SCOOP 2012: Hefty.TILT muscles way to #25-M title ($109 FL 2-7 Triple Draw)

SCOOP logo.gifNo straights. No flushes. No trips or pairs or aces (always high). No, it's broken hands, uncoordinated cards, and lowly deuces players desire when it comes to fixed-limit, deuce-to-seven triple draw. And if at first they don't succeed in obtaining such, they draw and draw and draw again.

A total of 540 players joined the $109 buy-in "medium" version of PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker FL 2-7 Triple Draw event. That meant a $54,000 prize pool, all told, more than twice the event's $25K guarantee. The top 72 would split the loot, with $10,260 going to the player who managed to build enough broken hands to claim all of the chips and a SCOOP title.

After just over six hours of play 100 players were left to pursue such hopes. Chipwise, Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan had collected the most at that point with more than 75,000, with Filthy999, moggiii, Brendy88, and Barbosyan rounding out the top five. A little over an hour later the money bubble had burst and they were down to 72, with risti7, mundos, and ozenc then leading the way and Morgan still up there in fourth.

Two members of Team PokerStars were among the final 72, Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Ana Marquez. Horecki would hang on to his short stack for a while before lg123456789 took the last of his chips to send the Polish pro railward in 45th ($248.40). Meanwhile Marquez lasted a bit longer, though she finally was ousted by montoya049 in 39th ($270).

Other notables among the cashers included Tom "kingsofcards" Marchese (69th, $172.80), Alex "skalexjung" Jung (36th, $270), Morgan (28th, $324), SCOOP wunderkind Shaun Deeb (22nd, $378), and 2011 WSOP November Niner Phil "USCphildo" Collins (14th, $502.20).

At the 10-hour mark just 10 players remained gathered around two tables, with Menikagain leading as the only player with more than 500,000, and Filthy999 not far back with almost 475,000. bergeroo hit the rail shortly thereafter in 10th ($729). Then over the next 40 minutes JJinjo (9th), lg123456789 (8th), and ogotop76 (7th) each were eliminated as well, taking away $1,134 paydays apiece.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: Hefty.TILT (Sweden) -- 221,215
Seat 2: Filthy999 (Australia) -- 592,190
Seat 3: jusgivithere (Canada) -- 272,791
Seat 4: thehempy (United Kingdom) -- 260,780
Seat 5: mundos (Czech Republic) -- 482,154
Seat 6: Menikagain (Cyprus) -- 870,870

It took just over an orbit for the first elimination of the final table to come. With the stakes 10,000/20,000, jusgivithere raised from the cutoff and mundos three-bet from the small blind. It folded back to jusgivithere reraised all in for 32,791 total, and mundos called. Both players took two cards on the first draw, then one each, then stood pat. In the end mundos had 8♣6♣4♦3♦2♠, just a touch better than jusgivthere's 8♠6♥5♣4♠2♣ to knock the latter out in sixth.

Almost exactly one hour would pass before the next knockout, during which stretch Hefty.TILT grabbed the lead with more than 1.13 million while mundos slipped to become the short stack with a little over 90,000. Then, with the stakes up to 14k/28k, thehempy raised from the button, mundos three-bet from the small blind, Menikagain capped from the BB, and both thehempy and mundos called.

On the first draw, mundos discarded one, Menikagain two, and thehempy stood pat. It checked to thehempy who bet, and the other two called. The second draw saw thehempy standing pat once more while both opponents drew one. It checked to thehempy again who bet once more, mundos called off the last 20,945 left, and Menikagain called as well. On the third draw mundos stood pat, Menikagain took one, and thehempy stood pat a third time.

Menikagain picked up a king on the end, turning over K♦7♣4♦3♠2♥, while thehempy tabled the better 8♦7♠5♥4♥2♣. Meanwhile, mundos mucked, hitting the rail in fifth.

About a half-hour later Hefty.TILT had chipped up close to 1.5 million while Menikagain had become the short stack with just over 80,000 -- just two big bets with the stakes at 20k/40k.

A series of raises before the draw between Menikagain and Filthy999 saw Menikagain almost all in, with the rest going in prior to the second. Filthy999 drew a single card on the first draw and then stood pat while Menikagain took two, one, and then one again. At showdown Filthy999 showed 7♥6♦4♠3♥2♦ -- a "number two" -- while Menikagain had but K♥9♠7♠5♥2♥ to go out in fourth.

They were approaching the 13-hour break when Hefty.TILT opened with a button raise (to 50k) and thehempy called from the big blind, drawing two while Hefty.TILT took three. thehempy led, Hefty.TILT raised, and thehempy called, drawing one on the second draw while Hefty.TILT stood pat. thehempy checked this time, and when Hefty.TILT bet, thehempy called all in for 2,055.

Both stood pat on the third round, then thehempy showed 8♦7♠6♦4♣3♣. It was a good hand, but not good enough, as Hefty.TILT had that barely beat with 8♣7♣6♥3♥2♠ to send thehempy out in third.

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Heads-up play began with Hefty.TILT leading with 1,507,490 to Filthy999's 1,192,510. Within 20 minutes Heftly.TILT had claimed more than half of Filthy999's stack, then came a hand in which betting back and forth resulted in Filthy999 all in before the third draw. Both players then stood pat, but Filthy999 showed a 7-6 to beat Hefty.TILT's 8-6 and survive.

Hefty.TILT again chipped away at Filthy999, and before long the latter was all in again, but wiggled free by drawing a 9-low to Hefty.TILT's J-low.

But as Filthy999's stack remained small, the chances of coming back were growing slimmer, and soon the end came.

Down to just over 300,000 (with big bets up to 60k), Filthy999 raised from the button, Hefty.TILT three-bet, and Filthy999 called. Hefty.TILT drew one while Filthy999 took two, then Hefty.TILT bet, Filthy999 raise, and Hefty.TILT called.

The second draw saw Hefty.TILT discarding one and Filthy999 standing pat. Hefty.TILT checked, Filthy999 bet, Hefty.TILT check-raised, Filthy999 raised all in, and Hefty.TILT called.

Hefty.TILT was the one standing pat now, while Filthy999 broke the hand to draw one. Hefty.TILT turned over 8♥6♦4♣3♥2♦ for an 8-low, better than Filthy999's J♦8♠6♣5♠2♥. The tourney was won.

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Congratulations to Hefty.TILT of Sweden for lowballing all of the way through a tough group of 540 to claim the five-figure first prize and SCOOP watch in Event #25-M!

2012 SCOOP Event 25-Medium, $109 Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw:
1st: Hefty.TILT (Sweden) -- $10,260
2nd: Filthy999 (Australia) -- $7,560
3rd: thehempy (United Kingdom) -- $5,535
4th: Menikagain (Cyprus) -- $3,780
5th: mundos (Czech Republic) -- $2,700
6th: jusgivithere (Canada) -- $1,728

Entrants: 540
Places paid: 72

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP