ and römpsä's nines failed to improve.

On the next hand... römpsä got the rest of his chips all-in from the big blind, and römpsä made a final stand with 6♥5♣ against zugzwang16's Q♣T♣. The board ran out Q♥J♥4♦5♥2♦ and zugzwang16 won the pot. Finland's römpsä took home $70,700 for fourth place.


Faraz "The-Toilet 0"Jaka still lead with 515K and zugzwang16 (434K) moved up to second, while HC_68 was in last with (262K). Action was paused while the final three discussed a deal. The-Toilet 0 didn't like the number offered for first place.

"Nothing personal," Jaka wanted his opponents to know.

Unable to come to a comprise, the discussion was halted and play resumed.

Once cards went back into the air, The-Toilet 0 launched an offensive surge. He struck first blood by winning a pot worth 191K against HC_68. On a board of Q♣6♠6♣9♥4♣, The-Toilet 0 showed Q♠7♦ for a better two pair against HC_68's 3♥3♣ and inferior two pair. The-Toilet 0 won the next few pots and chipped up to 775K.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME: zugzwang16 eliminated in 3rd place

HC_68 gained some momentum and won a pot against The-Toilet 0 before he picked on zugzwang16. While HC_68 chipped up, zugzwang16's stack headed south. In a few hands, zugzwang16 met his untimely fate when a raising war broke out.

The-Toilet 0 opened to 10,000, HC_68 called from the small blind, zugzwang16 raised to 31,075, The-Toilet 0 four-bet to 62,022, HC_68 folded, but zugzwang16 five-bet shoved all-in for 231,366, and The-Toilet 0 called. The-Toilet 0 took T♣T♠ to war against zugzwang16's A♥T♥. The-Toilet 0 flopped a boat and that's all she wrote. The board finished up K♦K♥T♦5♥9♠ and zugzwang16 busted in third place, which paid out $94,940.

HEADS-UP: The-Toilet 0 (Mexico) vs. HC_68 (Austria)
Seat 1: The-Toilet 0 (890,003)
Seat 5: HC_68 (321,997)

WHAT A DAY THAT WAS: HC_68 eliminated in 2nd place; The-Toilet 0 prevails!

The-Toilet 0 patiently chiseled away at HC_68's stack over a twenty minute stretch. During a few instances, The-Toilet 0 acted like a menacing cat that was toying with a cornered mouse. HC_68 was in trouble. He had lost three hands in a row and lost nine out of twelve. HC_68's remaining stack was under siege and he desperately needed to do something about that.

HC_68 min-raised to 12,000 and The-Toilet 0 called. The flop was J♦7♠2♠. The-Toilet 0 checked, HC_68 fired out 12,000, The-Toilet 0 check-raised to 1,000,000, and HC_68 called all-in. HC_68 showed T♣T♠ and was ahead, but The-Toilet 0 picked up a flush draw with 6♠3♠. The J♠ spiked on the turn and The-Toilet 0 filled in his flush. However, HC_68 still had outs with a higher flush draw and a boat draw. Alas, the river was the 8♥. HC_68 failed to improve his hand and was knocked out in second place. Austria's HC_68 collected $12,5240 for a runner-up performance.

Meanwhile, Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka shipped his first SCOOP title of the year. He won a champion's watch and earned $173,720 for first place. If Jaka is looking to invest his windfall, he won enough cash to purchase 4,571 shares of Facebook stock.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #33-H $2,100 NL (1R+1A) Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 175
Payouts: 27

1. Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (Mexico) - $173,720
2. HC_68 (Austria) - $125,240
3. zugzwang16 (Uruguay) - $94,940
4. römpsä (Finland) - $70,700
5. Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov (Russia) - $48,480
6. Sphinx87 (Poland) - $40,400
7. HITTHEPANDA (Canada) - $32,320
8. RandALLin (Mexico) - $24,240
9. Mafews (U.K.) - $16,160

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Pauly McGuire
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