SCOOP 2012: jay3400 joins list of winners, takes down #31-M ($215 8-game)

SCOOP logo.gifThe 8-game format clearly tests poker players' skills in a variety of ways. And in a multi-table tourney setting we might well add a ninth "game" to the mix, too -- that of managing the increasing blinds/stakes and negotiating a path through a large field of opponents to the final table and eventual victory.

The "medium" version of the 8-game event in this year's SCOOP, a $215 buy-in, attracted 577 entrants, thus creating a prize pool of $115,400. That more than doubled the event's $50K guarantee. The top 78 finishers split that money, with $21,926 due the player able to succeed well enough in all eight of the games -- plus the tourney game -- to win all the chips.

It took nearly six hours for the field to be trimmed down to 78 and the money bubble to burst. At that point preppoker led all with nearly 145,000, with FABLISSE and javel the only others in six figures chip-wise.

Meanwhile several representatives of Team PokerStars were among those still alive, including Shane "shaniac" Schleger of Team Online (then in 9th position), George Danzer of Team PokerStars Germany (19th), George "Jorj95" Lind of Team Online (54th), Marcin "Goral" Horecki of Team PokerStars Poland (56th), and Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown of Team PokerStars Canada barely hanging on in 78th place with a stack of less than 4,000 chips.

Brown would swiftly go out in 77th ($334.66), with Lind grabbing yet another SCOOP cash by following him shortly thereafter in 71st ($346.20). Horecki would then last a bit longer before running out of chips in an Omaha H/L hand versus Arttyomka to finish 45th ($461.60). A little while after that Danzer would fall in 33th ($600.08) in a stud hand against jay3400.

That left Schleger as the lone player with a red spade, and before long he'd find a no-limit hold'em hand with which to reraise shove his stack of just under 30,000 from the blinds over a Filthy999 open from the button. Filthy999 thought a bit, then called, showing 2♦2♠ to Schleger's A♦K♥. A deuce flopped to give Filthy999 a set, and Schleger couldn't catch up, hitting the rail in 29th ($692.40)

As they crossed the eight-and-a-half-hour mark the field had shrunk to 12 players, with FABLISSE well in front with more than 683,000 chips, about twice the stack of second-place jay3400. Then over the next hour, six more players fell, with jay3400 pushing way out in front while FABLISSE slid back to average and then short-stacked status.

Players coming up one table shy of the last one included txipy2005 (12th), LadyDoDo91 (11th), and Mitorun (10th), each of whom earned $1,557.90, and ColdBryan (9th), Senor JeeveS (8th), and Tunnelvisie (7th), who earned $2,411.86 apiece.

Just six remained.


Seat 1: FABLISSE (Netherlands) -- 146,338
Seat 2: javel (Norway) -- 600,399
Seat 3: bart3r (Australia) -- 361,598
Seat 4: Jan2000 (Germany) -- 135,996
Seat 5: wyatt_earp14 (Austria) -- 96,556
Seat 6: jay3400 (Denmark) -- 1,544,113

Of the final six bart3r had seen the most success thus far in the 2012 SCOOP series with a dozen cashes and one other final table, a sixth-place showing in Event #4-L ($27 Badugi). But all would be chasing jay3400 who carried a commanding lead to this final table.

It took about 10 minutes for the first to go. The game was seven-card stud, and after Jan2000 completed, wyatt_earp14 raised with the A♠ showing, then FABLISSE three-bet showing the 4♥. It folded back to wyatt_earp14 who capped it (at 80,000), and FABLISSE called.

FABLISSE then led the betting through the next three streets, with wyatt_earp4 calling all the way, then wyatt_earp4 raised on the river, to which FABLISSE responded with an all-in call. FABLISSE had K♠K♠ / 4♥7♠T♠T♣ / 7♣ for kings and tens, but wyatt_earp14 ended with J♥A♦ / A♠5♥4♦T♦ / J♣ for aces and jacks and FABLISSE was out in sixth.

The game changed to stud hi/lo where soon back-and-forthing between Jan2000 and chip leader jay3400 resulted in Jan2000 being all in by third holding T♠T♣ / 2♥ to jay3400's 7♣3♣ / 5♥. Jan2000 ended up drawing 7♠J♥9♦ / K♦ on the last four streets, failing to improve that pair of tens and not making a low, either. Meanwhile jay3400 picked up 5♦4♠A♣ / 3♠ to make two small pair and a 7-low to scoop the pot and knock Jan2000 out in fifth.

The remaining four played on, crossing the 10-and-a-half-hour mark and into another round of limit hold'em (stakes 30,000/60,000) when javel, down to just 35,920, called a preflop raise by wyatt_earp14 to leave just 5,920 behind. jay3400 called as well from the blinds, and when the flop came 8♥A♦2♣ jay3400 led with a bet, javel called all in, and wyatt_earp14 called as well.

The turn was the T♣, and when jay3400 bet again wyatt_earp14 gave up. jay3400 showed T♦8♦ for two pair, while javel had but 5♥3♥ and faint gutshot hopes. The river was the 5♦, however, and javel was out in fourth.

The gap had closed, but jay3400 still led with three left, sitting with almost 1.15 million to the nearly 943,000 of wyatt_earp14 and bart3r's stack of just under 795,000.

They moved into another round of Omaha hi/lo (stakes 40,000/80,000), by which point bart3r's stack had slid under 200,000 while jay3400 had improved up over 1.8 million. Then, suddenly, within the space of four hands, the tournament was over.

First came a hand involving all three players in which the betting was capped before the flop with bart3r being all in for 146,447 total. The flop came 2♣8♠3♠, jay3400 bet, and wyatt_earp14 called. wyatt_earp14 would call jay3400's bets following the Q♥ turn and 4♥ river as well, and when jay3400 then showed 5♦4♦2♥A♦ for a wheel, both wyatt_earp14 and bart3r mucked, the latter having been knocked out in third.

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That hand left jay3400 with 2,343,408 to wyatt_earp14's 541,592 to start heads-up play. Three hands later it was still Omaha hi/lo when jay3400 raised from the button and wyatt_earp14 called. The flop came all big cards -- K♦T♥9♣ -- and wyatt_earp14 checked. jay3400 bet, wyatt_earp14 check-raised, and jay3400 made the call. The turn was the 8♠, and this time wyatt_earp14 bet out, jay3400 raised, and the pair kept going until wyatt_earp14 was all in. Cards on their backs...

jay3400: Q♥J♣8♦4♦ -- a king-high straight
wyatt_earp14: K♣T♦5♠4♠ -- two pair, kings and tens.

The river brought the J♥, meaning jay3400's straight had held and the tourney was over.

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Congratulations to jay3400 who came to the final table as the big leader and managed to carry that lead all of the way to a SCOOP title and nearly $22K score! A great performance in all the games, including the game of tournament poker.

2012 SCOOP Event 31-Medium, $215 8-Game:
1st: jay3400 (Denmark) -- $21,926
2nd: wyatt_earp14 (Austria) -- $16,156
3rd: bart3r (Australia) -- $11,828
4th: javel (Norway) -- $8,078
5th: Jan2000 (Germany) -- $5,770
6th: FABLISSE (Netherlands) -- $3,588.94

Entrants: 577
Places paid: 78

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP