SCOOP 2012: Low vs. high buy-in turbos

SCOOP logo 2010.gifTurbo tournaments are very addictive. Once you start grinding them you don't want to go back to the regular ones. Be careful when you play turbo tournaments. You may never come back. The players that have a gambler's spirit inside of them tend to play these tournaments better than the common patient mortals. You should be aggressive and fight for the pots.

If you play the low buy-in SCOOP tournaments, you know that you are playing against mainly casual players in a big field. The bigger the field, the faster you are in the money. The best players will make money more times than they make when the bubble takes longer to hit. When the blinds start to go up, start to gamble more and don't be afraid to push all the chips into the middle when you have a premium hand. Pressing the bubble is not that important, because the bubble time is much shorter. The more tables there are in a tournament, the easier is to get players out. In a SCOOP tournament, the bigger the field if, the less important the bubble is.


Henrique Pinho

On the other hand, high-level buy-in SCOOP tournaments usually have smaller fields, and the players seem to be playing good and not giving chips away. In these tournaments the bubble takes longer to burst, and the bubble pressure is bigger. You should gamble sooner in these tournaments. Even with an average stack you should be able to put pressure in your opponents. Usually putting yourself all-in is a good way to do it. Don't let your stack go down too far, because it will be harder to get back to a normal stack than in a low buy in tournament.

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Henrique Pinho
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