SCOOP 2012: Jamie_KK collects chips, title in Event #28-M ($215 razz)

SCOOP logo.gifI have never been a big fan of leading off articles or speeches or other forms of public address with a dictionary definition. After all, what better way to put an audience to sleep than to read the dictionary to them, right? Yet for tonight's recap of the "medium" $215 buy-in razz tournament, I found myself wanting to double-check that dictionary definition of what exactly "razz" meant.

razz (v.) -- to deride; make fun of; tease

Appropriate, yes? The game so many like to deride, to make fun of. And in return, the game that can tease players back most viciously, smacking those beautiful A-2-3 starters with face cards and pairs as though the game itself was sticking out it's tongue to deliver a... well... raspberry.

Aware of such risks or not, a total of 462 players decided they liked razz well enough to join Event #28-M, thus building a prize pool of $92,400 and beating the event's $50K guarantee. The top 64 finishers got paid, with $17,556 due the player able to tease everyone else's chips into his or her stack.

It would take about seven hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 64 left it was itsmeweer out in front as the only player to have more than 100,000 chips.

Of that remaining group Martin Staszko of the Czech Republic was the only Team PokerStars Pro left with chips, but not too many of them. Soon he'd be all in by fifth street in a hand versus GripDsNutz, and ultimately drew a [9][7][4][3][2] to fall to GripDsNutz' [8][7][6][4][2] and end in 57th place for a $328.02 cash.

After a couple more hours the field had shrunk down to the last two eight-handed tables. It probably goes without saying that Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb was there among the final 16, although he was on the short stack and soon found himself free to terrorize other SCOOP events after being eliminated in 16th ($1,062.60).

James "Andy McLEOD" Obst soon followed Deeb in 15th, then asia11 (14th) and coinflipx (13th) hit the rail as well, all likewise earning $1,062.60 apiece. They were followed by Papartis88 (12th), Internett93o (11th), PacManOnAcid (10th), and Niklasdensej (9th), each of whom took away $1,386 for their efforts.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: brsariego (Spain) -- 29.520
Seat 2: bestofiraq (United Kingdom) -- 201.969
Seat 3: 1diego_35 (United Kingdom) -- 437,809
Seat 4: üä-qaypö.wsx (Germany) -- 198,264
Seat 5: redeste (Russia) -- 339,758
Seat 6: RblBA (Russia) -- 466.047
Seat 7: Jamie_KK (United Kingdom) -- 295.584
Seat 8: itsmeweer (Netherlands) -- 341.049

The best finish any of the eight final tablists had in prior SCOOP events this year was Jamie_KK's seventh-place in Event #24-H ($1,050 PLO, 1R1A, Turbo), meaning all were seeking that first SCOOP win and watch.

With the stakes 10,000/20,000, it didn't take long before the table's short stack, brsariego, would be at risk of elimination. All in by fourth street against itsmeweer, brsariego would ultimately draw [2][A] / [5][8][K][T] / [4] to make an 8-5-4-2-A, but itsmeweer ended with [4][T] / [6][7][3][2] / [K] for a better 7-6-4-3-2 to knock brsariego out in eighth.

A while later the stakes were up to 16,000/32,000 while 1diego_35's stack was down to just over 120,000. Then came a hand in which itsmeweer completed with an [A], 1diego_35 raised with a [2], and itsmeweer called. 1diego_35 raised itsmeweer's leading bet on fourth, then led on fifth and sixth to go all in, getting calls all the way.

Their down cards turned over, 1diego_35 showed [4][A] / [2][7][Q][2] to itsmeweer's [K][2] / [A][3][Q][6]. Seventh brought 1diego_35 a pairing ace to make a Q-low, while itsmeweer picked up a [7] to make 7-6-3-2-A and send 1diego_35 out in seventh.

RblBA would be the next player eliminated after sliding to fifth of six (just ahead of bestofiraq), then getting involved in a hand versus itsmeweer in which back-and-forthing between the pair resulted in RblBA all in on fifth with [8][3] / [2][5][2] against itsmeweer's [2][3][4][6][7]. A nice 7-low already for itsmeweer, and when sixth and seventh brought an [8] and [5] to RblBA, that meant RblBA had drawn pairing cards on the last three streets to go out in sixth.

A little while after that, bestofiraq had the worst of the stacks, and would be all in by third against üä-qaypö.wsx. bestofiraq would ultimately draw [8][9] / [4][8][9][T] / [K], that K-low no good versus üä-qaypö.wsx's [2][8] / [A][J][2][6] / [Q] -- a J-low -- sending bestofiraq railward in fifth.

The final four marched on, with itsmeweer leading with just over 937,000, redeste next with about 642,000, Jamie_KK third with about 473,000, and üä-qaypö.wsx last with a little more than 257,000. The stakes were 30,000/60,000 when üä-qaypö.wsx called a Jaime_KK raise on third, called again on fourth, led on fifth and sixth, then check-called all in on the end. The hands...

üä-qaypö.wsx: [2][6] / [7][A][9][Q] / [6] -- 9-7-6-2-A
Jamie_KK: [7][A] / [4][3][Q][K] / [5] -- 7-5-4-3-A

They were down to three.

itsmeweer would soon tumble from leader to short stack, then a hand arose in which all three players put in a series of bets on third and fourth street to put itsmeweer all in. A bet from Jamie_KK on fifth then got a fold from redeste, and the down cards were revealed:

itsmeweer: [6][2] / [4][4][T]
Jamie_KK: [3][8] / [4][A][J]

itsmeweer would ultimately pick up a couple of face cards -- [K][J] -- to end with a J-T-6-4-2. Meanwhile, Jamie_KK drew [3][8] to make J-8-4-3-A, good enough to oust itsmeweer in third.

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Heads-up began with Jamie_KK well in front with 1,656,907 against redeste's 653,093. The pair battled for 75 hands total, with Jamie_KK gradually chipping redeste down to less than 70,000 -- not even one big bet. Then the final hand saw redeste all in on third street, eventually drawing [A][6] / [A][4][9][K] / [6] -- a K-low -- while Jamie_KK picked up [5][6] / [J][4][2][5] / [3] to make a nifty 6-5-4-3-2 and snag the win.

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Congratulations to Jamie_KK for making a second SCOOP final table and this time finishing with the win! Nothing to deride, make fun of, or tease about that razz performance!

2012 SCOOP Event 25-Medium, $109 Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw:
1st: Jamie_KK (United Kingdom) -- $17,556
2nd: redeste (Russia) -- $12,936
3rd: itsmeweer (Netherlands) -- $9,480.24
4th: üä-qaypö.wsx (Germany) -- $6,930
5th: bestofiraq (United Kingdom) -- $4,620
6th: RblBA (Russia) -- $3,234
7th: 1diego_35 (United Kingdom) -- $2,310
8th: brsariego (Spain) -- $1,848

Entrants: 462
Places paid: 64

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP