SCOOP 2012: gast117 bullies way to title in Event #16-M 2x Chance Turbo

SCOOP logo.gifDouble chance. Two shots at a SCOOP title. What more could you ask for? How about kicking it up a notch and making it a Turbo event? Players were only eligible for a single re-buy in the first 90 minutes if they lost their entire stack. The turbo format featured rapidly increasing five-minute blinds. As a result, this unique event lasted under 4 hours and 44 minutes.

Event #16-M $215 2x Chance Turbo attracted 2,710 runners who added 1,186 re-buys to create a total prize pool worth $779,200. The top 342 places paid out with $123,113.64 originally set aside for first place.

Several notables from Team Poker Stars Pros cashed in this event including Romania's Toni Judet (33rd), Belguim's Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder (262nd), Russia's Eugene Katchalov (206th), Costa Rica's Humberto Brenes (180th) and Argentina's Nacho Barbero (94th).

Team PokerStars Online Björn "Bjoerni89" Schneider went the deepest out of his fellow PokerStars' players and the young German finished 12th overall.

With about 50 to go, Bjoerni89 avoided a thrashing when he got it all in with T♥T♦ against pocket Jacks, but a fortuitous ten on the flop gave Bjoerni89 the lead and he won the hand. Bjoerni89 jumped into the Top 10 in chips. With 24 to go, Bjoerni89 doubled up with K♦K♥ against CAZcadeur's A♠Q♣. Bjoerni89 surged to over 1 million and moved into the Top 5 in chips. With 17 to go, Bjoerni89 improved to 1.5 million when his T♥T♣ allowed him to double through itSmin3z's 6♠6♦.

Then things got weird for Bjoerni89. He ran his A♣J♦ into goldpiggy's A♦Q♥. He was crippled and plummeted to next to last place (12 out of 13) in chips. He managed to double up a couple of times to survive a level, but he was just postponing the inevitable.

On his final hand... Bjoerni89 open-shoved for his last 571,236 and WatchOutFish called from the big blind. WatchOutFish led with K♥7♠ against Bjoerni89's Q♣5♠. The board ran out 9♠3♠2♠J♥8♠. WatchOutFish won with a nine-high flush and Bjoerni89 went busto in 12th. He won $5,064.80.


With 10 to go, Parampampero bubbled off the final table after getting it all-in with 2♣2♠ against gast117's T♦T♥. The board ran out A♠6♦6♣6♠9♣ and gast117 won the pot with a bigger full house. Spain's Parampampero hit the road in tenth place and won $5,064.80.


Event #16-M 2x Turbo - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: lehout (2,645,420)
Seat 2: WatchOutFish (2,435,518)
Seat 3: gast117 (6,749,029)
Seat 4: wiper222 (1,765,176)
Seat 5: bestofiraq (373,430)
Seat 6: goldpiggy (1,589,058)
Seat 7: TocalaSam (696,821)
Seat 8: BertusBul (1,692,008)
Seat 9: gbmantis (1,533,540)

It was a Dutch-heavy final table with four players residing from the Netherlands. The shorty was bestofiraq with 373K, while gast117 held the lead with over 6.7 million.
From the commencement of the final table, gast117 established himself as the bully. He had a monster-stacken and wasn't afraid to throw around his weight. It appeared as though gast117's default betting position was... all-in.

WHO LOVES THE SUN: bestofiraq eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked bestofiraq became the first player to bust from the final table when he tried to make a stand after gast117 shoved all-in for 6,484,029. bestofiraq called all-in for 158,430 from the big blind holding only J♦7♣. gast117 was ahead with A♠3♣. The board ran out A♥Q♦8♥Q♠2♥ and gast117 won the pot with two-pair. The U.K.'s bestofiraq won $6,623.20 for finishing in ninth place.

LONESOME COWBOY BILL: TocalaSam eliminated in 8th place

With eight remaining, gast117 continued his aggression and moved all-in for 7,042,459. TocalaSam defended his big blind and called all-in for 461,821. TocalaSam led with A♠8♠ against gast117's 9♦4♥, but the board ran out K♠9♥2♠5♥2♥. gast117 paired his nine and won the pot. TocalaSam was knocked out in eighth place and won $11,298.40.

SWEET JANE: lehout eliminated in 7th place

This time, lehout was the first player to get it all-in before gast117 (who folded). When lehout shoved for 1,091,880, WatchOutFish re-raised all-in for 2,625,518. The isolation bet worked and the two were heads-up. WatchOutFish's 7♥7♦ was racing aainst lehout's A♣J♥. The board ran out T♣6♠5♥7♠9♥. WatchOutFish improved to a set of sevens and won the pot. Meanwhile, lehout hit the rail in seventh place, which was good enough for a $19,090.40 pay day.

TRAIN AROUND THE BEND: goldpiggy eliminated in 6th place

Like clockwork, gast117 shoved all-in for 8,824,772. Short-stacked goldpiggy made a final stand and called all-in for 294,058. gast117 was ahead with A♦2♣ versus goldpiggy's 7♦5♣. The board ran out K♥Q♠9♥K♦2♠ and goldpiggy did not improve. Once again, gast117 won the hand, this instance with a pair of deuces. New Zealand's goldpiggy busted out in sixth and took home $26,882.40.

COOL IT DOWN: wiper222 eliminated in 5th place

In an unusual move, gast117 only raised 800,000, but short-stacked wiper222 called all-in for 380,176. It didn't look too good for gast117, who trailed with 8♦6♣ against wiper222's Q♦J♠. But the poker gods were shining their love down on gast117 because the board ran out K♦8♣5♦A♣K♥, and gast117 won the pot with two pair -- Kings and eights. Meanwhile, wiper222 whiffed on a gutshot draw and busted out in fifth place, which paid out $34,674.40.


With four players remaining, gast117 held an intimidating stack worth 9.3 million (more than everyone combined). A deal was discussed and after several minutes of deliberation, an arrangement was made with $8,000 left on the table for the winner. For holding the monster stack, gast117 locked up $100,000, while gbmantis locked up $84,852.53, WatchOutFish got $72,500.84, and BertusBul guaranteed himself $62,043.13.

NEW AGE: BertusBul eliminated in 4th place

With a money deal sealed, play resumed at the final table.

Instead of his usual all-in shove, gast117 eased off the accelerator with a min-raise to 500,000. BertusBul didn't blink and shoved all-in for 1,369,016. When gast117 called, he ahead with Q♥9♠ versus BertusBul's Q♣2♣. The board ran out J♥9♦3♥A♣3♦ and gast117 won the pot with two pair. BertusBul was dunzo and collected $62,043.13 for a fourth-place finish.

HEAD HELD HIGH: WatchOutFish eliminated in 3rd place

With three remaining, gbmantis open-shoved for 4,142,910 and WatchOutFish called all-in for 3,266,261. WatchOutFish found himself ahead with A♥T♣ against gbmantis' A♣9♠. Alas, the board ran out J♠5♠3♦9♦6♣. Despite being behind, gbmantis won the pot after pairing his kicker on the turn. WatchOutFish busted out in third place, but won $72,500.84.

HEADS-UP: gast117 (Netherlands) vs. gbmantis (Honduras)
Seat 3: gast117 (11,508,329)
Seat 9: gbmantis (7,971,671)

When it got down to the last two players, gast117 held a lead 11.5M to 7.9M.

ROCK AND ROLL: gbmantis eliminated in 2nd place; gast117 win first SCOOP title

The heads-up match lasted a mere five hands. If you blinked, you missed the decisive hand. The first two hands were won by gbmantis with not much of a fuss, and he took a slim lead.

Things got a little interesting by the third hand. The board read J♦3♥3♦. A brawl ensued when gbmantis bet out 600,000, gast117 raised 1,855,555, gbmantis re-raised all-in for 9,342,504, and gast117 called all-in. Both players held diamond draws, but gast117 was ahead with A♦2♦ against K♦9♦. The turn was the T♠, and the river was the 4♠. Neither card helped gbmantis, who was crippled to under 500K.

On the fourth hand of heads-up, gbmantis shoved with any two cards and trailed with T♠3♦ against gast117's Q♦2♣, yet somehow squeaked out a well-timed doubled up with two pair.

On the fifth and final hand of heads-up... gast117 raised to 1.2 million and gbmantis called all-in for his last 960,016. When both players tabled their hands, gast117 was ahead with Q♥8♥ versus against gbmantis' 8♠5♠. On the turn, gbmantis picked up a glimmer of hope with a gutshot draw, but failed to get there when the board ran out T♦3♣2♥6♥Q♣. The Queen of clubs on the river improved gast117 to a pair and he won the pot, but more importantly, he also shipped the tournament. For a runner-up performance, gbmantis from Honduras won $84,852.53.

Congrats to gast117 from the Netherlands for winning $108,000 and wining his first SCOOP title.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #16-M $215 NL 2x Turbo - Final Table Payouts and Results:
1. gast117 ((Netherlands) - $108,000 **
2. gbmantis (Honduras) - $84,852.53 **
3. WatchOutFish (Canada) - $72,500.84 **
4. BertusBul (Netherlands) - $62,014.83 **
5. wiper22 (Netherlands) - $34,674.40
6. goldpiggy (New Zealand) - $26,882.40
7. lehout (Netherlands) - $19,090.40
8. TocalaSam (Spain) - $11,298.40
9. bestofiraq (U.K.) - $6,623.20

** denotes a deal was made for the final four players

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