SCOOP 2012: HustlaStylez hustles way to Heads-Up victory in Event #7-Low

SCOOP logo.gifTriskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. In many circles, 13 is a superstitious digit synonymous with bad luck. Apprehensive architects are beholden to the hysteria associated with 13, which is why you may come across older buildings that lack a 13th floor. The elevator rises from 12 to 14, skipping 13 along the way.

I doubt that HustlaStylez is not stricken with triskaidekaphobia. Otherwise, he never would have gotten out of the 13th round and advanced to the finals. To win Event #7-L $7.50 NL Heads-Up, you had to survive a field of 16,384 runners and win 14 consecutive heads-up matches in a little more than 12 hours. HustlaStylez made winning look easy as he emerged victorious and locked up his first SCOOP title.

The prize pool for Event #7-Low was $114,688. The 16,384 entrants were vying for a spot in the money, which in this case was the top 2,048 places. A total of $8,383.70 was set aside for first place. That was the reward for dominating the field and crushing 14 straight opponents.

Notables who cashed in this event included: PokerStars Team Online Pro Anders "Donald" Berg (377th) and PokerStars Team Pro George Danzer (1,398th).

By the way, the tournament included five minutes levels with 5,000 starting stacks.

The Sweet 16 (Round 11) Results:
BizzZNessS (Russia) defeated nofkntilt (Ukraine)
jeremychia (Australia) defeated Demmukas (Estonia)
wislong (Russia) defeated Evgeny26577 (Russia)
HustlaStylez (Germany) defeated ttkkthx (Russia)
demax333 (Russia) defeated L4urynas (Lithuania)
Azupa (Finland) defeated jjac10 (Belgium)
gui11gui (Portugal) defeated Chip&Chap86 (Germany)
lider002 (Ukraine) defeated koobiel (Israel)

The first four matches were complete by the end of the third level. All matches were done in 8 levels. The winners advanced to the Elite 8. The losers in Round 11 were all guaranteed $797.08.

The Elite 8 (Round 12) Results:
lider002 (Ukraine) defeated wislong (Russia)
HustlaStylez (Germany) defeated jeremychia (Australia)
gui11gui (Portugal) defeated BizzZNessS (Russia)
Azupa (Finland) defeated demax333 (Russia)

Three Russians advanced to the Elite 8 and entered the Ocotgon, but none of them got out alive.

DOWN WITH DISEASE: wislong eliminated in 8th

lider002 quickly advanced to Final Four. Here's the fateful hand... It began with an aggressive raising war. Both players were all-in preflop. lider002 was ahead with 8♥8♦ against wislong's 5♠5♥. lider002 even faded a open-ended straight draw to win. wislong was knocked out in eighth place and won $1,481.76.

SAMPLE IN A JAR: jeremychia eliminated in 7th place

Classic race. Both players moved all-in preflop. HustlaStylez was barely behind with A♦K♥ against jeremychia's T♣T♠. The A♣ spiked on the river and HustlaStylez won the pot. jeremychia busted out in seventh place, collecting $1,481.76.

SCENT OF A MULE: BizzZNessS eliminated in 6th place

Both players bombed it all-in preflop. gui11gui was ahead with T♦T♣ versus BizzZNessS' K♣T♥. The T♠ on the turn improved gui11gui's hand to a set of tens. He won the pot and advanced to the Final Four. BizzZNessS hit the road in sixth place and won $1,481.76.

WOLFMAN'S BROTHER: demax333 eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked demax333 made a stand with J♦5♠, but Azupa's K♣2♥ prevailed when the board ran out A♣T♣3♥Q♦9♥. demax333 busted out in fifth place and won $1,481.76. Azupa became the last player to advance to the Final Four.

The Final Four (Round 13):
lider002 (Ukraine) vs. gui11gui (Portugal)
HustlaStylez (Germany) vs. Azupa (Finalnd)

LIFE BOY: Azupa eliminated in 4th place

HustlaStylez pulled off a timely bluff, which thrust him into a dominant position. On a board of K♣5♦2♥4♠ T♠, Azupa checked, HustlaStylez bet 2,880, and Azupa folded. HustlaStylez added insult to injury and showed his bluff with 9♥8♣.

A few hands later, HustlaStylez still held a 9-1 advantage in chips. On a board of 7♦7♣8♦ T♥, a raising war broke out and both players got it all-in. Azupa's held 7♠5♥ for trip treys, but HustlaStylez was ahead with 9♠6♠ and a Ten-high straight. The river was the 9♣. HustlaStylez dodged a bullet (and a boat draw) and won the pot, thereby becoming the first player to advance to the final round. Finland's Azupa was knocked out in fourth place and won $2,689.43.

DOG FACED BOY: lider002 eliminated in 3rd place

It was still the early stages of the match, when both players were ambushed by one heck of a cooler. Both players were all-in pre-flop, and gui11gui was ahead with A♥A♣ against lider002's A♦K♥. Alas, the worst possible scenario happened for gui11gui when lider002 caught running Kings to snapp off Aces. More importantly, lider002 avoided an elimination.

Check out the brutal beat with the snazzy reaplyer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

lider002 made a final stand with A♠J♣, but he ran into gui11gui's K♥K♣. The pocket cowboys held up and gui11gui advanced to the final round. lider002 finished in third place and won $2,689.43.

The Heads-Up Finals (Round 14): gui11gui (Portugal) vs. HustlaStylez (Germany)


Both players started with 5,000 in chips. Before play kicked off, gui11gui inquired about a deal, but HustlaStylez shot down his offer to chop it and responded, "Let's play it out."

Play commenced without a deal.

After two and a half levels, HustlaStylez built up a 3-1 advantage in chips. During Level III, both players got it all-in for the first time when HustlaStylez min-raised to 160, gui11gui shoved all-in for 2,370 and HustlaStylez called. gui11gui led with 9♦9♥ versus HustlaStylez's A♠5♣. The board ran out T♦8♠2♥5♠8♦ and gui11gui's pocket nines held up. gui11gui avoided elimination and doubled up. Both players were almost even in chips.

In Level IV... On a board of 8♥7♣5♦8♦2♠, HustlaStylez checked, gui11gui bet 1,650, and HustlaStylez called. HustlaStylez won the hand with J♥5♣ and gui11gui dug himself a deep hole. HustlaStylez improved to a 4-1 chip lead. It would only take him fewer than 25 more hands to become a SCOOP champion.

IF I COULD: gui11gui eliminated in 2nd place; HustlaStylez Wins SCOOP Title

On the final hand... HustlaStylez limped from the small blind, gui11gui shoved all-in for his final 1,640, and HustlaStylez called. gui11gui was ahead with 9♠9♥ against HustlaStylez'sK♣Q♣. But HustlaStylez took the lead on the flop of Q♥8♠5♦. The rest of the board didn't help gui11gui and he was knocked out in second place. He collected $5,324.96 for a runner-up performance.

After twelve grueling hours, HustlaStylez defeated 14 other players and won 14 consecutive heads-up matches in order to bink his first SCOOP title. Oh, he's also $8,383.70 richer. Not too bad for a mere $7.50 investment.

Check out the final hand on the replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

Event #7-Low $7.50 NL Heads-Up - Final Four Payouts and Results:
1. HustlaStylez (Germany) - $8,383.70
2. gui11gui (Portugal) - $5,324.96

lider002 (Ukraine) - $2,689.43
Azupa (Finland) - $2,689.43

For a complete schedule and satellite information, visit the SCOOP home page. While you are there, don't forget to check out the statistic page and the leaderboard.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP