SCOOP 2012: Hans-jörg029 pumped up for victory in marathon-like Event #27-High

SCOOP logo.gif"Patience is a Virtue."

"Slow and steady wins the race."

"Rome wasn't built in a day."

"A watched pot never boils."

I listed four common proverbs about patience because I felt it was the proper thing to do after SCOOP Event #27-High NL lasted 37 hours and 28 minutes. Yes, that's not a typo. 37.5 hours. I could have watched the film Rounders (run time 2 hours 1 minute) almost 19 times before the completion of the final table.

Event #27-High NL was scheduled as a two-day event, which commenced on May 15th at 17:00 ET and took a break after 16 levels of play. Action resumed on May 16th at 17:00 ET and ran until 6:28 ET on May 17th.

Event #27-High attracted 1,179 runners created a prize pool worth $1,179,000. The top 135 players were paid out prize money with $212,220 set aside for the champion.

The money bubble did not burst on Day 1, which ended with 138 players remaining. The chip leader at the end of Day 1 was Perumov (Russia) with 143,852. It was neck-and-neck for second and third place with dean23price (UK) ending Day 1 with 141,591, and Orkyd (Belgium) finishing up with 141,156.

The Czech Republic's Martin Staszko was the only PokerStars Team Pro to advance to Day 2. Staszko ended Day 1 with 29,717 in chips, which put him 84th overall.


The money bubble popped early on Day 2. Martin Staszko was the only member of Team PokerStars Pro to cash in 96th place. Staszko was short stacked for most of Day 2. He was next to last in chips when he made a stand with T♠3♠ against ely_cash41's K♣T♦. The board ran out A♥8♠J♦5♣Q♠ and ely_cash41 won the hand with a Broadway straight. Staszko earned $2,475.90 for 96th place.

When play reached the 30th hour, only 20 players remained with Weekender74 in the top spot with 769K. With 15 players remaining, NhFy seized the lead and became the first player to pass the 1 million mark.

Action was hand-for-hand with ten players remaining. After almost an hour, someone finally busted when APD0290 opened to 14,400, Setherson2 re-raised to 35,785, APD0290 four-bet shoved for 310,876, and Setherson2 called all-in. Setherson2 was ahead with K♦K♣ against APD0290's A♥6♥, but an Ace on the flop sunk Setherson2's Cowboys. APD0290 won the pot and Setherson2 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #27-H $1,050 NL - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: 1Lacky7 (578,415)
Seat 2: Weekender74 (857,915)
Seat 3: zcedrick (739,069)
Seat 4: NhFy (940,884)
Seat 5: APD0290 (520,444)
Seat 6: Trommelochse (688,081)
Seat 7: Hans-jörg029 (572,449)
Seat 8: ely_cash41 (553,812)
Seat 9: AQUA RAIDER (443,931)

The final table commenced in the middle of Level 32 with blinds at 3600/7200. NhFy held the top spot with 940K and AQUA RAIDER was the short stack with 444K. The tournament was running for 32 hours and 40 minutes before a final table was set after a prolonged bubble.

A rare hand occurred shortly after the final nine took their seats. NhFy and APD0290 got it all-in preflop with monster hands -- both held pocket Aces. NhFy held A♣A♥ against APD0290's A♦A♠. The board ran out T♦8♣6♦6♣K♦ and both players chopped the pot with Aces up.

NIGHT TRAIN: 1Lacky7 eliminated in 9th place

How long did it take before the first player to bust from the final table? Approximately one hour. Yes, the final nine patiently went about their business like they've been doing all evening long -- methodically waiting to strike.

Hans-jörg029 kicked off the hand with a raise to 18,900. 1Lacky7 bumped it up to 42,500, and Hans-jörg029 called. The flop was K♠T♠4♣. Hans-jörg029 checked, 1Lacky7 fired out 35,846, Hans-jörg029 check-raised to 71,692, and 1Lacky7 called. The 6♥ fell on the turn. Hans-jörg029 bet 153,000, 1Lacky7 shoved all-in for 365,063, and Hans-jörg029 called. Hans-jörg029 was ahead with a set of tens and T♦T♣ against 1Lacky7's A♦A♠. The river was the Q♣. Hans-jörg029 won the pot. Unfortunately, 1Lacky7 had Aces cracked and bowed out in ninth place, which paid out $14,148.

With eight players remaining, NhFy stack was 1.18 million and held a slight lead over Hans-jörg029 in second place. Trommelochse brought up the rear with 300K.

MR. BROWNSTONE: Trommelochse eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked Trommelochse decided to make a final stand... APD0290 min-raised to 20,000, Trommelochse insta-shoved for 229,132, and APD0290 called. APD0290 was ahead with A♠T♠ against Trommelochse's K♦Q♥. The board ran out 9♣7♠5♦7♣2♣ and APD0290 won the pot with a pair of sevens (on the board) and an Ace-kicker. APD0290 chipped up to 900K. Trommelochse lost the pot and was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $23,580.

PARADISE CITY: ely_cash41 eliminated in 7th place

It was a classic race: Jacks versus Big Slick. At stake? A 1.7 million pot.

Hans-jörg029 started off the firework with a raise to 21,000. ely_cash41 called. Weekender74 raised to 43,200. APD0290 re-raised to 90,340. Hans-jörg029 bailed. ely_cash41 five-bet shoved for 811,700. Weekender74 folded, but APD0290 called. APD0290 trailed with A♦K♥ against ely_cash41's J♠J♦. The board ran out Q♥9♦4♠T♦A♠. Even though APD0290 turned a Broadway gutshot, it was the A♠ spiking on the river that won the hand with pair of Aces. Alas, ely_cash41's Jacks were sunk and ely_cash41 busted out in seventh place, earning $35,3

With six remaining, APD0290 captured the lead with 1.7 million.

MY MICHELLE: Weekender74 eliminated in 6th place

Weekender74 opened with a min-raise to 20,000. NhFy re-raised to 40,000. Weekender74 four-bet to 96,000. NhFy called. The flop was J♥9♣4♦. Weekender74 checked, NhFy bet 80,000, Weekender74 re-raised all-in for 390,636, and NhFy called. Weekender74 showed A♥Q♥ and was behind NhFy's 3♠3♦. The turn was the K♦, which gave Weekender74 a Broadway gutter draw, but the river was the K♥. The running Kings did not help Weekender74, who busted out in sixth place. Weekender74 took home $47,160. NhFy won the hand and moved into second overall with 1.7 million.


With five remaining (at 34 hours and 41 minutes into the tournament), action was paused to discuss a deal. NhFy was out in front with almost 2 million and AQUA RAIDER was in last with over 530K. Players requested to see both chip chop and ICM numbers. After fifteen minutes of deliberation, players were unable to come to an agreement, so play resumed.


During Level 37, NhFy coughed up the chip lead after getting a hand caught in the cookie jar. The board was 9♣6♦4♣A♠6♠. NhFy checked, APD0290 fired out 168,000, NhFy check-raised to 350,000, and APD0290 headed into the tank for several minutes before making a call. NhFy showed K♦T♦ for nothing but a pair of sixes. APD0290 made a hero call and won the pot with K♣Q♦... for nothing but a pair of sixes yet outkicking NhFy. APD0290 won a pot worth 1,005,750 and chipped up to 1.5 million. NhFy sunk to second in chips with 1.5 million (just a tad more than APD0290). Hans-jörg029 leapfrogged into the lead with 1.6 million.

NhFy re-gained the lead after winning a pot with two pair holding A♥7♥ against Hans-jörg029 inferior two pair. NhFy crawled back on top with 1.4 million.

When play reached the 36th hour, it was zcedrick's turn to take the lead with 1.8 million. Hans-jörg029 lost the lead in a pot against zcedrick, who held 4♠4♥ for a full house.

The slide for NhFy continued during Level 38. Hans-jörg029 rivered the Wheel with A♥3♥ against NhFy. NhFy slid all the way to the basement to under 900K.

SWEET CHILD O' MINE: NhFy eliminated in 5th place

After two hours of action without an elimination, a player finally busted. zcedrick opened to 36,000 and NhFy called from the big blind. The flop was J♠4♦2♦. zcedrick fired out 36,800 and NhFy called. The turn was the 8♥ and both players checked. The river was the T♣. zcedrick bet 45,000, NhFy raised to 176,000, zcedrick shoved all-in for 1,837,047, and NhFy called all-in. NhFy had two pair with J♦T♥, but zcedrick showed 4♣4♠ for a set. The pot was shipped to zcedrick, who chipped up to over 2.6 million. NhFy was knocked out in fourth place and earned $58,950.

With four players remaining, the chip counts were:
Seat 3: zcedrick (2,618,778)
Seat 5: APD0290 (766,819)
Seat 7: Hans-jörg029 (1,176,197)
Seat 9: AQUA RAIDER (1,333,206)

YOU'RE CRAZY: AQUA RAIDER eliminated in 4th place

Hans-jörg029 opened to 37,800. Short-stacked AQUA RAIDER shoved all-in for 322,396. Hans-jörg029 called with Q♦Q♠. AQUA RAIDER was racing with A♥K♦. The flop was 5♣4♥3♥ and AQUA RAIDER picked up a Wheel draw. The turn was the 9♣, and the river was the 5♦. Hans-jörg029's Queens held up and won the pot. AQUA RAIDER failed to hit a gutshot draw and busted out in fourth place, which paid $84,888.

With three players remaining... zcedrick led with 2.2 million, Hans-jörg029 had 2 million, and APD0290 had 1.6 million.

DEAL 2.0

As the tournament passed the 37-hour mark, the final three asked to see numbers for a money chop. Unlike the previous deal discussion, an agreement was quickly reached. The deal featured $12,000 and the SCOOP champion's watch set aside for the eventual winner. The chip leader, zcedrick, secured $158,082.77. Meanwhile, Hans-jörg029 locked up $155,321.23, and APD0290 got $151,265.70. Once the deal was sealed, play resumed.

ANYTHING GOES: zcedrick eliminated in 3rd place

Talk about a cooler... zcedrick: min-raised to 40,000, Hans-jörg029 raised to 100,000, zcedrick re-raised to 235000, Hans-jörg029 five-bet to 420,000, zcedrick six-bet shoved for 2,188,248, and Hans-jörg029 called all-in. Hans-jörg029 was ahead with A♠A♣ against zcedrick's K♣K♠. The board ran out J♥7♥2♠7♠6♣. Hans-jörg029 avoid elimination when Aces held up. Hans-jörg029 chipped up to 4 million, while zcedrick was crippled.

Shorty zcedrick made a final stand with 3♠3♥ against Hans-jörg029's K♥7♦. The board ran out 9♦8♥4♣K♣9♠. The King on the turn sealed zcedrick's fate. Hans-jörg029 won the pot and zcedrick was knocked out collecting $158,082.77 for third place.

HEADS-UP: Hans-jörg029 (Austria) vs. APD0290 (Canada)
Seat 5: APD0290 (2,029,959)
Seat 7: Hans-jörg029 (3,865,041)

ROCKET QUEEN: APD0290 eliminated in 2nd place; Hans-jörg029 ships marathon SCOOP tournament

Heads-up only lasted three hands. APD0290 kicked off the festivities with a min-raise to 40,000. Hans-jörg029 re-raised to 120,000 and APD0290 called. The flop was A♣Q♣8♥ and both players checked. The turn was the Q♦. Hans-jörg029 bet 122,500, APD0290 raised to 285,000, Hans-jörg029 re-raised to 447,500, and APD0290 called. The river was the J♣. Hans-jörg029 fired out 912,000, APD0290 pushed all-in for 1,659,959, and Hans-jörg029 called. APD0290 rivered a club flush with K♣7♣, but the river filled in a boat for Hans-jörg029, who held Q♠J♥.

APD0290 busted out in second place and earned $151,265.70 for a runner-up performance.

Meanwhile, 37 hours and 28 minutes after Event #27-High started... Austria's Hans-jörg029 won the tournament, the coveted SCOOP watch, and $167,321.23 in cash. Get some sleep, Hans-jörg029... you've earned it.

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Event #27-H $1,050 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 1,179
Places Paid: 135

1. Hans-jörg029 (Austria) - $167,321.23 **
2. APD0290 (Canada) - $151,265.70 **
3. zcedrick (Spain) - $158,082.77 **
4. AQUA RAIDER (Canada) - $84,888
5. NhFy (Sweden) - $58,950
6. Weekender74 (U.K.) - $47,160
7. ely_cash41 (Mexico) - $35,370
8. Trommelochse (Germany) - $23,580
9. 1Lacky7 (Russia) - $14,148

** Denotes a deal was made with the final three players

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