SCOOP 2012: Good Day Sunshine; Soco2l Wins Event 2-Low

SCOOP logo.gifYou never know about tomorrow. That's why no matter what happens today -- good or bad -- we all go to bed hoping that tomorrow will be filled with hope and promise. Last night, 70 players were tantalized by dreams of winning a SCOOP title, but only one would emerge victorious. Winning a single poker tournament is not an easy task, especially when you are forced to outlast over 28,000 other combatants.

SCOOP Event #2-L $27 NL Hold'em was scheduled as a two-day event and attracted 28,876 runners, all of whom contributed to a prize pool worth $721,900 -- a number which smashed the $400,000 guarantee. The top 3,960 places in Event #2-L paid out with $66,892.27 set aside for the champion.

PokerStars Team Online member from Spain Javier 'El_Cañonero' Dominguez (104th place) and Germany's Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitman (497th place) were among the notable players who cashed and finished in the Top 500.

Russia's reckoner4 ended Day 1 as the chip leader with 10.7 million. Only 70 players returned to action for Day 2. With three tables to go, it appeared as though reckoner4 was going to run away with the title when he became the first player to surpass the 100 million chip mark.

The final table Bubble Boy honors went to itsourekas. On the fateful hand in question, itsourekas found himself all-in pre-flop with 8♦8♣ against SkiP009's K♣5♣. Skip flopped a King to take the lead and improved to a flush on the river. Greece's itsourekas hit the rail and uncermoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


SCOOP Event #2-L Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: reckoner4 (39,561,959)
Seat 2: Soco2l (33,995,952)
Seat 3: Nty9Problems (13,380,736)
Seat 4: sonicdeep (12,189,636)
Seat 5: SkiP009 (52,791,405)
Seat 6: DiegoSouz7 (11,141,488)
Seat 7: SirLordJames (28,188,441)
Seat 8: Danil joker (60,273,430)
Seat 9: yargen (37,236,953)

Although recknoer4 held the lead at the onset of Day 2, Danil joker began the final table with the overall lead.

TAX MAN: DiegoSouz7 eliminated in 9th place

It didn't take very long before the first player busted from the final table. SkiP009 opened to 2,400,000 and DiegoSouz7 called. The flop was J♠T♥4♥. SkiP009 bet 8,800,000, which was more than DiegoSouz7's retaining stack. DiegoSouz7 called all-in for 8,341,488. SkiP009 flipped over Q♠J♦ and held the lead with a pair of Jacks. Meanwhile, DiegoSouz7 trailed with 7♠7♣ and desperately needed a miracle. The turn was the 2♠, and the river was the 5♠. DiegoSouz7 failed to improve and busted out in ninth place, collecting $3,515.65.

After winning that pot, SkiP009 seized the chip lead.

HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE: Nty9Problems eliminated in 8th place

With blinds at 500,000 and 1 million, short-stacked Nty9Problems open-shoved for 8,680,736. Danil joker called from the big blind with A♣8♠. He was ahead and dominated Nty9Problems' Q♠8♣. The board ran out 9♣7♦3♠A♦6♣. The Ace on the turn sealed the victory for Danil joker (who retained the chip lead). Nty9Problems busted out in eighth place and won $5,977.33.

YELLOW SUBMARINE: sonicdeep eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked sonicdeep picked a spot and moved all-in for 4,189,636. Yargen called, reckoner4 called, and Soco2l called. Four-way pot. All three players checked it down to the river. The board ran out 6♣4♣4♦2♥2♠. Shorty sonicdeep mucked, and yargen won the pot with 5♠5♥. Alas, sonicdeep was knocked out in seventh place, but won $8,785.52.

AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING: SirLordJames eliminated in 6th place

SirLordJames shoved for 24,331,588 and yargen called from the big blind. yargen was ahead with 9♥9♠ against SirLordJames' 6♠6♥. The board ran out J♣T♥8♠T♠2♠, and yargen won the pot with two pair -- tens and nines. SirLordJames was eliminated in sixth place, collecting $12,654.90.

Danil joker held the lead with over 96 million. Soco2l was the shorty with 20.8 million.

SHE SAID SHE SAID: yargen eliminated in 5th place

In the first mega-pot of the final table... yargen opened to 3,010,000, reckoner4 raised to 7 million, yargen shoved all-in for 48,830,399. reckoner4 called with A♥J♦, but yargen trailed with A♦7♠. The board ran out K♥6♠4♥9♠A♣. yargen was outkicked and busted. For a fifth-place finish, yargen won $18,978.75. Meanwhile, reckoner4 surged to over 100 million and seized the lead with four players to go.

Deal Time

With four remaining, the action was paused so everyone could discuss a deal. An agreement was reached with an ICM chop and $8,000 left on the table for the winner.

GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE: SkiP009 eliminated in 4th place

When play resumed, the last two Russians at the final table would meet their fate. SkiP009 hit the road and bowed out in fourth place on a cooler.
SkiP009 got it all-in preflop with Q♦Q♥ against Soco2l's A♠A♣. The pocket rockets held up and Soco2l won the pot. SkiP009 earned $41,390.40 for third place.

I'M ONLY SLEEPING: reckoner4 eliminated in 3rd place

Unfortunately, the Day 1 chip leader would not win the event. Reckoner4 made a move and got his entire stack in preflop with 2♣2♦ against Danil joker's T♥T♠. The board ran out A♠Q♠6♠6♥ T♣, and Danil joker won the pot with a full house. For third place, reckoner4 won $45,709.83.

Heads-Up: Danil Joker (Ukraine) vs. Soco2l (Czech Republic)

Both players were almost dead even inn chips with approximately five million separating the two.

TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS: Danil Joker eliminated in 2nd place

The final two danced around during the onset of heads-up, but Soco2l was the one who took advantage of the tempered play. Soco2l slowly chipped away at Danil Joker and passed 200 million in chips, but he could not deliver the fatal blow.

After it looked as though the two were settling in for a drawn out brawl, the two engaged in fireworks. Danil joker opened to 4 million, Soco2l raised to 10 million, and Danil joker called. The flop was A♠8♦7♥. Soco2l fired out 10,250,000 and Danil joker called. The turn was the A♦. Soco2l bet 18,853,853 and Danil joker called. The river was the T♣. Soco2l bet 28,258,698. Danil joker rraised all-in for 67,655,875 and Soco2l called. Danil joker showed J♣9♣ for a Jack-high straight, but Soco2l won the hand with A♥T♥ and a full boat. Rough way to go. Ukraine's Danil joker won $42,755.67 for a stellar runner-up performance.

Soco2l won the pot and shipped the tournament. The Czech Republic's Soco2l collected $42,239.91 for first place, not to mention winning a SCOOP title!

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Final Table Results and Payouts:
1. Soco2l (Czech Republic) - $42,239.91 **
2. Danil joker (Ukraine) - $42,755.67 **
3. reckoner4 (Russia) - $45,709.83 **
4. SkiP009 (Russia) - $41,390.40 **
5. yargen (Israel) - $18,978.75
6. SirLordJames (Czech Republic) - $12,654.90
7. sonicdeep (Ukraine) - $8,785.52
8. Nty9Problems (Australia) - $5,977.33
9. DiegoSouz7 (Brazil) - $3,515.65

** denotes a deal was cut among the final four

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP